June 28 - July 1, 2018


June 29- July 2, 2017

Classes (other than Pro Mod)

June 29- July 2, 2017

10.5, 275, Top Sportsman, Open Comp, Doorslammers


July 10, 2018

A couple bonus's were handed out from Doorwarz.

Joe Delehay won the quickest losing run bonus courtesy of Elite Belts in his second round oloos to Rick Di Stefano. He went 6.37 to Rick's 6.09 in that race.

Jordie Lazic won the 250.00 bonus courtesy Paja Trucking for the quickest reaction time in elimination's in Outlaw 10.5.

The winner of the bonus money from Speedzone Magazine for 275 DR has yet to be determined as the final has not been run yet.


July 6, 2018


We have been sorting and logging over 3800 photos for the last few days. We are pretty much done and will be posting full results and photos over the next few days. SpeedZone Magazine will have all the results and most of the photos. So make sure you check that web site (click on their logo or the link) on a regular basis.

July 2, 2018

What a crazy and memorable end to the weekend at Doorwarz VI. Our media partner SpeedZoone Magazine. has a weekend recap posted here. This site as well and SpeedZone will have all the stories and photos throughout the next few days.

Garrett Richards repeats, Nick Duda has his best racing weekend ever. The 275 final has yet to be determined between finalists Neil Richards and Daniel Rodrigue. Vanessa Richards wins Limited 275. John DeJonge wins Top Sportsman. Otto Schulte wins Doorslammer. Mike Stewart wins 604 Top Street and Glenn Fillingham wins Open COmp. Go to SpeedZone for all the info

June 29, 2018

(coverage posted by SpeedZone Magazine...with sponsorship from Elite Belts.ca)

Editors note:

While everyone out there that is a drag racing fan as well as the racer himself knows that fast dooorcar racing is one of if not THE most exciting type of drag racing out there. The cars are loud, short wheelbased and extremely fast. But with those speeds and designs there are inherent dangers. We will strive to continue to write about and post all the exciting action that is fast door car Drag Racing. And we will post pictures related to all the action on the track, as long as there are not serious injuries to the competitors.

Wild action Saturday at Doorwarz VI

Qualifying is complete for all classes except CW Doorslammer but Saturday was crazy fast and the on track action was wild.

Yvonne Lucas had a scary nitrous explosion right at the hit in the third qualifier, and then with the explosion a fuel line split and fuel ignited. It was way less damaging than it looks in the photos below but still very scary when it comes to fire.


Paja Agatonovic a two time winner of this race, hit the wall in the final qualifier in Outlaw 10.5. His car left real hard but when the second or third nitrous kit came on the car smoked the tires then went right into the other lane and he slid into the right guard rail witht he driver side front quarter panel. The car spun around and banged the rear as well. Not real serious damage, but still enough to keep him out of action.

Top Sportsman does have one more race to run in the second of their double header today (Sunday).

Unfortunately last night's winner in Top Sportsman, Mike Lucas crashed his car past the finish line in his win over James Rutherford.

Here is the final round of Top Sportsman from Saturday night.As you can see here James Rutherford in the right lane had problems of his own as he Probe brought the wheels up high. He broke the wheelie bars on the run and was off the gas early. Mike Lucas cruised to an easy win, but when he got off the gas and applied the brakes he car got real loose crossing the track into James' lane and then fliping over before coming to a stopp500 feet past the finish line. Mike is ok but the Division championship car from 2017 did not fare as well. Mike was in the starting stages of putting together the new 69 Camaro he recently bought but it looks like he will have to speed up that process a bunch.




Here is final qualifying for the three heads up classes



Doorwarz VI

June 29, 2018

A number of solid test hits on Thursday for year six of Doorwarz but also a couple of unfortunate incidents on track. Garrett Richards showed why he is one of the favorites every year at Doorwarz as he ripped off a 5 second lap not far from 250.00. Joe Delehay made a solid 3.9 second half track run clicking it off 3.6 seconds into the run. DeaDER MADE n Branham made two strog low to mid 4 second runs as did Ken Sihota. A number of 275 competitors incuding Neil Richards, Daniel Rodrigue and Wally Friedlander made great runs. But unfortunately for Wally his last run was not a good one as he lost control near half track and the car spun a couple times bumping the wall on both sides of the track and damging all four corners of his sweet Mustang. Justin Gallant turned hard left about 150 feet out after a strong launch and banged the wall pretty hard with his 275 mustang.

Wally Friedlander did not end the day well. After a couple real promising early runs he got loose and tagged both walls.

The weather overall is not great for the weekend but we re hopeful we can get the race off and going. It looks like we will have the largest Outlaw 10.5 field ever as well as 275. 16 Outlaw 10.5 cars are here, and close to 20 275 competitors. 14 Pro Mods will race this weekend as well.

Keith Korecki launched hard to 300 feet.

Rick Di Stefano has all the best parts and the potential to bi a solid five second performer and favorite with is new RH Camaro. The team just needs a few more laps.


Joe Delehay looked strong after a year off. He is pretty pumped!

Garrett Richards had the best lap of the days running in the '5's at 247mph

Neil Richards went 4.6 twice with strong wheels up launches

Jordie Lazicin the JSPowersports Camaro hit the track hard in 10.5

Jason Gagnon made a strong launch in his new Nova

June 27, 2018

8:00pm update

We are saddened to hear that Tom and Cathy Meheden and their bad ass Pro Mod will not be attending the race this weekend. They are dealing with family health issues and need to be in Calgary. They are sorry to miss all their racing friends and family and look forward to seeing everyone in 6 weeks are the Old Time drags.

They graciously remain committed to Doorwarz and are sponsoring SpeedZone Magazine's race coverage as well as 100.00 for the quickest losing run in Pro Mod elimination's

Thank you Cathy and Tom and Elite Belts.

A Doorwarz preview from a couple years ago to get you pumped up. Good job Robert Fedyk!



June 27, 2018

7:00am update

As part of Doorwarz VI 604 Top Street is competing as well. It is their first event of the year and the winner gets 1500.00 runner up earns 500.00 They are racing Friday and Saturday. Click here for their web site.

June 26, 2018

A note for Top Sportsman and the two 275 classes . There was an error on the pricing for those classes. Top Sportsman is 175.00 per race (double header) and 275 is 200.00 for the weekend.


June 25, 2018

Just a quick note:

If any guys are looking for slicks in time for DoorWarz, Paja Agatonovic will bring them up on Thursday. Hoosier and or M/T. Contact me or Paja at 503 329 7968.


June 21, 2018


Speedzone Magazine the offical media site of Doorwarz is proud to have Elite Belts on board as the coverage sponsor for the Pro Mods at Doorwarz.

Elite Belts will sponsor the quickest losing run in elimination's in Prp Mod.


The new shirt design. Do you think Yvonne and Roy and Rick will like it?

June 20, 2018

This is for all the Sonny's Engines and or Sonny's cylinder head users attending Doorwarz VI

The winner and runner-up in Pro Mod Outlaw 105 and Top Sportsman will receive a Sonny's bonus. Winners in those three classes running a Sonny's engine will get $500.00. The runner-up will get $300.00. If you just run Sonny's cylinder heads and you win Pro Mod, 10.5 or Top Sportsman you will receive $250.00. If you runner-up using Sonny's head you will receive 125.00

June 19, 2018


Doorwarz is proud to announced that RAD Torque Systems and New World Technologies has come on board as the title sponsor for the double header Top Sportsman class for Doorwarz IV.

Qualifying for Top Sportsman begins Friday with three sessions. Then Saturday morning one more qualifier. Elimination's for Top Sportsman's first race will be early afternoon. For Sunday's race there will be one hit Sunday Morning then elimination's early afternoon.

We are also proud to announce that SpeedZone Magazine will be the title sponsor of the DR 275 class.

Rocket Coatings is the title sponsor of Limited 275

Paja Trucking is the sponsor for the best reaction time for Outlaw 10.5

Hoosier will offer the 10.5 winner and DR 275 winner a set of Slicks.

We have another sponsor announcement for the 10.5 coming soon.

The schedule in a nut shell will be similar to the last couple years.

(times are approximate and subject to change)

Thursday: parking and Test N Tune

Friday: till 2:00pm Test N Tune

2:00 pm - 3:00pm track prep

At around 3:00 pm qualifying starts for all Doorwarz classes including Pro Mod, 10.5 DR 275, Limited 275, Top Sportsman and Open Comp. There will be a non qualifying time trial for Doorslammer.

After the complete rotation, it will be repeated again. Racing will go until 9 or 10 pm. (There will be a minimum of two qualifiers for Top Sportsman Friday, but possibly three).

Saturday morning: All Summit bracket classes will begin their time trials and then go into elimination's to be competed in mid afternoon. Top Sportsman will get one more qualifier Saturday morning or around noon and then they will start their race one elimination's in the afternoon. Their final round of elimination's for race one will be during the last session of qualifiying Saturday evening. All the Doorwarz classes will complete their final two rounds of qualifying in late afternoon and evening. The Canada West Doorslammers will have three qualifying sessions Saturday as long as the schedule permits.

Sunday: Summit Bracket classes will have their time trials first thing Sunday as well as one hit of Top Sportsman for race 2. We wil try and get one final qualifier for the CW Doorslammers as well. Elimination's will get underway by 11:30 am

(all times are subject to change)


Pro Mod


Kelly Madore 69 Chevelle Twin Turbo
Keith Korecki 69 Shelby Mustang Nitrous
Tom Meheden 1997 Beretta Nitrous
Kerry Stone 68 Camaro twin turbos
Paul Glandon 69 Camaro Twin Turbo
Jay Syvertsen 57 Chevy Screw Blown
Garrett Richards 2013 Mustang Screw Blown
Rick Di Stefano Turbo Camaro
Yvonne Lucas Nitrous Camaro
Gary Urlacher 63 Corvette Nitrous

Tom Reithmayer 75 Mustang Roots blown
Wade Sjostrom 57 Chevy Screw Blown

Dal Sangha 2010 Mustang sb twin Turbos
Steve Horne 41 Willys Roots blown

Dave Kowalski c7 corvette blown Sonnys hemi
Dean Bettenson 57 chevy screw
Terry Spargo 2004 Cavalier All Motor
Tim Vogt Nitrous Corvette

Doug Hesch Cobalt All Motor Sonnys hemi
Joe Delehay 68 Camaro Blown Hemi

Jeff Hill 55 Chevy Nitrous
Garry Weslosky Camaro Nitrous
Dale Pedersen 2005 Monte Carlo SB Twin Turbo
Steve Goddard GXP Nitrous
Dan Vogt 63 Corvette
Glen May blown 98 Thunderbird
Mike Gondziola 15 corvette (Nitrous
Jeff Doyle Turbo Firebird


Eric Peterson
Mitch Chamberlin
Mike Weiss


All those in yellow are confirmed. Thiose in blue are expected. Those in white are possibles


Steve Nicholson 63 Corvette Big Nitrous
Ken Sihota Firebird big nitrous
Brent Van Vliet 69 Camaro Twein Turbs
Roy Moznik 68 Elcamino big nitrous
Nick Duda 63 Corvette Big Turbo
Paja Agatonovic 69 Camaro big nitrous
Jay Syvertsen 57 Chevy screw blown Hemi
Steve Horne 67 Canso small block Turbo
Jordie Lazic 69 Camaro nitrous
Chad Abougoush 68 Cuda Hemi all Motor
Wade Bulych Corvette (procharged)
John Cuglietta
Eddy Whipple
Jason Gagnon
Chris Gould
Jake Skocylas Twin turbo Dakota P/U

Dean Branham Twin Turbo 69 Cuda


Rick Barnhard
Ryan Griffin
Eric Halverson
Greg Hindman


Justin Gallant
Kyle C Kolinsky
Daniel Rodrigue
Kevin Ness
Jason Field
Neil Richards
Pat Hearn
Jason Berkenbos
Ron Pease
Max Nielsen
Mark Jakab
Nick Richards
Wally Friedlander
Ken Funk
Shawn Letson


2018 Limited 275

Danny Wojtowicz
Bobby Ehlers
Tej Sangha
Vanessa Richards
Doug Coppendale
Mark Peter's


Not on lists yet

Greg Henschell Mustang Turbo
Steve Skokin 81 mustang 400 sbf
Alex Dewolf mustang sbf
Robbie Murphy Mustang 355 sb
Darren Derocher 79 Mustang 429 BBF
Jeff Peters Malibu 548 bbc
Parm Jawanda TT Mustang



June 28- July 1, 2018

2018 Rules for Limited 275 Street are here

2018 rules for Outlaw 275 are here

A new class has been added for 2018. Limited 275. It will be based off the 235 Limited Class at SCSN Las Vegas with some slight modifcations to the rules, such as 275 tire or 28x10.5 tire with a weight break for a 235 or 26x8.5 tire. It is a Heads up 1/8 Mile class. The payouts are not fully locked down yet but will be roughly $1000 to win . Contact Kevin Ness or Bobby Ehlers for more info. (contact through their facebook pages).

The other classes will of course be Pro Mod, Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw 275, Open Comp, Top Sportsman, and Canada West Doorslammer.

Hoosier NW is a new sponsor for the race. Thanks to Paja Agatonovic two sets of Hoosiers will be awardedto the winner of both Outlaw 275 and Outlaw 10.5. They will sponsor the three races in the NW for 2018. Seattle's event, Mission's Doorwarz and the Spokane race.

2017 final round results

Pro Mod-------Garrett Richards, R/U Shane Molinari

Outlaw 10.5 ----------Paja Agatonovic, R/U Ken Sihota

Outlaw 275.---------- Jordie Lazic , R/U Steve Skokins

Open Comp----------Winner Craig Johnson, R/U Jason Gibson

Top Sportsman------Race 1 winner Darren Williams, R/U John De Jonge, Race 2------Darren Williams, R/U James Rutherford.

Doorslammers------ Winner Paul De Bree Jr, R/U Grant Howell

Top Street---------- Winner Jay Graw, R/U Reese Lingren



Archives from 2017............


Top Sportsman Competitors:

Rules for Doorwarz are Advanced ET rules not NHRA Top Sportsman rules. You do not need a Head/Neck Restraint. And ET requirement is 8.49 or quicker.

Doorslammer and Top Sportsman lists are potential entrants. I am guessing the Doorslammer list is pretty accurate.


Pro Modified
Outlaw 10.5
Outlaw 275


CW Doorslammers

1. Paul Stretch
2. Kevin Lance
3. Rick Limb
4. Dale Grasdal
5. David Hean
6. Brian Ritchie
7. John West
8. Gene Fleury
9. John DeJonge
10. Kirk Lanz
11. Mike Bedsworth
12. Jeff Hill
13. Thomas Gronmyr
14. Rhys Ingham
15. Grant Howell
16. Otto Schulte
17. Tim Vogt
18. Al Morin
19. Scott Robinson
20. Rod LeClaire
21. Phil Davis
22. Jason Field
23. Greg Feal
24. Kash Sandhu
25. Paul Du Bree Jr
26. Ray Bollinger
27. Mark Thompson


67 Nova BB Chevy
57 Chevy BB Chevy
567 Nova BB Chwvy Nitrous
68 Chevelle BB Chevy Nitrous
68 Camaro BB Chevy
68 Chevy BB Chevy
57 Chevy Bb Chevy
86 Grand National V6 Turbo
68 Camaro BB Chevy
69 Camaro BB Chevy
Cutlass BB Chevy
55 Chevy BB Chevy Nitrous
Nova BB Chwvy
70 Nova BB Chevy Nitrous
37 Chevy BB Chwvy
2002 Cavalier Bb Chevy
86 Corvette BB Chevy
70 Chevelle Bb Chevy
Beretta BB Chevy
68 Camaro Bb Chevy Nitrous
41 WIllys Supercharged Bb Chevy
Nova Bb Chevy Nitrous
Opel BB Chevy T.Turbo
689 Camaro Bb Chevy Nitrous
66 Valiant Bb Chevy
68 Camaro BB Chevy
57 Studebaker BB Chevy

Top Sportsman

Dan Provost
Mike Lucas
Greg Anderson
Rod Le Claire
John De Jonge
Darren Williams
James Rutherford
Rod Boivin
Otto Schulte
Brian Ritchie
Dale Grasdal
Pat McNally
James Bast
Scott Robinson
Graham Foster
Dale Phillips
Ross Fuare
Rhys Ingham
Ray Bollinger




May 5, 2017

Year five for the largest Doorcar race in Canada is a month and a half away. Rule are under review so a few of the class pages are not set. The 275 class looks to be the one with the biggest growth and they do have their rules set for 2017. They are posted here.

Updates for 2017 will be ongoing until race time.

Classes for 2017 are Pro Mod, Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw 275, Top Sportsman, CW Doorslammers and Open Comp. Other bracket classes will be running again in 2017.








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