July 3-6, 2014

Classes (other than Pro Mod)

July 3-6, 2014

10.5, 275, Top Sportsman, Open Comp, Doorslammers


Email here to pre enter. Pre-entering gives you a dedicated pit stall for every Doorwarz II class.

August 11, 2014

What a long wait......

The first race of the year at Mission Raceway was last weekend (Langley Loafers) and it was a huge success. An all Concrete surface produced stellar number of many AA/Supercharged cars and the comments were along the lines of, "an awesome smooth surface from the starting line right to the finish line. Car can put the power down right from the start. With the cool conditions in the fall, we expect records to be broken.

This all bodes well for DOORWARZ II in six weeks time. We will be making the changes to the entry lists over the next few days, as a number of team have made changes since year two was announced and then re schedule for the stellar air in September.

The delay has allowed a few teams that would not have been ready for the original July date to now be out in force come September 18-21. In Pro Mod, a new team with driver Shane Molinari and a twin turbo Camaro will debut. Gary Urlacher had an unfortunate crash back in April but his 63 Corvette is almost ready to go with the new body and chassis work. We keep hearing about Rick Di Stefano and his new twin Turbo'd Hemi Camaro. Apparently it is ready to go, but will he debut it in six weeks? Work is the concrete contrators priority this year, but come six weeks time, we will know. Garry Weslosky debuted his new 69 Camaro a month ago at Edmonton and went to the final round. His nitrous powered Camaro is just waiting to eat up the new surface here at Mission.

The Edmonton winner (Joe Delehay) has a new monster blower on his Camaro, and Delehay is just waiting to see how quick he can go. Paul Glandon's new Twin Turbo'd 69 Camaro was finished at the same time and debuted at Edmonton and he just finished a private test and the car showed huge promise as Paul is really excited about heading down to Mission to try out the all concrete track.

Simon Kingsley has a screw blower atop his AJ 481-x wedge and Wade Sjostrom added a screw as well. Doorwarz will be Kinglsey's season debut as well. Craig Cawte confirmed his entry and it is one of the quickest roots blown Camaro's anywhere. In legal NHRA trim the car has gone low 5.90's at 248 mph. Keith Korecki has reworked his Nitrous powered Shelby Mustang with more power and a new body configuration. Mission will be his first outing as well. A number of Nitrous cars went on a diet over the last year and have added more power including Yvonne Lucas and Ross Hogenson.

The battle for the first "five" by a nitrous car in Canada is heating up with Hogenson laying down a career best 6.06/237 blast in 3800 feet of air. How will 0 feet of air help his car. Mike Gondziola does not want to be 'second' to the 'fives' so he will be out in force with his lighter Musi powered Camaro. One of the most anticipated cars is the return of the 'Cranberry Connection' Thunderbird. This car was resurrected by Glen's daughters and it will have an all new Ford powerpalnt with a PSI screw blower on top. Man talk about exciting!

(Gerry Frechette, Drag Race Canada photo)

That is just a handful of the Pro Mod cars that are new or modifiied for 2014 and year II.

Big changes have not been reserved for only Pro Mod though. The "Dale Moznik" Outlaw 10.5 class will be totally different in 2014. Locally, Steve Nicholson is thrashing big time to have his car ready after his unfortunate meeting with Pacific Raceway barrier in the spring. His parts and pieces are all at the chassis shop, so it is just a matter of having enough time to 'get er done'. Dean Branham had delays in getting his new BAE hemi with twins on top ready to go, but Mission's surface better be prepared for his assault. Paja Agatonovic will make his Canadian debut in September. His Camaro with 900+ cubes is state of the art.

Rumors of Dave Bowman running at Mission are out there, will the re-scheduled date allow him to head North. Darryl Stone will compete this year after taking off the 2013 season. His Turbocharge Canso has been well into the fives already. His Mustang is one of the baddest from the East Coast. The biggest news locally though is the return of the familiar 'Blue El Camino.

Dale Moznik is unfortunately not with us anymore, but brother Roy and nephew Vince decided the car should be part of the 10.5 scene in the NW. The success of the car is well known and it is going to be awesome to have it as part of the show. Greg Hindman is trying to get his GXP ready for the fall as well and if there are enough hours in the day then he will be out is force. Eric 'Wildman' Peterson has hinted at big changes for Doorwarz. Will his 51 Chevy be ready in time.

Brent Van Vliet had made a couple dozen runs on his new 10.5 Camaro and they are continually adding more power to it. We should see six second time slips in two weeks in that car, and then they will be ready for September as well.


Outlaw 275 and Open Comp will also had different looks to them with new cars and updated ones as well.

Kepp checking back as we countdown to September 18th and the Thursday test session.



May 29, 2014

2014 Event Notice.....

This years race has been unfortunately postponed until September 19-21 due to ongoing track delays on the new racing surface. Mission Raceway staff apologize for the delays. The new date is a good one in that the air that time of year is stellar and could make for some of the quickest and fastest racing ever on the West Coast.


May 10, 2014

We are proud to announce we are renaming the Outlaw 10.5 class to "Dale Moznik" Outlaw 10.5. Dale was exactly what the 10.5 class is all about, running hard with not your everyday race car and being bad ass. He remains the only two time winner of the SCSN Outlaw 10.5 class. His name and legacy will go on here as Roy and the rest of his family will run Dale's Blue El Camino in tribute. Very Cool!!

The Outlaw 10.5 page has been updated.

The Top Sportsman page is updated. Close to 20 entries for Top Sportsman.

May 6, 2014

The Entry list for The Pro Mod class has been updated.

So far there are

Nitrous Entries 11 Confirmed - 4 possibles
Roots Blower Entries 8 confirmed - 2 possibles
Screw Blower Entries 6 confirmed - 3 possibles
Turbo Entries 4 confirmed - 5 possibles
All Motor Entries 3 Confirmed

32 confirmed entries and 14 more possibilities (6-10 of these will confirm)

The other classes will be updated on Wednesday May 7th. Over 32 entries are expected for Doorslammer, 16+ for Outlaw 10.5, 40+ for Open Comp, 16+ for Top Sportsman, 12 for xdr 275, and we need a minimum of 8 for Hot Street there are 6 so far.



April 2, 2014

A great preview video for this years race.



March 27, 2014

A couple changes (WB and body style in the outlaw 10.5 class)


March 25, 2014

The purses and entry fees for all classes for 2014 have been posted.


March 24, 2014

Top Sportsman pre entries. Top Sportsman is one race only not a double header, and we need support for this class. It was very weak last year. Enter here.

Outlaw 10.5 pre entries. Let's get this class to 20 entries this year.

Outlaw 275: Lets make 12-16 entries in 2014. The class will be 1/4 mile in 2014. enter here.

Outlaw Pro Mod pre entries to March 23. Individual pages for each type of power adder are as follows: Blower cars, Nitrous cars, Turbo cars, All Motor cars.


March 14, 2014

A few changes to the Outlaw 10.5 rules have been added.

March 9, 2014

The Pro Mod class will not be split.


The weights for the Pro Mod are as follows: (subject to adjustments)

Naturally Aspirated (no weight restriction)
Nitrous 2300 (no cubic in limit)
Roots 6-71 2000
Roots 14-71 2450 (under 20% od deduct 50lbs)
Roots 18-71 2600
Pro Charger SB 2350
Pro Charger BB 2450
Screw Supercharger 2600 (Deduct 50 lbs under 92%)
Turbo SB under 450cu in 2350 over 451 2450
Turbo BB 88 and 91mm 2550
Turbo BB 94 and 98 mm 2600


pre entry for all classes is now open



February 7, 2014

Rules and weights for Outlaw 10.5 are posted.

February 6, 2014

Outlaw 10.5 will be 1/4 for 2014

$10,000 to win,

$1,500.00 for runner/up


Welcome to the North West's premier Doorcar event.

November 11, 2013

Huge thanks to all the military and veterans who served our country.




Here is a cool video from 2012 at the WCOPM event and Mike Maggio's 260+ runs and a few other exciting runs.








Here is a highlight video from Mission Raceway's 2012 season









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