June 30 - July 3, 2016


July 1-3, 2016

Classes (other than Pro Mod)

July 1-3, 2016

10.5, 275, Top Sportsman, Open Comp, Outlaw 8.5, Doorslammers


January 31, 2016

TO ALL DOORWARZ SMALL TIRE COMPETITORS. THE 275 CLASS AND 8.5 CLASS. We will be having a meeting February 25th at Jimy Macs Pub in Langley (Port Kells) 200th exit, 96th ave, at 7:00pm. We invite all racers interested in those two classes.. All others are welcome but this gathering is to welcome all racers in those two classes to Doorwarz (and possibly other events). As stated on the top of the Doorwarz web site both classes will be 1/8 mile and SCSN rules (Possibly a few mods to accommodate local racers). Everything will be discussed. The main thing is to get commitments for both classes and to go over Small tire classes and their future in the NW. We need strong car counts to make it happen. Please email me at speedzone1@shaw.ca to confirm your attendance at the meeting. The pub would like to know a rough head count. Please reply back to the email. speedzone1@shaw.ca or missionraceway@telus.net.
Thanks and see you there.

January 19, 2016

Doorwarz IV is on!

2016 will be the best year yet! Pro Mod is continuing to grow in the NW and this year the car count should be the biggest ever. Pro Mod has a number of new cars being built as well as some old veterans returning to the fold. Outlaw 275 will undergo a major change. To keep up with the growth of the class and to get us in line with all the other 275 events we will make the move to 1/8th mile and will run under the SCSN rules (with a few possible additions to accomodate all the local cars). Outlaw 8.5 is the newest class and it too will be 1/8 mile, and run under SCSN rules (with a few possible modifications). We will link to those rules in the coming days. Outlaw 10.5 will remain 1/4 mile for the 2016 event. Will it change down the road, we will see but for this year 1/4 mile is decision. Rules for 10.5 likely will not change.

Keep an Eye out for more news over the coming weeks.




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