June 30 - July 3, 2016


July 1-3, 2016

Classes (other than Pro Mod)

July 1-3, 2016

10.5, 275, Top Sportsman, Open Comp, Outlaw 8.5, Doorslammers

June 22, 2016

Dean Bettenson and Belair Power is the latest sponsor to come on board.


Here are the likely entries for RAD Torque Systems Top Sportsman (a couple have to be confirmed).

1. Zak Clarke
2. Kirk Lanz
3. Mike Lucas
4. Chad Barclay
5. Dan Provost
6. Dave Kowalski
7. James Rutherford
8. Dale Phillips
9. Scott Robinson
10. Rod Compton
11. Tony Driessen
12. Ken Orser
13. Rod Boivin
14. Brian Ritchie
15. Rob Asbury
16. John DeJonge
17. Todd Reilly
18. Forrest Fincher

Go here for Open Comp Pre entries.


Go here for the Canada West Doorslammers page. It is still a work in progress.


To the winners of Open Comp, Outlaw 275 and Outlaw 10.5 in 2015. The trophys that you should have recieved last year, you will recieve at this year's event. We are sorry for the screw up. Ken Sihota, Steve Skokin and Glenn Fillingham we will have your 2015 winner's trophys.

June 21, 2016

We are adding sponsors every week, here is a list of sponsors for this year's Doorwarz.

If you are intersted in sponsoring Doorwarz IV contact us at speedzone1@shaw.ca

Belair Power is a sponsor for Doorwarz and the WDRL classes at Smoke Fire and Thunder


Doyle Motorsports


RAD Torque Systems is the title sponsor of the Top Sportsman class.




Sk Auto is a Pro Mod sponsor




Rocko's Diner is a Pro Mod Sponsor




Nerd Haven Games is a Pro Mod sponsor





Artex Barn Solutions is an event sponsor




Doyle Motorsports is a Pro Mod Sponsor


We are working on the race schedule over the next couple days. It will be roughly the same as last year, but check back for updates.



Doyle Motorsports



June 20, 2016

A couple more pictures and cars are added to the entry list.

Ross Faure and his Procharged Willys will attend/ and here is a shot of Ryan Griffin's 10.5 Mustang.

Congratuations to local 275 competitor Daniel Rodrigue for his runner-up at the Seattle 275 event. Also congrat's to Terry Ryan (Tom Marshall driver) for his win there. Both will be attending Doorwarz. Rodrigue has really stepped up his program with a reworked chassis and a much lighter overall race car. His should be right in the thick of it.

June 19, 2016

Here is the shirt design and this year we have a hat

June 15, 2016

The race is only two weeks away!!!!

Doorwarz IV and Mission Raceway is proud to announce that the Doorwarz Open Comp class will be presented in the honour of Keith Vahle who was tragically killed in a car accident a couple weeks ago.

The class for the 2016 season will be called the

"Keith Vahle Memorial Open Comp"

Ryan Griffin has confirmed his entry to Doorwarz in the Outlaw 10.5 class. He will have a photo and profile added soon.

We need the 275 class and Outlaw 8.5 class to send in your entries as soon as possible. A lot of local racers in each class are lagging in confirming their entry. You can email us here at speedzone1@shaw.ca to confirm entry and try and include a photo and profile of the car and driver.

June 11, 2016

Mike Dowling has confirm his entry to Doorwarz IV in Outlaw 10.5. I understand Trevor Willms is also going to attend in the 10.5 class. That makes around a dozen. There is a possibility of a couple more as well.


They held two small tire races this weekend. Woodburn held an 1/8th 10.5 race We are trying to get all the info. I do know that Eric Halverson was the #1 qualifier and Nick Duda was #2. Seattle hosted both 10.5 (1/4 mile) and 275 (1/8th mile. Eric Peterson won 10.5 from the #5 spot in the field. Three Canadian's were #1,2 and 3 in qualifying. Ken Sihota was #1 with a 6.24/223. Roy Moznik was #2 with a 6.35/212 and Steve Nicholson was #3 with a 6.433/202. Ken broke a transmission and could not make elimination's, Roy Moznik lost in round two and Steve Nicholson went to the semi finals.

In 275, it was a couple BC boys in the final round. Daniel Rodrigue and Greg Henschell. Henschell was the #1 qualifier and Daniel was #6.

We will post more info on the two races when we get them.


May 25, 2016

Here is the new look logo that will be part of the merchendise available for the event this year. Wait till you see the shirts and hoodies.

With the switch to 1/8 mile Nick Duda has entered the Outlaw 10.5 class. Go to the 10.5 contenders page for his profile.

Here are a couple outlaw 275 entries for Doorwarz IV

You might think these two shots are of the same car, as the look is identical except for the roof color. Ron Pease's 275 Nova (above) is twin turbo charged and is brand new with this combo. It will likely debut in two weeks at Seattle. Below is Jason Field's Nova. He has competed the last couple years and has run with the doorslammers. He will do double duty this year racing both 275 and doorslammer. He has run in the mid 8's at 155+ mph. We are still com;iling the 275 list for the contenders page. It should be ready for uploading by the end of the weekend.

Below is Bob Heans in his Snakebite racing Malibu, Bob is Dave Heans' brother and is coming out all the way from Ontario to race Doorwarz. Thanks for making the effort Bob.

May 24, 2016

For immediate release:

The Outlaw 10.5 class is now going to be 1/8 mile. Rules will follow SCSN rules for 10.5 1/8 mile.

This change was made based on comments and consultation with the NW based teams. While a few teams still prefer 1/4 mile, with 95% of the races going 1/8 mile and a number of tire issues on the top end with tires, the writing was on the wall.

If you need a 1/4 mile fix you can head to Seattle June 11-12 for what will be the last 1/4 mile race in the NW for the 10.5 class. We apologize for the late announcement but most teams in the NW are used to SCSN rules and have run 1/8 mile already.

The SCSN rules page for 10.5 on their website is here.


Two more entries for Outlaw 275 in the past week include Ron Pease in his twin turbo Nova and Jason Field

May 22, 2016

To all 8.5 competitors and Outlaw 275 competitors send in photos of your car as well as profile. send info to speedzone1@shaw.ca

I am compiling the contenders list this week. I have very little current info on the teams in those classes.


May 18, 2016

The Contenders list for Nitrous Pro Mods is posted.

The Contenders list for Turbo Pro Mods is posted.

The Contenders list for Blown Pro Mods is posted.

The Contenders list for Outlaw 10.5 is posted.


More contender lists will be posted over the next day or so.


Scroll down this page for complete entry lists and possible entries.


May 13, 2016


Doorwarz is just eight weeks away. A few more entries have confirmed over the last month but the 10.5 class and the Radial small tire classes have only a few entries confirmed. GOS Motorsports is putting together the new T-Shirt design. A BAD Ass screw blown car is featured along with a new Corvette and the guy that would have been rookie of the year in the class if there was such an award is also in the design. There is testing on the Thursday and the Friday for all Doorwarz competitors.

Wade Sjostrom and Brian Macy have stated they are coming up race in the Pro Mod class. Mikel Bader has entered, out first entry from Ontario has come in. Bob Heans is making the 5000 km trek to race. He is the brother of Dave Heans (Dooslammer competitor).


April 2, 2016

Here is the first video promoting Doorwarz IV. Thanks to Robert Fedyk




March 23, 2016

Pre entry details for Doorwarz IV are posted below. The Outlaw 275, Outlaw 8.5 and Top Sportsman classes need teams to pre enter prior to June 1st. That is the cutoff for determining class participation in the event. For 275 we would like 12 or more cars. We have had over 16 teams state their intention but pre entries confirm it. 8.5 need numbers, so pre entry is critical (minimum of 8 cars for the class to run). Top Sportsman pre entries determine whether or not we will do a double header, or just a single race. A minimum of 16 cars is necessary for a double header. Entry fees are on the schedule/media page: But in short they are as follows:

Pro Mod: 325.00 Car/Driver, Outlaw 10.5 250.00 C/D, Outlaw 275: 175.00 C/D, Outlaw 8.5: 175.00 C/D, Top Sportsman: 300.00 double/hdr, Open Comp: 175.00

Test n tune for Thursday and for Friday is 60.00 each day

March 18, 2016

After a productive meeting held a month ago for the 275 and 8.5 classes, it is evident that the 275 class will be strong in 2016. Greater than a 16 car field is is the potential, which will show huge growth in the class. Last year we had hoped for numbers similar based on the talk from many out there, but when it came time for the race, only 10 showed. To ensure strong numbers Mission Raceway will require pre-entry for the class. The fee this year is the same as last year 175.00. That includes car and driver. You don't have to pay for crew as a pre entry unless you wish to, once processed you will receive a receipt via email that you will have to produce coming through the gate. There are few different ways to pre enter.

Mission Raceway is going to try and make it as seamless as possible. There are a couple ways to pre enter. You can send an email to missionraceway and put in the subject Doorwarz Pre entry.
In the body on the email give your name, the class or classes you are entering. Also put your phone number (s) in the email so Laura can get hold of you and she can take down the Credit Card Info. If you want to pay by cheque that is fine as well, and she will give you the address to send the cheque to.

You can also call the track at 604 826 6315. Laura is in the office Monday to Friday from 10:30 am until 4:00pm (she is usually out for lunch though around 12:30). If she does not answer then please leave a message and your contact info, she will return the call within 24 hours (normally). When you leave a message make sure you say "Pre entry for Doorwarz" in your message. All classes can pre entry for Doorwarz. It will make the whole process easier and will have a pit spot reserved for you. Pre entries for Pro Mod, Outlaw 10.5, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 275 and Outlaw 8.5 are all suggested.

The third option is to go right to the track and pre enter. The gate is open throughout the day, every day from around 9:00am to dark. You can call in advance to confirm some with be there. For the 8.5 class we need a minimum of eight pre-entries before June 1st. With final 8- 11 entries the purse for 8.5 (and 275) will be 800.00 to win and 400.00 for runner-up. With 12-15 final entries the minimum purse will be 1500.00 to win and 500.00 for runner-up. With 16-19 final entries the minimum purse will be 2,000.00 to win and 600.00 for runner-up. The purse will increase for more entries and for sponsors added. All sponsor money does to toward purse (semi finalists will receive prize money for 16 cars and over.

Finally pre enter for Doorwarz during race days April through June. (you can continue to pre enter in June as well).
We encourage racers participating to assist in help finding sponsors, as it is you that will benefit. If you do have a line on a sponsor please contact Dean at 604 302 3907 or at speedzone1@shaw.ca.

In short the four ways to pre enter are:

1. Email Mission Raceway (subject line 'pre entry for Doorwarz', and put all your contact info in the body of the email.

2. call Mission Raceway at 604 826 6315 If no one answers then leave a message with Doorwarz pre entry in the message.

3. Head out for a drive to Mission Raceway and see Laura in the little tower by the mobile home up on the hill. She will take cc info and the class you are entering.

4. Pre enter during April and May right at the track during racing events.

A number of 275 racers were concerned that the 8.5 will take away from the 275 class. That is why pre entry is important. We also have no problem if guys want to double up, and time will be given (meaning you won't run back to back) to run both classes.

More info on all the classes will be posted on an almost daily basis. Let's make this year's event the biggest and best yet.


Go to the rules page for all the updates for all the classes. The rules for 8.5 will be posted there. The main change or addition for Outlaw 275 is the rules will be based on SCSN. The additions to the 275 rules or exceptions are: A back half car is allowed along with ladder suspension and 4-link. If you have those modifications (or that type of chassis work) you will have a 75 lb weight penalty. After a lot of debate and consultation, full tube chassis' will not be allowed in 275. That type of chassis can compete in Open Comp, Top Sportsman, Doorslammers, Outlaw 10.5 and Pro Mod.


Here are the entries and potential entries for Doorwarz IV July 1-3 (June 30 test n tune)

Pro Mod Outlaw 10.5 Outlaw 275 Outlaw 8.5

Below is the list of Pro Mods confirmed and potential entries.


1. Jay Syvertsen: 57 Chevy
2. Steve Horne 33 Willys
3. Joe Delehay 68 Camaro
4. Dale Pedersen 99 Monte Carlo
5. Jeff Doyle 69 Firebird
6. Dal Sangha 10 Mustang
7. Gary Urlacher 63 Corvette
8. Dan Vogt 63 Corvette
9. Mike Gondziola 16 Corvette
10. Kerry Stone 68 Camaro
11. Darryl Stone 67 Chevy II
12. Paul Glandon 69 Camaro
13. Tom Meheden 97 Beretta
14. Keith Korecki 69 Shelby
15. Yvonne Lucas 69 Camaro
16. Garrett Richards 12 Mustang
17. Terry Spargo 04 Cavalier
18. Jeff Hill 55 Chevy
19. Johnny West 57 Chevy
20. Craig Cawte 39 Camaro
21. Tom Reithmeyer 75 Mustang
22. Aaron Linder 63 Corvette
23. Brian Macy 41 Willys
24. Wade Sjostrom 57 Chevy
25. Rick DiStefano 70 Camaro..... 26. Glen Kerunsky 53 Corvette
27. Glen May 94 Thunderbird

95% confirmed

Dean Bettenson 57 Chevy

Possible entrants (need to confirm).

Ray Leyton 57 Chevy
Garry Weslosky 68 Camaro
Steve Goddard 06 GPX
Scott Blake 69 Camaro
Toni Moretto 55 Chevy
Lee Smith 53 Corvette
Perry Thyr 88 Camaro

As you can see by the list, this could be the biggest field ever in Canada for a Pro Mod event.




Below is a list of 10.5 racers in the NW.

Confirmed entries

1. Dean Branham
2. Steve Nicholson
3. Ken Sihota
4. Brent Van Vliet
5. Mike Walterson
6. Roy Moznik
7. Paja Agatonovic
8. Mike Hawkins

9. Mike Dowling

10. Rick Barnhard

11. Ryan Griffins

12. Trevor Wilmms


Other teams in the NW. Waiting for confirmations.

9. Eric Peterson
10. Chris Storlie

12. Eric Halverson

14. Derek Przeginiak
15. Brian Sipe
16. Vulcan Mclennan
17. Greg Hindman

Below is a list of 275 racers in the NW. The first batch is a list of racers who have commited to Doorwarz.


1. Steve Skokin 81 mustang 400 sbf
2. Scott Schulhauser Mustang Turbo
3. Chris McGraa Mustang sbf
4. Greg Henschell Mustang sbf
5. Alex Dewolf mustang sbf
6. Justin Gallant mustang sbf
7. Jason Berkenbos 79 Camaro 468 bbc
8. Rob Fischer 2003 mustang 4.6 mod
9. Robbie Murphy Mustang 355 sb
10. Kevin Ness 89 Mustang sbf
11. Kyle Kolinsky Mustang sbf
12. Daniel Rodrigue 81 malibu 421 sbc
13. Darren Derocher 79 Mustang 429 BBF
14. Jay Graw 81 Camaro 383 sbc
15. Jeff Peters Malibu 548 bbc
16. Neil Richards Ford Zephyr turbo
17. Nick Richards 81 Camaro sbf
18. Vanessa Richards Mustang sbf
19. Jake Van Vliet 66 Chevy II sbc

20. Terry Ryan Mustang sbf turbo

21. Mikel Bader Ford Mustang (Nitrous)

22. Ron Pease (Nova Twin TT)

23. Jason Field NOva (nitrous)


Other racers in the NW that have to confirm their entry.

Jordie Lazic
Parm Jawanda
Pat Wilkie

Below is a list of 8.5 racers

More will be added as they pre enter

1. Mark Campbell Mustang
2. Kevin Ness Mustang
3. Justin Monroe Mustang
4. Marco Alessco Mustang
5. Justin Gallant
6. Terry Ryan Mustang

7. Sherry Rohr


Top Sportsman Doorslammers Open Comp

Expected entries for Doorwarz

1. Zak Clarke
2. Kirk Lanz
3. Mike Lucas
4. Chad Barclay
5. Rod Hymas
6. Dan Provost
7. Greg Anderson
8. Dean Bettenson
9. Rod Leclaire
10. James Rutherford
11. Dale Phillips
12. Rod Compton
13. Tony Driessen
14. Ken Orser

Possible entries

15. John Tiegen
16. Rod Boivin
17. Mike Thorpe
18. Casey Crusiel
19. Darryn O'Connor
20. Graham Foster
21. Dwight Barager
22. Dave Robinson
23. Ed Radjo
24. Darren WIlliams
25. Mike Williams
26. Aaron Linder

Expected entries for the Canada West Doorslammers

Terry Shuflita
Paul Stretch
Kevin Lance
Henry Zacharias
Rick Limb
Dale Grasdal
Dave Warren
Tyson Wells
David Heans
Brian Ritchie
Terry Langdon-Davies
John DeJonge
Al Bentley
Dyan Lover
Mike Bedsworth
Wayne Thomson
Joe Mellof
Darryl Stone
Tim Vogt

Possible entries

22. Gene Fleury
23. Rhys Ingham
24. Paul Soares
25. Mark Schuppener
26. Greg Dolling
27. Grant Klohn
28. Mike Ackerman
29. Thomas Gronmyr
30. Brian Kikel
31. Larry Morris
32. Gary Schley
33. Steve Thorne
34. Corey Stewart
35. Carl Fedderly
36. Joe Mayzes
37. Warner Wagner
38. Dallas Wagner

Top Sportsman competitors who may enter

39. Chad Barclay
40. Zak Clarke
41. Rob Compton
42. Rod Leclair
43. Tony Driessen
44. Ken Orser

Bob Heans




January 31, 2016

TO ALL DOORWARZ SMALL TIRE COMPETITORS. THE 275 CLASS AND 8.5 CLASS. We will be having a meeting February 25th at Jimy Macs Pub in Langley (Port Kells) 200th exit, 96th ave, at 7:00pm. We invite all racers interested in those two classes.. All others are welcome but this gathering is to welcome all racers in those two classes to Doorwarz (and possibly other events). As stated on the top of the Doorwarz web site both classes will be 1/8 mile and SCSN rules (Possibly a few mods to accommodate local racers). Everything will be discussed. The main thing is to get commitments for both classes and to go over Small tire classes and their future in the NW. We need strong car counts to make it happen. Please email me at speedzone1@shaw.ca to confirm your attendance at the meeting. The pub would like to know a rough head count. Please reply back to the email. speedzone1@shaw.ca or missionraceway@telus.net.
Thanks and see you there.

January 19, 2016

Doorwarz IV is on!

2016 will be the best year yet! Pro Mod is continuing to grow in the NW and this year the car count should be the biggest ever. Pro Mod has a number of new cars being built as well as some old veterans returning to the fold. Outlaw 275 will undergo a major change. To keep up with the growth of the class and to get us in line with all the other 275 events we will make the move to 1/8th mile and will run under the SCSN rules (with a few possible additions to accomodate all the local cars). Outlaw 8.5 is the newest class and it too will be 1/8 mile, and run under SCSN rules (with a few possible modifications). We will link to those rules in the coming days. Outlaw 10.5 will remain 1/4 mile for the 2016 event. Will it change down the road, we will see but for this year 1/4 mile is decision. Rules for 10.5 likely will not change.

Keep an Eye out for more news over the coming weeks.




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