July 3-6, 2014


July 3-6, 2014

10.5, 275, Top Sportsman, Open Comp, Doorslammers


Email here to pre enter. Pre-entering gives you a dedicated pit stall for every Doorwarz II class.


October 2, 2013

July 4-6, 2014...Mark that weekend down.



....It will be bigger and badder....

October 2, 2013

This weekend is Shakedown... one of the original big doolar pro mod events. The location changed to Norwalk Summit Motorsdport Park. Expected are 30-38 Pro mods and a large field of Top Sportsman, 10.5 and a number of other classes. Bangshift will have the live feed up.





July 14, 2013

Almost have all the photos ready to be uploaded... next day or so.

In the meantime here is the Video from the event from Robert Fedyk:



July 13, 2013

Photos on the elimination's page are posted.

A evening qualifying gallery is posted.

July 12, 2013

A Robert Hunter event gallery is posted

July 10th

1:20 pm update

Gallery 1 is posted.

Working on Photos now that the stories are complete.

10:30 am update

The Open Comp results are posted

July 10th

The Canada West Doorslammers story is posted. (middle of page)

July 9, 2013

All photos will be posted once the stories are complete.

3:00pm update

Complete Top Sportsman results are posted. (middle of the page)

1:50pm update

Complete Outlaw 275 results are posted. (middle of the page)

12:45 pm update

Complete Outlaw 10.5 results are posted. (top of the page)

9:00am update

The full Outlaw Pro Mod results are posted (this class has its own page)

July 7, 2013

10:00pm update.

A long day of racing but man was it cool!!

The Pro Mod final round was the only slight disappointment to an astonishing weekend of Door car bliss.

After weeding through 26 cars in the Pro Mod Class John Sciapli and local Jay Syvertsen were set to faceoff in what was a pick-em final round. Both Cars had run in the low 6's but in Jay's semi final win over Dale Pedersen he grenaded his motor and had to do a complete swap. Jay was out of bullets so Jeremy Hanger made the not surprising gesture and allowed Syverten's team to use his last engine.

The two teams along with a number of other able bodies jumped in and they got the motor swap done in about two hours. There were subtle differences in the two combos, that did not allow Jays front clip to fit over the engine. Coming to the rescue was RH Race Cars owner Ryan Henrickson and his trusty grinder.

When the re and re was finished the poor 57 chevy looked like it had been through a war. They test fired it, and took it to the line. Due to the differences in the two engines they could not attached the front clip until the car was fired up. They got it fired up and but the nose on the car, but when jay went to do the burnout, they found fluid leaking on the track when he was backing up. The starter shut Jay off and Scialpi got a single.

He ran it out the back door and ran a 6.22 for the big 20k win.
The locals were certainly cheering for the local guy, but at this, the first Doorwarz event, the USA won the war
In outlaw 10.5, it was another USA vs Canada battle. The USA won this race also, as Eric Halverson took out Steve Nicholson when Nicholson went up in smoke right at the starting line.

Outlaw 275 was all Canada as Calgary's Scott Schulhauser defeated Surrey's Steve Skokins.

The two Top Sportsman races were all Canadian finalists. Race #1 (Saturday) was won by Justin Bond. He defeated Dan Provost.

The second race saw Zak Clarke take the win. He defeated Paul Glandon.

Canada West Doorslammers had a great field (32). 29 made the cut and it was Marysville Washington driver Mike Bedsworth defeating Calgary's Darren Williams in the final.

Open Comp's huge field of 74 was dwindled down to an Vancouver Island vs Lower Mainland final round. Port Alberni's Dyan Lover took on Justin Gallant. Gallant got the win in his 4 speed Mustang.
We will have the full report starting on Monday.


July 7, 2013

Final qualifying is posted. The full report Sunday.

July 6, 2013

A pretty good day today at Mission for the first two qualifiers in all classes of doorwarz. Rod Burbage leads the 27 cars (smaller field than hoped for) with two 6.0 runs. The best being a 6.00/243.

Garrett Richards is #2 with three runs (including one test run) in the 6.0'a. His best qualifier was a 6.04. J

ay Syvertsen, Dale Pedersen and Joe Delehay fought for #3 through #5 and after the to rounds it is Delehay sitting in #3 with a 6.13. Pedersen (6.150) edged Syvertsen by a couple thou for #4.

Eric Halverson is well out in front of Outlaw 10.5 running a 6.61 at a huge speed of 222 mph. Ken Sihota is #2 with a 6.71. Outlaw 275 has Scott Schulhause rleading with an outrageous 7.75 @ 185. Steve Skoins has a couple real big wheelstaning launches. More in the morning

July 5, 2013

Don't cha wanna be here!!!!!!

July 4, 2013


Happy Independence day to all our American Friends.

Thursday's test results are posted on the results page.

Here is a 2 minute highlight video from Thursday's test n tune



Another Thursday video


July 3, 2013

It is on!!!!

Opening tech day and a private track rental at Doorwarz today. We have around 50 cars in the gates already including a dozen Pro Mods. A handful of 10.5 cars are pitted 10-12 Doorslammers, 25 Open Comp competitors and 8-10 Top Sportsman racers. Tomorrow is sa full test day and another 100 cars are expected to come through the gates.

One of 72 Open Comp entries

Named pit spots, where else you going to find that!

Justin Bond driving one of Kirk Lanz's TS cars

Pffftt goes the blower belt

Joe Delhay with a wisp of smoke on the rear meats. It stuck in 140 degree track temps. Both Joe's runs were early shut off, but they both looked good.

Gary Urlacher's set up

Scott Blake and Steve Goddard

Joe Delehay's rig


July 2, 2013

Ken's Specialty Automotive and Diversified Metal Works are new sponsors of Outlaw 10.5. class. Bonus money is awarded in 10.5 for the best 60 foot, Low et for Turbo and low et for Nitrous cars.

June 30, 2013

Due to the large field in Open Comp we will run first round of eliminations Saturday evening. This means that their two rounds of time trials on Saturday will be a bit earlier than originally posted.

June 29, 2013

.......Just five days to go.......

Mayzes Excavating has come on Board to sponsor the $500.00 "Low Qualifier" bonus in Outlaw Pro Mod. They will also sponsor $500.00 for the low et of the weekend (both qualifying and eliminations). Thank you Joe Mayzes and all the sponsors for making this event one of the biggest races ever to hit Canada and the North West.

190 entries as of Saturday morning.


June 26, 2013

Only a week away from THE EVENT in the NW for 2013.

A couple more sponsors have come on board today.

Jack Attack Racing has put up $250.00 for the longest tow by a competitor in Outlaw Pro Mod/ Pro Street.

Boston Pizza will sponsor the "$250.00 Wildest Run" of the weekend. They will also give all fans and race teams 10% off their food order when you present your gate reciept.

June 24, 2013

Over 180 entries as of this morning

Johnston Meier has just announced they will sponsor the 10.5 class for $500.00. $250.00 to the low qualifier with a Turbo powered car and $250.00 for the low qualifier with a Nitrous powered car. Total class payout is now $11,850.00.

June 21, 2013

The Doorwarz promoter and MRP executive thought long and hard about what kind of a trophy or award presentation we should do for the winners (along with the huge amounts of cash of course) of Doorwarz. While just at the right opportunity one of the biggest names of Pro Street racing from the 90's and early 2000's (Glen Braid) stepped up and said he will provide all the winners in all the classes a specialy design tiffany style sterling silver "Dog Tag". While racing a car is certainly not the same as fighting for your country, Doorwarz will be an epic battle in all classes. The winner of each class will receive this specially designed and engraved Dog Tag commemorating your win. These are a very popular jewelry accessory right now and if you win the battle you will receive the "Tag" along with the tag. Trophys are pretty routine for most champions but this is special. Thanks to Diamonds and Design Jewelry. Check them out of Facebook as well.

We hope to have the design posted here in the next week or so.

In other news, the entry list has topped 175 cars. The latest list has almost 25 new enteries in the last week. They will be posted later this evening.



June 19, 2013

The Hot Street class is not getting enough interest and if there are not 5 or 6 cars (purse for five or six will be $400.00 winner and $200.00 for runner-up. Semis are $100.00 each) then those entered can drop into Open Comp, or if they have a small tire Outlaw 275.

To all team entered in Doorwarz please email me their rig size so we can assign proper pit space. speedzone1@shaw.ca


Another purse increase for 10.5 is announced.

Semi finalists are now 700.00 each (x2), 1/4 finals $350.00 each (x4), 1/8's are $175.00 each (x 8), Total 10.5 purse is now $10,600.00 plus $750.00 in bonus money

June 18 2013

A couple head lining entrants in the last couple days. Glen Kerunsky and John Scialpi. Other Pro Street / Pro Mod entries include Mission Divisional winner Daryl Hemley, Joe Loch and likely Barry Hobson (could be 10.5 though). New sponsors have been signed and they Include Lanz Racing/Atrysten Plumbing

June 16, 2013

The reponse to the t-shirts and hoodies this weekend was overwhelming. We sold out of hoodies and sold close to a third of the t-shirts we ordered. We are looking at ordering more but we need them to arrive in 14 days, so stay tuned.

We are also happy to announce and increase in purse for Outlaw 10.5

The semis finalist will now get S600.00 and the 1/4's $300.00 each. 1/8's with receive $150.00


A number of new entrants in all classes this weekend as well and in the next couple days we will update the lists.

June 15, 2013

Tri City Cutting and Coring has signed on as a sponsor for Open Comp. We now have a $200.00 bonus for the best RT and 150.00 for the best 60 foot and 150.00 the quickest et in the class. 500.00 total. Thanks to Tri City Cutting and Coring.

June 12, 2013

We are proud to confirm seven sponsors in the last week for Doorwarz. RAD Torque systems, Mandi Brookes Racing, Paja Trucking, MHL Transport, CHB Industrial, JBS, and Symons Tire. Check out the sponsors links to the right. We have also got a few more entries in a number of the classes. Go to the various classes pages to see the new entrants.

The purse for Open Comp is now over $3,500.00

Open Comp Sponsored by Mandi Brookes Racing and CHB Industrial

Win: 2,000. Runner-up: $600.00, Semi finals: $300.00 1/4's $150.00 (12 car field minimum)


June 4, 2013

A number of Open Comp entries this week, we should hit 40 for that class soon, and we have a few more sponsors to announce by the end of the week.

June 3, 2013

Here is the t-shirt and hoodie design

Back of shirt


A huge shoutout to Mandie Brooke's Racing as that two car team is the title sponsor for the Open Comp class. It now has a guaranteed winners cheque of $2,000.00. Thank you Mandie Brooke's racing.

Don Snavely has entered the Pro Mod/Pro Street class with his BAE twin turbo Corvette. And we are now over 40 Pro Mod / Pro Street entries.

We are reserving Hoodies (very limited quantities) email to reserve yours.

June 1, 2013

Here is a short vid clip of Garrett Richards new Mustang getting fired up for the first time at WAR shop a week ago. Notice Walt Austin as an interested observer in the back ground and Pat checking the timing.

They made a couple short hits today at Pacific and everything worked out great. Can't wait to see the car in person (facebook team photo). Wow is Garrett's Mustang bitchin or what!

Rob Burbage confirmed his entry this week, his new Camaro is awesome!

May 31, 2013

The first new look at Craig Cawte's new Blown Camaro.

May 30, 2013

The list is growing..

Doorwarz entries have topped 130 race cars, Will we reach 150????

A number of teams have signed up in the last week or so including Outlaw Pro Street/Pro Mod teams, Doorslammer teams and Top Sportsman teams. Lee Smith from Oregon is back to compete at Mission after a half a decade away, He won here with the West Coast Pro Mods back when that assoc. was in top form. His new ride is a GT Mustang with AJ 481-X power. Don Snavely with Lee Frank behind the wheel are also planning their return to Mission Raceway after a long hiatus. Snavely ran Nitrous power in the past but the team from Montana has added a BAE Twin Turbo bullet between the Corvette frame rails to rocket them down the track. Mike Lucas out of Fort St. John has entered Top Sportsman, as has Ed Radjo, Dean Bettenson (#1 qualifier at Spokane last week) and Mike Williams. In the Doorslammer ranks, Paul Soares makes his return after a four year absence. Go to the respective pages to see all the teams entered.

We also have just completed the official T-Shirt design, thanks to the legendary Greg Ozbuko (the spectacular outrageous design will be posted here in the next three or four days). They will be shipped within 10 days. We also will have a few hoodies, if we get enough interest in the hoodies we will order more. They will have a limited run so let us know.

A note about the event... There likely be testing on the Thursday (July 4th, 2013) of the event as the car count continues to grow. We will confirm this weekend.

We are sad to hear that Rod Hymas crashed his sweet Camaro at Spokane last weekend and will be unable to make it to Doorwarz. Rod is okay and his car is heading to RJ Race Cars to get fixed. See youout there soon Rod!

May 16, 2013

Craig Cawte one of the nitrous runners up here in the NW is changing his combination to run a legal NHRA roots blower combination. Once the car is back in his shop I will get an updated photo. Jeremy Hanger has sent me his profile which is added to the blower page as well.

May 7, 2013

A big change to one entry for Doorwarz sees Barry Daniluk switching from Pro Street to Outlaw 10.5. His 6.30/220mph all motor Camaro and his 930 cubic inches will now battle a bunch of Turbo and Blower cars in the small tire 10.5 class. Jeremy Hanger confirmed his entry last Friday and Scott Oksas and Mike Maggio reconfirmed they will be competing in Pro Street as well. This race is really shaping up.

April 25, 2013

Due to further conversations with race organizers, participating teams and potential teams entering the event we have made a few changes to the weights in the Pro Street class.

Here are the new weights

Naturally Aspirated (no weight restriction)
Nitrous 2300 (no cubic inch limit)
Roots 6-71 2000
Roots 14-71 2450 Under 20% OD deduct 50 lbs
Roots 18-71 2600
Procharger SB 2350
Pro Charger BB 2450
Screw supercharger 2600. Under 92% OD deduct 50
Turbo SB under 450 2350 over 451 2450
Turbo BB up to non NHRA 88 2550
over 88-91 inc NHRA 88 2600
over 91 2650

Auto Trans deduct 100
Manual Trans with converter deduct 50

Adjustments were made to ensure the best possible field of fast doorslammers will compete at the inaugural Doorwarz event.


April 21, 2013

This weekend was the Classic and Custom Car Show at the Tradex in Abbotsford BC. Mission Raceway set up a display for the Doorwarz race and had Jay Syvertsen's Pro Mod on display. Thousands went through the show, and we gave away a hundreds of discount coupons for the event, as well as a pile of free Friday tickets for the Doorwarz race for potential gear heads who had never been to Mission Raceway before. We will be posting photos in the next few days. Go to the entry lists as we have added a few drivers in a couple classes.

Jim Bell is slowly creeping up on his Mustang as he made a number of 6 second laps this weekend at Maryland. He qualified with a career best 6.65 at only 175. It included a 4.17 to half track.


April 13, 2013

A huge name from Pro Mod racing in the NW and the IHRA/NHRA will be competing at Doorwarz. His new car is getting painted and the blown hemi is on the dyno. Look for him to test in late May. Who is it???.....You will know in a few weeks.

April 4, 2013

Doug Sikora confirmed today he was pre-entering for Doorwarz in the Outlaw 10.5 class. His profile and picture are posted

April 3, 2013

One of the West Coast hitters confirmed entry to the race. Marc Meadors and the Pure Hell 69 Camaro, one of three West Coast 5.70 cars will be in attendance. Mike Maggio (courtesy of Jay Syvertsen racing) was pre entered when the race was announced, but we have not recieved team info yet. Now we just need Rod Burbage, Dan Nickelson, Scott Oksas, Dan Myers, Lee Smith, and the rest of the WCOPM group, California Pro Slammer group and PSCA racers to enter to make this one bad event.

March 24, 2013

One of the top 10.5 racers on the West Coast crashed today at Sacramento in the PSCA event. Paja Agatonovic from Oregon got loose spun around and ended up on his lid and spun into the wall in his lane. After qualifying #2 (and running top speed of the event) behind Doug Sikora, (who won the event), Paja crashed in the semi finals against Steve Collins. Paja smoked the tires, got crossed up and spun into Collin's lane and the back end of the Oregon driver's car was struck by Collin's Chevelle causing a fire in Steve's ride. Both cars then hit the wall after the initial hit. Paja and Steve were both okay but the cars will need work. Agatonovic is already getting things rolling (including a new body) to get back on the track asap. There is still a good chance he will be ready by July for the Mission event. Steven Bunker (media solutions) lead photographer for the WCOPM assoc has a gallery including todays crash. Click here for the shots. Go to Paja's Facebook page to wish him well.

Rob Burbage won Pro Mod over Rich Roberts despite Robets running low et for the weekend in the final. A 4.15 to a quicker leaving 4.24 (1/8 mile event).

March 19, 2013

Entries are rolling in in a number of classes in the last week. The Doorslammer class is up to 23 entrants. We expect 30-35 in the class. Open Comp has over 20 entrants as well. This one could top 32. Expect an announcement on the Open Comp purse in the next week or so. We are looking for more Top Sportsman teams to sign up as well as Outlaw 10.5 and of course Pro Mod/Pro Street. Keep the entries coming!

March 13, 2013

Rutland Auto and RH Race Cars are the title sponsor for the Fortin's Engine's Canada West Doorslammer class at Doorwarz. The winner's cheque for the event is now a minimum of 2,000.00 to win.

March 1, 2013

Lordco Hi Performance Parts has come on board as the title sponsor of the Outlaw 275 class. As a result we have upped the purse to $2,500.00 to win. Thanks to Lordco and their support. Runner up is now $1,000.00.


February 27, 2013

We are pleased to announce three more sponsors have come on board for the event. RAD Torque Systems, Diversified Metal Works and the MHL Transport Group. More info to come soon.

February 25, 2013

We are pleased to announce that Paja Trucking Inc. has signed on as a sponsor of the 10.5 class.


Here is the latest Video by MRP Video guy Robert Fedyk. A great promo for the baddest race in the North West for 2013.



To pre enter and get your car on the web site, email here.

You will get a reserved pit spot with your name on it.

With the growing list of sponsors, this is a race with the potential to have one of the largest payout's for a single door car event ever in North America!

Fees and purses are posted here.


February 20, 2013

News Flash! Drag Radial 275 purse has increased to a minimum $1250.00 to win.

The pre entry list is increasing daily. Check out the Army pages and the Class pages to see the numbers.


Here is a cool video from 2012 at the WCOPM event and Mike Maggio's 260+ runs and a few other exciting runs.







The list of drivers is a who's who in the North West for all the classes competing this weekend (and possibly the entire West Coast as many Southern US teams have shown interest). Included is the first in the 5's in Western Canada and four time WCPM champion Joe Delehay, the quickest naturally aspirated doorslammer in the West Barry Daniluk, the baddest turbo cars including the semi finalist from SCSN (2010) Dale Pederson, Multiple WCPM series champion Trevor Lowe, Canada's quickest Nitrous Pro Mod driver Mike Gondziola. Who can forget Jim Bell and his beautiful twin turbo Mustang. His car suffered a horrific fire right here at Mission last September, but RH Race Cars got the car repaired and was back out two months later running a 6. flat and almost 250 mph. Gary Urlacher winner of last year's Rocky Mountain Shootout in Edmonton will be here with his 225 mph Corvette The list goes on and on.

Click on the Army button at the top for all the Outlaw Promod/Prostreet competitors. and click on the rotating banner to see the listing for all the other classes.

If you are just contemplating one event for 2013, make sure this is the one!!!!

Click each class at the top to see the entrants for that class.

Here is a highlight video from Mission Raceway's 2012 season











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