June 30 - July 3, 2016


July 1-3, 2016

Classes (other than Pro Mod)

July 1-3, 2016

10.5, 275, Top Sportsman, Open Comp, Outlaw 8.5, Doorslammers


July 5, 2015

What a weekend!!! The hottest temperatures ever witnessed for a drag race in the Lower Mainland. In the three heads-up classes, Mike Gonziola got the Pro Mod victory over Dale Pedersen. Ken Sihota defeated Paja Agatonovic in 10.5 and Steve Skokins won Outlaw 275. SpeedZone Magazine has all the results posted on their web site. Click on this link for the results. The full story from the event will be posted here over the next week.

July 2, 2015

Today is the opening day of track ripping up the 1/4 mile. The test n tune will run all day and we expect at least half of the Pro Mods making laps down the 1/4 mile. A number of them will be just doing short launches and half track hits, but we still expect to see a few full out runs form not only the Pro Mods but also Outlaw 10.5, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 275 and Open Comp.

We will post photos and a few updates as the day goes on.

SpeedZone Magazine has posted a preview for the event for both the Pro Mod class and Outlaw 10.5 rumor has it they will preview the other classes as well. We will post a few of the comments from SpeedZone once we get permission from the editor. For now go here for their preview.

July 1 , 2015

Happy Canada Day

The race is on!!

No threats of rain, just hot, hot, hot action as Doorwarz III starts today. A private track rental for a couple teams is on today then a full test n tune tomorrow. Friday has a 4-5 hour test n tune and then the action begins Friday afternoon and under the light with two full qualifying sessions and then three on Saturday including the final huge round of qualifying under the lights for all Doorwarz classes. It all culminates with elimination's on Sunday. Be here or miss out on the hottest doorcar action in the NW of North America and all of Canada.

A few late entries for Open Comp include Calgary's Dave Rutherford and his very nice 1978 Ford Fairmont, , Kelowna's Tyker Ham driving a 1978 Camaro z-28 and Al Learmonth driving a 1970 Camro.

June 29, 2015

Here a surprise new ride out of the RH stable. Brian Macy will debut this small block twin turbo ride.

June 27, 2015


Updated list for Pro Mod, 275 and Doorslammers

June 25, 2015

Doorwarz III welcomes RAD Torque Systems on board as the Sponsor of the Top Sportsman class

Here are tentative entries for all classes

Pro Mod

1. Mike Gondziola 69 camaro Nitrous
2. Keith Korecki 69 Shelby Mustang Nitrous
3. Tom Meheden 1997 Beretta Nitrous
4. Dale Pedersen 2005 Monte Carlo SB Twin Turbo
5. Dal Sangha 2010 Mustang sb twin Turbos
6. Kerry Stone 68 Camaro twin turbos
7. Aaron Linder 63 COrvette Pro Charger
8. Paul Glandon 69 Camaro Twin Turbo
9. Jay Syvertsen 57 Chevy Screw Blown
10. Garrett Richards 2013 Mustang Screw Blown
11. Glen Kerunsky 53 Corvette Roots blown
12. Joe Delehay 68 Camaro Roots blown
13. Gary Urlacher 63 Corvette Nitrous
14. Steve Horne 41 Willys Roots blown
15. Rick Di Stefano Tirbo Camaro
16. Jeff Doyle Turbo Firebird
17. Simon Kingsley Screw blown Camaro
18. Wade Sjostrom 57 Chevy Screw Blown
19. Perry Thyr Camaro Nitrous
20. Terry Spargo 2004 Cavalier All Motor
21. Shane Molinari 70.5 Camaro Twin Turbos
22. Johnny West 57 Chevy BBC Nitrous
23. Jeff Hill 55 Chevy BBC Nitrous
24. Brian Macy Mustang TT small block
25. Glen May Ford Thunderbird Screw blower

Possibles (not yet confirmed)

Ross Hogenson 63 Corvette nitrous
Craig Cawte 68 Camaro Roots blown
Tom Reithmayer 75 Mustang Roots blown
John Scialpi 57 Chevy Roots blown
Brett Williamson Nitrous Camaro
Toni Moretto Nitrous 55 Chevy
Joe Mayzes Blown Corvette
Steve Goddard GXP Nitrous

Dale Moznik Outlaw 10.5

1. Ken Sihota Nitrous Firebird
2. Paja Agatonovic Nitrous Camaro
3. Steve Nicholson Nitrous Corvette
4. Brent Van Vliet Turbo Camaro
5. Roy Moznik Nitrous El Camino
6. Dean Branham Turbo Cuda
7. Brian Sipe Nitrous Mustang?
8. Nick Duda Turbo Mustang
9. Mike Walterson Nitrous Nova
10. Mike Dowling
Procharged Chevelle


Doorslammers: Presented by Rutland Auto Repair and RH Race Cars

1. Lyle Hinrichsen
2. Terry Shuflita
3. Paul Stretch
4. Kevin Lance
5. Mark Simpson
6. Henry Zacharias
7. Rick Limb
8. Phil Davis
9. Dale Grasdal
10. Dave Warren
11. Tyson Wells
12. David Heans
13. Brian Ritchie
14. Terry Langdon-Davies
15. Thomas Gronmyr
16. Rod LeClaire
17. Joe Mayzes
18. Gene Fleury
19. Rhys Ingham
20. John DeJonge
21. Zak Clarke
22. Kirk Lanz
23. Al Bentley
24. Dyan Lover
25. Mike Bedsworth
26. Darryl Stone

Top Sportsman

(Presented by RAD Torque Systems)

1. Chad Barclay
2. Zak Clarke
3. Kirk Lanz
4. Tony Driessen
5. Rod Hymas
6. Mike Lucas
7. Dale Phillips
8. John Tiegen
9. Rod LeClair
10. Brian Ritchie
11. Dale Grasdal
12. Dan Provost
13. Paul Stretch

Rod Boivin (waiting for confirmation)
James Rutherford (Waiting for confirmation)

Casey Crusiel (Waiting for confirmation)
Mike Thorpe (Waitng for confirmation)
Mike Williams (Waiting for confirm)
Dwight Barager (waiting for cinfirmation
Dean Bettenson
(Waiting for confirmation)
Joe Loch (waiting for confirmation)

Outlaw 275

List is pretty accurate, but a few are tentative. At least 16 cars will be in the class.

1. Mark Campbell Mustang 438 cu in SBF Nitrous
2. Jeff Peters Malibou SBC
3. Daniel Rodrigue
4. Jason Berkenbos
5. Justin Gallant Mustang SBF
6. Vanessa Richards Mustang SBF Nitrous
7. Nick Richards Camaro SBC Nitrous
8. Tyler Levy Mustang SBF Nitrous
9. Steve Skokin SBF Blower
10. Ken Bruce SBF Turbo
11. Rob Fisher MOD Twin Turbo
12. Parm Jawanda MOD Ford Turbo
13. Sheldon Weibelzahl Cutlass SBC Blower
14 Ken Funk SBF Nitrous
15. Kyle Chapman SBF
16. Brandon Giese AB SBF Turbo
17. Cary Fehr BC SBC Blower
18. Kyle Smith BC MOD Blower
19. Devon Knopf Import SBC nitrous
20. Jason Berkenbos BBC Nitrous


Other possibles

Matt Wilkie BC Mustang SBF
Jordan Brandon AB
Logan Hennessey A
James Hatfield AB
Neil Richards AB SBF Twin Turbo Ford Zephyr
James Jamerson
Tony Sousa BC Thrashing to get ready SBF Nitrous
Bob Beattie BC SBF Blower

Open Comp (Tentative list, going partly by years previous)

1. Kevin McNicol
2. Doug Ludwig
3. Mandi Brookes
4. Dan Brookes
5. Mike Stewart
6. Keith Vahle
7. Vince Moznik
8. Dennis Derochers
9. Jas Kooner
10. Joe Pente
11. Craig Castagno
12. Darren Dilley
13. Dave Watson
14. Jack Verbeek
15. Jason Graw
16. Norm Tuepah
17. Dan Hamill
18. Brian Putz
19. Lester Baranuik
20. Wilf Friesen
21. Warren Render
22. Kevin McCauley
23. Tim Elford
24. Ryan Johnston
25. Rockey Filpchuk
26. Terry Charles
27. Steve Erickson
28. Lorne Mackie
29. Wayne Darby
30. Darren Burt
31. Doug Lalonde
32. Russ Mitchell
33. Chris McGraa
34. Walter Johnson
35. Craig Johnson
36. Larry Rhodenizer
37. Jason Field
38. Kash Sandhu
39. Mike Boitson
40. Chris Harvey
41. Danny Howlett
42. Mike Redford
43. Mark Thompson
44. Chris Sharpe
45. Hank Vermeulen
46. Ron York
47. Christian Bilodeau
48. Evan Pletti
49. Dan Pletti
50. Bron Palko
51. Mac Harris
52. Steve Black

53. Ken Imthurn

54. Rick Klone



June 22, 2015

Top Sportsman rules adjustment:

In order to attract as many cars as possible, the Top Sportsman minimum et is now 8.49. Rules will be based on advanced et rules. A Hans or head/neck device is NOT mandatory, Nor is a 15 suit. A 5 sfi suit is allowed as long as your car is not blown. A fire suppression system is NOT mandatory for this event either.


Event Schedule

Date 2015
Classes (order subject to change)
July 1
Parking and credentials and Private rental
track time 11:00am - 4:00pm Gate opens 4:00pm for parking credentials. Rentals enter early.
Early arrivals for parking and set up for Thursday park in spectator parking until credential sales at Noon Wednesday.
July 2
Parking and credentials and Open Test n tune
8:00am-10:00pm 11:00am - 4:30pm
credentials parking and t n t for weekend competitors only


July 3
Parking and credentials
8:00am - 10:00pm
Credentials/ Parking/ Tech
July 3
Test n Tune (for competitors running Doorwarz only)
10:00am to 2:00 pm
All Doorwarz competitors TnT until 1:00 tentative based on total entries
July 3
Qualifying #1
OC, Outlaw 10.5, TS, XDR, Pro Mod
July 3
Qualifying #2
6:00pm - 9:00 pm
DS (test), Open Comp, Hot Street, TS, XDR, Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw PS/PM(not in order)
July 4
Qualifying and time trials
8:30 am - 10:30 am
All bracket classes and TS 'Q'3
July 4
Qualifying and time trials
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Top Sportsman 'Q' 4 and Bracket time trials
July 4
Qualifying and TIme trials
12:00 pm-4:00 pm
Doorwarz III classes qualifying, Doorslammer qualifying, TS round one elimination's
July 4
qualifying and time trials
4:00pm - 10:00 pm
Doorwarz III final qualifying, Doorslammer qualifying, final elimination's for Top Sportsman
July 5
Final time trial for brackets
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
TS final 'Q' race 2 and bracket rd 1
July 5
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Doorwarz Elimination's and brackets
July 5
2:00 pm-3:30 pm
round 2 and round 3 elimination's
July 5
3:30 pm-5:00 pm
1/4 finals - Semi finals
July 5
Final elimination's
5:00 - 6:00pm
Finals elimination's
July 5
Secure event.
6:00pm - 7:00pm
Awards Presentation

Doorwarz Qualifying sessions

Pro Mod: two Friday, three Saturday (if possible)

Outlaw 10.5: two Friday, three Saturday (if possible)

275: two Friday, three Saturday (if possible)

Top Sportsman: Three Friday, two Saturday, one Sunday (possible two if time allows)

Open Comp: two Friday, three Saturday

Doorslammers: three Saturday, one Sunday (if time allows)

Subject to change


June 18, 2015


The event schedule will be posted by Friday June 19, 2015

June 15, 2015

Vulcan McClellan is the latest entry for Outlaw 10.5.

Entries so far:

Ken Sihota
Steve Nicholson
Paja Agatonovic
Roy Moznik
Dean Branham
Brent Van Vliet
Mike Walterson
Mike Dowling
Brian Sipe
Nick Duda
Vulcan Mc Clellan


June 9, 2015

The payout for the Top Sportsman double header is 3k each race as long as there are 16 cars in the field (entered). $1000.00 R/U $500.00 semi $250.00 1/4. Entry is $175.00 each race.

Outlaw 10.5 entries have hit 10 cars and we hope a few more enter after this weekend's NW 10.5 shoot-out hosted by Pacific Raceways and Paja Agatonovic. New entries in Nick Duda, Mike Dowling and Brian Sipe. Mark Campbell from Alberta has entered outlaw 275.

O/L 10.5 is $5000.00 to win based on a 16 car field.

Fees per class Testing Thurs $75.00 and Fri $60.00

Doorwarz classes 5 qualifying / time trials. Two on Friday and three on Saturday.

T/S time trials 4 for race (two Friday and two Saturday. One time trial for race 2 Sunday.

All entrey fees for all classes are posted on the 2015 schedule page.

Rules and related info is on the 2015 rules page.

Confirmed drivers over the last couple weeks in Pro Mod include Keith Korecki, Tom Meheden, Yvonne Lucas, Rick DiStefano, Glen Kerunsky, Simon Kingsley (with a very well know tuner on board), Steve Horne with new power and a complete new look) and the debut of Jeff Doyle's twin turbo Firebird.

Driver's pages will be updated over the new week.

Here is the new shirt and full zip hoodie design. It looks awesome and will be at the track in less than a week.


May 11, 2015

Here are a couple updates for this year's Doorwarz III race.

Thursday testing July 2nd is $75.00 and Friday testing July 3 prior to qualifying (approx 9am - 1 PM) is $60.00

Outlaw 10.5 is $5000.00 to win. That is based on a 16 car minimum field.

Top sportsman $175.00 per race. It will be double header. A race Saturday and one Sunday. 16 car minimum for a double header so get your entries in to confirm a 16 car field and a double header.

All Doorwarz classes 5 time trials (qualifying). Top Sportsman 4 qualifying sessions for race #1 and one qualifier for Race #2 .


Get your pre registrations in. A few confirmed pre-entries for Pro Mod include Simon Kingsley, Tom Meheden, Glen Kerunsky, Yvonne Lucas, Paul Glandon, Gary Urlacher and Dale Pederson


May 1, 2015

To Register for Doorwarz III, email here: or you can email here:

Include your class, a picture of your car and car specs : including body style, chassis, engine, best performance to date, crew and sponsors.


March 12, 2015

Here is the 2015 payout for Doorwarz III for Pro Mod:

$10,000.00 to win R/U $3,000.00

Semi $1,000.00

1/4 $750.00 1/8 $500.00

1st rd $300.00

Entry $300.00 Canadian

The big news though is there will be a four or five series in the North West between Mission and Edmonton. At least four races for the 2015 season. The new series is called WDRL (Western Drag Racing League). There will be more info soon.

February 1, 2015

The Outlaw 275 page is updated with the pre-entries

January 13, 2015

Here are the latest updates on weights for Pro Mod at Doorwarz III

Naturally Aspirated - no weight limit

Nitrous- 2300 lbs for 850 and under ci.
2350 lbs for 851-909
2400 lbs for 910 and over.

Roots 14-71 2500 no o.d limit
18-71 2550 29% max o.d

Centrifugal supercharged s.b 2350 lbs b.b 2450 lbs

Screw Blower 2650 lbs
"C Rotor " 98% max o.d Hemi and 481-x
"D Rotor " 115% max o.d Hemi and 481-x
Other non Hemi combinations (C and D rotor no OD restrictions)

Turbo SB under 450ci 2350 lbs over 450ci 2450lbs
Turbo BB single 2500 lbs
Turbo BB twin 88's max 2650 lbs Turbo BB over 88's 2750 lbs

Single power adder only

In Outlaw 10.5 the wheelbase rule is deleted.



275 Drag Radial / 28 X 10.5 NON "W" Slick / 28 X 11.50 DOT Slick. Wheelie bars are not permitted.
Alcohol is allowed.
No complete tube chassis cars. ( Back half O.K )
Fibreglass/Lexan O.K but must retain basic original appearance.
Firewall must be in stock location. ( Minor mods for trans, etc are fine )
Headlights and tailights must be functional.
M...ufflers required on non turbo entries.

BASE WEIGHT: (All weights are race ready, car with driver )

4 Cyl W/Any Power Adder................2450 lbs
V6 W/Nitrous....................................2450 lbs
V/6 W/Turbo or Blower.....................2750 lbs
Small Blocks W/Nitrous....................2550 lbs
Small Blocks W/Turbo ( up to 91.5mm ).....3150 lbs
Small Blocks W/Turbo (91.51 to 94mm )....3200 lbs
Small Blocks W/Turbo (94.01 to 98mm )....3250 lbs
Small Blocks W/Twin Turbo ( Up to 62mm ea )....3150 lbs
Small Blocks W/Twin Turbo ( Up to 67mm ea )....3200 lbs
Small Blocks W/Twin Turbo ( Max 72mm ea )......3250 lbs
Small Blocks Up To 355CID W/Supercharger (F2 MAX )..3000 lbs
Small Blocks 356+ CID W/Supercharger ( F2 MAX ).........3150 lbs
Big Blocks Nitrous up to 550ci..................2750 lbs
Big Blocks Nitrous 551ci to 600ci.............2850 lbs
Big Block Nitrous 601ci to 650 Max..........2950 lbs
Big Block W/Supercharger 550ci Max ( 8-71 or smaller ).........3250 lbs
Big Block W/Supercharger 550ci Max ( 10-71 or equivelant )..3350 lbs

Single Power Adder Only
Small Block Nitrous Multi Stage Systems Permitted
Big Block Nitrous Limited to two Stage System (max two nozzles per runner)


Deduct 50 lbs for Leaf-spring type suspension.
Deduct 100 lbs for F1C/F1R Superchargers
Deduct 300 lbs for no power adder

All Run Field 1/4 mi
Switch Lanes for each Qualifier
Mandatory scaling after each Run ( inc qualifying )
Rules are Subject to Change

December 2014


....Here it is....

July 2-5, 2015




2014 Doorwarz II coverage is by class:

( all pages include elimination sheets & q sheets)

Pro Mod page is here

O/L 10.5, 275 & Hot street page is here

Open COmp, Top Sportsman & Doorslammers page is here








Here is a highlight video from Mission Raceway's 2012 season










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