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The Contenders


Latest Entry June 28, 2016


Jay Syvertsen

66 Canso

Twin Turbo

JS Powersports and SLR Rentals

THis car is back. It will have a new look with a twin tubo powerplant and 10.5 tires. It will be the debut this weekend so the syvertsen/ Horne team are more or less in test mode.



Latest entry June 27, 2016


Wade Bulych

C5 Corvette

Procharged F3


Tina Bulych, Brent and Graham


Awesome Audio

Cross Border Drilling




Latest entry (June 25)

Rick Barhard

Edmonton AB

66 Ford Fairlane

BBF twin Turbo 88's

Rick has made a few shakedown laps but will compete for the first time at Doorwarz. This car is a work of art and had the only BB Ford with twin turbos around





The list (ranking the teams from the favorite at the top)


Ken Sihota

833 in. Foulton (tweaked by Sihota)

Four stages of Nitrous

6 teens /220 +

Multiple 10.5 event winner at tracks throughout the West Coast. Proven to be the quickest car in Western Canada and the Pacific North West. Odds on Favorite.


Steve Nicholson

Aldergrove BC

760 cu in BB Chevy

Nitrous assisted


Steve always finds a way to reach the later rounds and had a lot of success south of the border especially at the SCSN events.


69 Camaro
Sonny's 903 EFI w/4-kits Nitrous
6.53 @ 211

Has won a few events up here in the NW including Doorwarz a couple years ago. Has huge horsepower but he needs a tenth or two to be a consistent threat.



Roy Moznik

Surrey BC

1968 El-Camino

833 Foulton

lots of Nitrous

6.4 @215 + MPH

After struggling with the starting line over the last couple eyars, Roy seemed to get it sorted out late last year. He ran career bests, and should be in the top half of the field.




Dean Branham

Edmonton, Ab

526 BAE hemi

Twin Pro Mod 88mm turbo's, Bigstuff3

6.69 @212.96 MPH

Branhan has the potential now that he has a BAE hemi with twins. If he gets the tune-up dialed in look out.


Brent Van Vliet

Port Alberni BC

69 Camaro

Unlimited Automotive BB Twin Turbos

twin GT47 88's. Conventional head, Brodix BB3 extras.

One of the nicest looking cars on the West Coast, Brent and crew chief Jake are looking for mid six's or better. After a tough season in 2015 things will improve.




Mike Walterson

Calgary Ab

69 Nova

760 in BB Chevy

481-X Roots blown


Mike had a learning curve in 2015 and the end of the year was not what he was hoping for. Hopefully his 2016 season is better and he has the new engine combo sorted out.


Chad Abougoush

Kelowna BC


1968 Cuda


632 cu in Hemi bullet

Naturally aspirated.




Mike Hawkins

Mandy Brooks

Chevy Malibou

BB Chevy



Mike and Mandy are huge supporters of the 10.5 class and love to compete with their buddys.



Owners: Nick and George Duda

Driver: Nick Duda

1992 Mustang 393ci SBC

Precision 106mm turbo.

6.97 @ 203mph

and 4.49 @ 163mph in 1/8th.

Sponsors to thank:

Perfomance World, Vibrant, DEI, Eagle, Comp Cams, FAST, TCI,

Special thanks:

Kevin Winstead, David Page, and Rob Guazzaroni, Justin Munro and of course my dad George.

With the switch to 1/8 mile Nick has signed up to compete. His 'Stang is a cool local car and he and his dad will have to get on it real hard to go deep into elims. He did go to a final round in Woodburn last year.


Mike Dowling

Hometown: Clancy, Montana

Mike Dowling Racing

1970 Chevy Chevelle

540ci BBC / F3-136 ProCharger / Carburetor

7.21 @ 195 mph

Advanced Engines, One Way Marine & Motorsports, DSArchitects of Helena, MT.

Sherri Dowling, my wife, crew chief, supporter.




Trevor Willms



05 Vette / 670 ci F3

procharger methanol





Possible entries

Eric Peterson


601 BBC twin turbos



Eric got new power in 2015 and is still sorting it out. When he does his very cool Chevy will fly


Eric Halverson



Greg Hindman

Chris Storlie















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