Limited 275

275 Limited is a heads-up 1/8th mile class for any and all types of Rear Wheel Driven Vehicles from Classic 50's Iron, 60's Muscle Cars to Late Models Hot Rods & Trucks. This class is going to feature limitations in Cubic Inch Displacement, Power Adders and all cars will have to use a 275 or smaller Radial Tire or 28x10.5 or smaller slick.
 BODY: The car must retain its original appearance, materials and profiles. Aftermarket Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber Body Parts limited to Hood, Deck-lid and Bumpers only. Rear Mini-Tubs or altering of factory wheel tubs are permitted however no full size wheel tubs will be allowed.
 FIREWALL: Must retain factory unaltered firewall, in original location. A cosmetic overlay is permitted.
 FLOORBOARD: Must retain the factory Floorboard from Firewall to beginning of Trunk/Hatch area... Trunk/Hatch/Spare Tire area can be modified/flattened for battery placement, Fuel Cell etc..
 GRILL / FRONT BUMPER: Factory Grille and Front Bumper must be of original design with no alterations to allow additional Air-Inlets
 HOOD: No Forward-Facing Hood Scoops of any design or Air-inlets added for Blower/Turbo Cars
 INTERIOR: Factory appearing door panels, carpet and dashboard are required. Back seat may be deleted, but must have carpet covering the bare floor.
 SEAT & SEAT LOCATION: Two front full-size bucket seats, or one bench seat with upholstery required. Seats must remain in the factory location without. Nitrous Bottle, Ignition box or any other device cannot be mounted within the passenger side seat.
 WINDOWS: Must be factory OEM Glass, no Lexan permitted.... 1 exception, rear window on a truck if the roll-cage goes into the bed area
 FRAME & CHASSIS: Stock frame rails must be retained in stock locations front and rear, Notching of rear frame rails is allowed (No Full Back Half Chassis Permitted) Sub frame connectors are permitted.
 FRONT SUSPENSION: All cars must retain stock-type front suspension. Aftermarket Tubular Control Arms, K-Member & Coil Over kits are legal but must completely be a bolt-on conversion. Bolt-On Firewall forward are not legal unless noted below**. Replacement Bolt-on Lightweight K-Members are legal, but must be a direct bolt on, no welding modifications permitted. Stock wheelbase will be enforced on all vehicles.
REAR SUSPENSION: After-Market Control Arms, Bushings, Shocks, Leaf Springs, Torque Arm & Coil Springs are OK to upgrade as long as all Factory/OEM Suspension Attaching Points are utilized in the way they came from the vehicle manufacturer with the following exception: On Mini-Tub or vehicles with Leaf springs moved inward, Shocks must still follow the same angle and placement as factory equipped (so if the bottom bracket is moved in 2" the top must do the same)
Bolt On Traction/Slapper Bars are allowed.
Rear Coil over Conversions are allowed with a 100lb weight penalty.
 WHEEL BASE: Must retain stock wheel base with a maximum variation right to left and front to back of one inch.
 WHEELIE BARS: Wheelie bars are strictly prohibited and not permitted.
 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS: Any OEM automatic transmission permitted. Aftermarket torque converter, shift kit, valve body, shifter, and pan cooler use are permitted. Trans brakes are permitted.
 MANUAL TRANSMISSION: After-market Standard Manual Transmissions are allowed except for Clutchless-Types, Clutch/Automatics or Planetary Transmissions. All shifts must be made manually without the aid of electric, hydraulic or pneumatic devices.
 BRACKET RACING AIDS: The use of bracket racing aids such as optical sensors, delay boxes, and throttle stops are prohibited
 ENGINE: 515ci Limit for Power Adder Big Blocks - 525ci Limit for NA Big Blocks - 444ci Limit for Nitrous and NA Small Blocks - 410ci for Boosted Small Block (See Weight Breaks)
 ENGINE BLOCK: Aftermarket Cast Iron are allowed. (No After-Market Aluminum or Billet Blocks permitted)
 ENGINE MOUNT LOCATION: Engine must remain in factory stock OEM location. Engine may not touch the factory unaltered firewall. Motor plates are permitted.
 OILING SYSTEM: No Restrictions. The front cross member may be altered for oil pan removal. Vacuum pumps are acceptable.
On board diagnostic computers and recorders are permitted. Memory and playback tachometers are allowed.
 STREET LEGAL REQUIREMENTS: All cars are required to have Left & Right working headlights and tail lights
 TRACTION CONTROL: Strictly Prohibited... Vehicle is limited to the use of a single drive-line sensor that is capable of measuring RPM and/or Wheel Speed. Sensor wiring must be clearly identified and easily traceable from sensor connection to Data Acquisition system. Sensor cannot be spliced or have any jumpers installed under any circumstances. RPM sensor CANNOT be routed into any Engine Management/Timing Management system, be it via direct or indirect connection. Driveline will be checked in Tech and Random checks will be made during race weekends... If you are caught violating these rules, Car & Driver will be suspended from future Events
 CARB: Any 4150 Based of Conventional design 4-Barrel is Max permitted (no 4500 Series/Dominators allowed on a power adder combo)
 EFI: Any EFI system is permitted but throttle body is limited to 92mm or a 4150 Series 4-Barrel
 FUEL: Gasoline (Race Gas) and E-85 are the only legal fuels permitted.
CYLINDER HEADS: (See section under weight adds)
 INTAKE (POWER ADDERS): 4150 flange as-cast aluminum of conventional 1-piece design (non Tunnel-Ram) Intake Manifold. Intake must have a visible part number from the manufacture to prove its of 4150 design. Porting is allowed but intake cannot be cut-up, welded-on or altered in any way from its original design. If you're not sure, please email us at with your questions
LS/LSX Legal Composite Intakes: FAST 54039, 146302 / Weiand 5000 / Professional Products Typhoon
INTAKE (Naturally Aspirated):
4150 or 4500 flange cast aluminum (Unless listed below) of conventional 1-piece design (non Tunnel-Ram) Intake Manifold. If you're not sure, please email us at with your questions. 4500 Intake and or 4500 Series Carb add 200lbs
MUFFLERS: REAL Production Mufflers are required all 275 Limited cars, no Collector Mufflers permitted unless a Real Muffler is also in place. Modification or removal of muffler internals is prohibited (no gutting). If you're not sure what a "REAL MUFFLER" is (at least 6" of the muffler "Main Body" is required)
 INTERCOOLER: Air to Air legal with a 25lb weight Deduct. Air to Water legal but complete system must be mounted from the firewall (engine side) forward... This includes everything including Intercooler, tank, lines, etc.
 NITROUS: Any 4150 Nitrous Plate is legal, but cannot be used with any other power adder and with the following restrictions.
*Only one (1) 10lb Nitrous Bottle is permitted
*Only one (1) -4 Nitrous Bottle line to Solenoid is permitted
*Only one (1) .125" MAX Orifice Size Nitrous Solenoid is permitted
*Only one (1) Fuel Solenoid is permitted
*Only one (1) Small Purge Solenoid Permitted (Purge plume must be entirely outside of the engine bay and directed upward)
 SUPERCHARGER-SMALL BLOCK ONLY: 10-Rib Max Belt (No Cog or Direct Drive)
LEVEL 1 (3200lbs) VORTECH: V3-SCI, V2-S, V2-SC, V2-SCI, V1-S, V1-SC & V1-SCI / ProCharger: PB600B, P1iSC, P-1SC-1 & P-1SC-2
LEVEL 2 (3300lbs) VORTECH: V3-SI, V2-SI, V2-E & V2-SCI / ProCharger: D1 & D1SC / KenneBell: 2.6
LEVEL 3 (3400lbs) VORTECH: V2-Ti, V1-Ti / ProCharger: F1, F1A & F1D / KenneBell: 2.8 & 2.8LC / Paxton: Novi-2000
LEVEL 4 (3500lbs) VORTECH: V7-J, V7-JT, V7-YSi & V2-7YSi/ ProCharger: F1A-91, F1A-94 / KenneBell: 3.6LC

ACCEPTED SINGLE "Non-Billet Wheel" TURBOCHARGER: 76mm with the following guidelines:



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