Doorwarz II Septermber 18-21, 2014

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Saturday qualifying

Round 1

After the weather ended any chance for qualifying Friday, a drivers meeting was held Saturday at 9:30am. The first questions out of many drivers was not "Awesome, we heard there would be three hits Saturday" (which was pretty good considering the full schedule), it was we want four qualifiers. After talking with the Race Director and track president it was agreed there would be four. It meant teams had to be ready to go for a 12:30, 3:00, 6:00 and 8:00 pm session's. The early session would produce stellar conditions and it was proved on the track. Dale Pedersen and Kerry Stone were out first and Pedersen laid down a 6.22 and Stone went 6.38. Glen Kerunsky and Kerry Stone were next up and Kerunsky was the first to almost hit an '0'. He ripped off a 6.120/237.02. Kerry launched the wheels and moved to the right and had to lift. Paul Glandon and Dal Sangha were next and Glandon duplicated Kerunsky's 6.12 (with a 2), a new career best, while Sangha was off the gas early. Six cars down and five of them were turbo's (you could not say that a few years ago). Next up were blower vs Nitrous as Keith Korecki debuted his new body, reworked chassis and revamped 738 Ford powerplant. Roy Lazic was out with his 53 Studebaker with the big 14-71 huffer atop the Chevy wedge. Neither run went very far as Korecki planned an early shut off and Lazic shut off for the wrong reason. He went to the top of first gear and the blower banged and a rod exited the block. His weekend was done. Joe Delehay and Jeff Hill were next. Delehay one of the favorites, rattled the tires and Hill made a soft 7.11/194. Lee Smith blew the tires off in his blown Mustang and Tom Meheden rattled his rear slicks on his nitrous Beretta. A couple of the top hitters were next up. Mike Maggio and Garrett Richards. The first of the Screw Blown Hemis. One, a Ford powered hemi (Garrett Richards) and the other a latest generation BAE hemi (Mike Maggio). Neither disappointed, as Maggio ripped off the quickest run in Canadian history, a 5.72/256.99. Richards was off the gas a bit early but still ran the second quickest run of the session a 6.10/233. The next pair had two more hitters, Craig Cawte and Jay Syvertsen in blown combos. Two more full passes, a 6.09/240.19 for Cawte (the new #2) and a 6.11/243 for Syvertsen. Turbo and Nitrous were next. Shane Molinari was debuting the RH Turbo 70.5 Camaro and the top Nitrous player on the grounds, Mike 'Gonzi' Gondziola. Neither run was what was expected, especially after the last few pairings. Shane was off the gas (or the car shut down at half track) and Gonzi lifted at 900 feet. He went 6.28. Last year's winner John Scialpi faced Tim Vogt in the next pairing. Vogt went a soft 7.10 and Scialpi was off the loud pedal early. In the last pair of round one, Steve Horne took on Dan Vogt, and Vogt made his best run in over a year, going 6.30/224. Horne rattled the tires hard and had to lift early.

Qualifying top ten after round one

1. Mike Maggio 5.72/256.99
2. Craig Cawte 6.09/240.19
3. Garrett Richards 6.10/233
4. Jay Syvertsen 6.11/243
5. Glen Kerunsky 6.12/237
6. Paul Glandon 6.12/243
7. Dale Pedersen 6.22/228
8. Mike Gondziola 6.28/189
9. Dan Vogt 6.30/224
10. Kerry Stone 6.38/233

Round 2

Garrett Richards made the biggest move in performance in round two going a career best 5.912/248.34. Craig Cawte improved to a 6.063. Mike Gondziola went to 1050 feet and went 6.122 @ only 205. His was using a tune-up from Pat Musi and was taking baby steps in it making sure he did not eat up too many parts. Shane Molinari went a career best 6.124/243. John Scialpi ran close to his winning run from 2013 (that one was a 6.12), a 6.132/230 came up on the score board. Dale Pedersen found .02 to improve to a 6.202/232. Lee Smith made it from a to b and ran a 6.28/228. Dal Sangha had to pedal, but still went a 6.66/222. Keith Korecki went 6.86 at only 150, showing good potential for the Ford Wedge. Tom Meheden went 6.93 but was looking for a 6.40 or better. Joe Delehay was still looking for the right setup in his Camaro but was still troubled by the rear slicks eating up the surface early. Oh, ya that Maggio guy went an off pace 5.77/257.58 (of course there is some sarcasm there). The coolest run of the round was not a high end performance one it was Kerry Stone, launching his turbo Chevy II into the air like a 'bucking bronco'. 120 feet out the car went right and almost came right off the ground. Needless to say he was off the gas early.

Round two numbers.

Round 3

With the sun setting behind the grand stands and shade on the track, the conditions were almost perfect for the evening battles. Maggio went an early lifting 5.95, Glen Kerunsky ran a career best 6.042/238.34. Kerry Stone failed to improve but his brother Darryl made the high light reels. He followed up his second round wheelstand with one for the ages. The car left hard and slowly brought the wheels up again, but it stayed in the groove so Darryl stayed with it. The car continued to climb and stayed 2-3 feet in the air until close to 300 feet. There it was moving toward the guard rail and he had to get out of it. He told me after if the car has stayed straight he was not lifting. Totally the run of the year in my book, Sorry Mike Maggio! That run was followed up with a side by side twin turbo run that was just awesome. Two RH Camaros, Paul Glandon and Shane Molinari made the quickest side by side turbo run in West Coast history and maybe Canadian history. Molinari went 6.08/243 and Glandon went 6.11/244, both career bests. Craig Cawte failed to imporve in the next pair and Tom Meheden improve to a 6.77. Next up was Mike Gondziola and Tim Vogt. With 'Gonzi's' two early runs showing solid potential, was it time for a next track record for a nitrous car or maybe even a 5.99 Canadian record. The car Launched hard and it looked good. By half track you could tell he would be close to the '5' second zone. The score boards lit up and it not only dipped into the fives, it annihilated it. A 5.922/241.93. Wow, Tim Horton's Mission posted up a 500.00 bounty for the first five second Nitrous run and boy did they get what they paid for. Spectacular!!! Tim Vogt went 7.03 beside Gonzi and had the front row seat for the record run. Next up Scialpi went right and Dan Vogt made a good run but did not improve. Garrett Richards became the first NW driver to run in the 5.80's with a 5.899/at only 233.64. The car was billowing smoke on the top and a 30 minute clean-up was necessary. Lucky it was the last pair of the session.

Round 4 (final)

The first pair up in the final session got on the track right around 8.30. It was Joe Delehay and Mike Gondziola. They would race in the rain delayed Rocky Mountain Shoot-out final round. The race looked to be Gonzi's to lose as Delehay has struggled all weekend while we all know what Gonzi did the run before. Both cars launched hard and Joe was way out in front. Wow, did he get a holeshot! He laid down his best run of the weekend, a 6.03 and defeated a 5.93 by Gonzdiola. But wait! Joe went red. Because this was also a qualifying run, and the actual race was not on the computer data, the red light did not register on the scoreboard. The 5.93 got the win and backed up the earlier 5.92 by Gondziola. Joe was just happy to finally made a strong pass. The run gave Gonzi the RMS championship in 2014 but the 6.03 was important for Delehay because it put him in the top five on the ladder. Glen Kerunsky was on a 6 flat or 5.99 pass, but he spit off the blower belt at 700 feet. Paul Glandon went 6.14, Tom Meheden was off the gas early, Jay Syvertsen the same as was Craig Cawte. He was actually on a great run, but the cars electronics started acting up on the last run and it shut the cars auto shifter off. The last pair of the round was Mike Maggio and Dan Vogt Maggio was on a ripper of a run but was moving to the left. He straddled the edge of the centre line for the last 500 feet but finally had to ease off the gas at 1100 feet. The scoreboards lit up to an incredible 5.67/@ only 225 mph. The entire run was almost surreal. How quick would the run have been if he did not have to lift. Looking at the incrementals, the run was .12 quicker than the 5.72 pass so the potential was nor a 5.59 or 5.60. But in looking further it appeared the front of the car did not trigger the start clocks properly as the 60 foot was off a bit. Either way the run was awesome and it was possibly one of the best qualifying days I have ever witnessed.

Final qualifying

Round one pairings for Pro Mod are:

Maggio vs Lazic, Richards vs Darryl Stone, Mike Gondziola vs Steve Horne, Joe Delehay vs Jeff Hill, Glen Kerunsky vs Tim Vogt, Craig Cawte vs Keith Korecki, Shane Molinari vs Tom Meheden, Paul Glandon vs Dal Sangha, Jay Syvertsen vs Lee Smith, Dale Pedersen vs Kerry Stone, John Scialpi vs Dan Vogt


In Round one......

.....#1 qualifier Mike Maggio had a single as his opponent Roy Lazic broke in his lone qualifier (kicked the rods out). Maggio also had the competition bye in round two. Keith Korecki had the only upset win in round one. He defeated Craig Cawte with a career best 6.38/215. Cawte slowed to a 6.5 et. Shane Molinari went 6.08 to take out a 6.9 by Tom Meheden. Mike Gondziola continued his bracket like 5.90 runs with a 5.93 win over a broke Steve Horne. Horne rattled the tires hard enough in qualifying that he broke the chassis in his Willys. Dale Pedersen went 6.16 to defeat a game 6.25 by Kerry Stone. Joe Delehay went 6.10 to defeat a 7.0 by Jeff Hill. Jay Syvertsen defeated Lee Smith 6.16/245 to a 6.28 by Smith. Garrett Richards improved on his best ever numbers, running 5.86/249 to take out a wheelstanding Darryl Stone. John Scialpi made his best run of the weekend, going 6.21/232 to take out Dan Vogt . Vogt was on a solid lap early, and he carried it through to a career best 6.27/223. Glen Kerunsky went 6.07 to defeat a 7.10 by Tim Vogt. Paul Glandon ran a career best 6.07/246 to defeat Dal Sangha's centre line hugging 6.55

Round two.......

...There were some serious pairings as all but one top half qualifier advanced to round two. That one round one lower qualifier Keith Korecki was well deserved to get to round two with his career best 6.38. Unfortunately the Kelowna driver's weekend ended in round two when he fell off against rookie Pro Mod driver Shane Molinari. Molinari, who cut his teeth racer fast bracket dragster and a very cool Top Sportsman Le Mans was having a stellar first event in the Pro Mod class. He ripped off another career best, a great 6.03/246 to easily defeat an slowing 9.10 by Korecki. Glen Kerunsky's love affair with Mission Raceway ( he has won many PM event here over the last two decades) continued by he had some luck on his side against sophomore Pro Mod driver Paul Glandon. Glandon ran a best ever 6.07 in the round earlier but his car shook and was out of the groove forcing Paul off the throttle. Kerunsky, about one second later had his blower belt depart the hemi and he was coasting. By the time Glandon noticed the problems in the other lane and got back on the gas pedal, it was too late, and Glen crossed the finish line with a 7.7 time slip. Mike Gondziola made his slowest run in the last four, but the 6.04 was second low et for the round. The track temp had gone up and the traction was hard to come by in the heat of the early afternoon. The 6.04 was more than enough against Dale Pedersen's 6.19 (which was a good run in itself). Garrett Richards had a run much like Kerunsky's in his pairing against John Scialpi. Richards had his race against Scialpi well at hand until he lost power at 700 feet. Scialpi had problems earlier in the run, but when he saw Richard's issue he got back on the loud pedal, but fell 200 feet short. A 7.21 for Richard's got him to the 1/4 finals. Joe Delehay ran a 6.10/241 to dispatch good friend Jay Syvertsen who was off the gas early for a 9 second elapsed time. The final run in round two was a bye run for Mike Maggio. Maggio got aggressive on the freebie but he got to 75 feet before tire smoke. He pedaled the car and it responded but was over half a second back of his other runs. A 6.46 it up the score board.

The 1/4 finals....

The potential for three great pairings only transmitted to one close side by side. Mike Maggio was the prohibited favourite against Shane Molinari, and Shane gave it a great go until two second into the run where he had to pedal the turbo Camaro. From there he had a handful keeping the car in his lane. Maggio was not on a tear on the run either, but was far enough in front to cross the finish line with a 6.40, as Molinari's fight to keep the car in his lane ended in futility. He crossed into Maggio's lane in a real scary moment from the starting line vantage point. It was no harm done the end, but the Pro Mod newbie was done for the day. The Team of Molinari/Hinrichson/Bond and Carr (and the rest of the RH team) have a lot to be proud of in their debut. They want to give a huge shout out to 'Big' Jay Syvertsen for his help over the last few weeks. Garret Richards got a break when Glen Kerunsky could not make the call. Garrett just took the starting line stripe. In a close side by side Joe Delehay battle Mike Gondziola to the finish line 'Gonzi's' five advantage on the tree and 6.28 was just enough for Delehay's 6.25

Semi Finals........

.......As we stated in the 1/4 Final report Garrett Richards had the round three break when Kerunsky broke the round before, and then in the semis he got the actual competition bye run and he just took the tree. The marquee match-up of the day so far was the paring between Mike Gondziola and Mike Maggio. Ya, 'Gonzi' was a couple tenths back in the weekend best performance, but on race day anything can happen. In the pairing the results went to script though as Maggio got the win light with a 5.87 to a slightly off pace 6.06. Maggio was also solid on the tree in the round so a perfect light would not have helped the Saskatchewan driver.

Final round....

The #1 qualifier would take on the #2 qualifier, just like a race is scripted...right?

Based on Richards improvement on three consecutive runs, it was not beyond the realm of possibility that the progression from a 5.91 down to a 5.86 in the three laps could give the possibility of a low 5.80 or dare we say it, a 5.70.

It was not to be as Richards was a bit late and Maggio and team were on their game. Running another '70', this time a 5.78/254. Richards was aggressive on the starting line but by 450 feet the car got loose and he had to lift or risk contact with the wall.

It was a fitting end to what was a great door-car event for the premier class in all of Door-car racing.

One of the biggest questions does remain. What will Mission do for an encore?












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