10.5 and 275 Results


July 9, 2016

Outlaw 275

Steve Skokin held the top qualifying spot throughout qualifying and Neil Richards was #2 with a 4.94/157 (Richards did struggle at Mission, as he has run in the 4.70's before) until the final round. In that final round Tom Marshall hit the sweet spot in the Oregon based Mustang and hit on all cylinders. They ran a career best 4.872/146.48 to move into the #1 spot. Skokin could not improve from his earlier 4.917 and Richards' earlier 4.94 at top speed (165.71) stayed in the #2 spot. Mark Campbell ran his best number with the 275 tires in the fourth qualifier running a 5.244 and Parm Jawanda make his best ever run, in only his fourth full pass, a solid 5.266/136. Daniel Rodrique ran a career best 5.35. Alex Dewolf had issues most of the weekend and could nly turn in a 5.40 best Miguel Foitinho was out for the first hits on his BB Mustang and ran a 5.62 best.Tyler Levy and Kevin Ness were also out for the first time with their new combos and ran 5.70's

Here is final qualifying.

In Round one Campbell ran close to his best qualifying number turning in a 5.25 to defeat Levy's slowing 7 second run.

Niel Richards took out Kevin Ness with a 5.11 to a 6.01

Steve Skokin defeated Justin Gallant (he was driving Manid Brooks and Mike Hawkins Camaro this weekend) 5.00 to a 6.93.

Tom MArshall stayed in the 4's with a 4.91 to 7 second time slip for Jason Berkenbos (Bereknbos was driving his street car this weekened. He will have his car ready for later in the year.

Rodrique got a single, as he was supposed to race Alex DeWolf. Dewolf did not make the call.

Parm Jawanda also got a single as Foitihno did not make the call.

Round two.

In the 1/4 finals Jawanda could not get his Mustang to spool and he was an easy duck for Skokin.

Steve made his career best run, a 4.875/147 to advance to the semi finals. Marshall defeated a game Rodrique with a 4.94 - 5.253/132 (a new career best).

Rodrique had the lead for the first 150 feet but the turbo Mustang took over from there.

Neil Richards defeated fellow Albertan Mark Campbell with a 4.953 - 5.264

Semi finals

Marshall got the bye run in the semis and just took the stripe and coasted down track.

Skokin and Richards made the best side by side of the weekend, the first S-By-S 4 second pass, a winning and new career best 4.854/148 to a 4/945 1595 for Richards.

Final round

The final had all the makings of an epic final with the #1 and #2 qualifiers doing battle.

The #2 guy Steve Skokin had re-captured the low et of the weekend in the semi finals with a 4.85 best. Marshall had run a 4.87 best. Marshall got a .04 holeshot and was accelerating strong, Skokin left hard but his Mustang was going to the left and by 200 feet his left tire was almost completely off the concrete surface. He stayed with it, and drove it back into the middle of his lane, and had to play catch-up.

He did not have enough though, and at the finish line it was Marshall getting the win with a 4.89 to a 5.07


The addition of another 275 race the end of August will hopefully see a return of all these cars and a few more. the class looks good and will hopefully continue to grow.


July 4, 2016

Outlaw 10.5

Early round qualifying is at the bottom of this page.

Final qualifying

The final session was run very late Saturday night at 10:15pm. The track was still stellar but you have to stay in the groove. Unfortunately only half the field made a run in the final session . Steve Nicholson smoked the tires, As did Brent Van Vliet. Nick Duda did the same. Mike Dowling was a a good run but he broke at around 500 feet and coasted to a 4.55/159. Chad Abougoush brought the wheels up again and pedaled to a 5.44. Mike did leave some fluids on the surface and the pug was pulled before Paja Agatonovic Wade Bulych and Ken Sihota did not make a run.


#1 Ken Sihota would face Rick Barnhart (Rick broke giving Ken a single). #2 Paja would take on Chad, #3 Steve Nicholson would face of with Wade Bulych and #4 Brent Van Vleit would face Ryan Griffin. Finally #5 Nick Duda would battle Mike Dowling (Mike broke giving Nick a single) .

In round one, Nick used his single to try and improve from his 4.48 but he lost traction early and coasted down track. Ken Sihota left hard but only lasted 200 feet before Tire shake did him in.

Ryan Griffin defeated Van Vliet when Brent's bump box pushed him through the starting line.


Agatonovic drove around Abougoush with a 4.246/179. Chad ran a 5.44/155. His effort saw the front wheels come up about four times on the run. Steve Nicholson took on the 04 Vette driven by Wade Bulych Wade had a troubled run and Steve's was far from perfect as well. He went 4.91 to Wade's 5.82.



Round two

Paja defeated a game Nick Duda with a 4.217/180 to a 4.596/163.

Ken Sihota had the bye and he used to to run low et of elimination's, a great 4.119/180.

Steve Nicholson got a break when Ryan Griffin could not make the call.

He smoked the tires again and coasted the final 400 feet.


Semi Finals

Agatonovic got the semi final bye run and used it to get a solid tune-up for the final round. He laid down a great 4.179 at top speed for the race, 183.44.

Nicholson got a huge break against #1 qualifier, Ken Sihota in the only semi paring. Sihota and Nicholson both lined up and brought the rpm's up, but Ken left before the tree was activated handing the automatic win to Steve.

He shockingly was perfect on the tree, going trip zip and made his second best run of the weekend, a 4.42/169. Somehow he had to find a couple tenths though for the final.


Final round

To of the quickest Nitrous 10.5 cars on the West Coast would battle here. Both cars have won a number of races, with Steve Nicholson winning SCSN once and splitting a second win there as well. Paja has won here at Mission as well as Woodburn and I think Seattle in the past few years.

The race unfortunately was over on the starting line as Nicholson went .021 red. He made a solid run, 4.321/171 but that did not matter. Paja was very strong running a 4.285/181 to earn the win and 5,000.00.



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Outlaw 275 final





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Outlaw 10.5

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July 2, 2016

Doorwarz coverage sponsored by JBS Canada



Steve Nicholson made a great lap in the first session Friday but he was 20 lbs light and the run was DQ'ed. He had an ignition issue in run two. He vows to be near the top of the field Saturday.

Mike Dowling went 4.54

Ken Sihota's best run in Canada Friday night saw the scoreboard light up to a 4.06/181. That is .02 off a career best.

Paja Agatonovic made his best run in 10.5 eigtht mile with a 4.29/177.

Local boy Steve Skokin made the most of great condition's with a strong 4.91 Friday in round one.

Oregon's Tom Marshall went 4.97 to sit #2.


Dean Branham's Cuda left real hard on his two runs. He did go a best of a 4.26/180


June 29, 2016

Craig Cawte and his kids Curtis and Kendall are excited to be at Mission


Dobbers Choppers will sponsor the #1 qualifier in Outlaw 10.5 $250.00 for the #1 qualifier.

A bit of a scheduling error was pointed out to me by a number of people today and that is the Bracket classes are a double header this year, not a single race like in the past. The entire schedule will be posted on Thursday late afternoon. I not this is late but with the car counts and extra classes there will be big changes. So many racers are double classing as well, so extra time has to be made between classes with racer cross over. What we do know is this event will be the biggest yet.




The official race schedule will be posted Thursday. The schedule page has a tentative event schedule, but it is subject to change and adjustments.

Important Notice:
Due to Road Racing Thursday till 2:30pm, there will be no parking in the second pit area and tech pit area until 3:00pm. Gates will be open from noon until 7pm on Wednesday and will re-open at noon on Thursday. But all those parking in the second pit area and the tech area pit will have to park in the Spectator parking lot until 3:00pm Thursday. Those affected include Doorslammers, Open Comp, and all bracket classes (except motorcycle) will be in the second pit area and tech pit area. Those in the main pit area include Pro Mod, Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw 275, Outlaw 8.5, Top Sportsman, and Motorcycle. Tech will start on Thursday at around noon.

Jay Syvertsen will debut his 10.5 Canso. Twin Turbo power. (Bob Wilson photo)


Doorwarz welcomes Dobbers Choppers and Albion Tireland as event sponsors. Thanks to Jack Springer.


Thursday testing starts around 4:00pm and goes into the evening. The Road Course is booked for the morning and early afternoon on Thursday.

!!!BIG News !!!

Saturday night will "rock at the track" as there will be a Live Band and fireworks following final qualifying to celebrate both July 1st in Canada and July 4th for the US racers and fans.


A couple more confirmed entries today including Wade Bulych from Saskatoon in Outlaw 10.5 and Chad Abougoush confirmed his entry in that class as well. He is the only all Motor entrant in the class.

(Wade Bulych's Corvette in 10.5)



Here are the entries for Outlaw 10.5

1. Dean Branham "T" Cuda
2. Steve Nicholson "N" Corvette
3. Ken Sihota "N" Firebird
4. Brent Van Vliet "T"Camaro
5. Roy Moznik "N" El Camino
6. Paja Agatonovic "N" Camaro
7. Mike Hawkins "N" Malibou
8. Mike Dowling "P" Chevelle
9. Nick Duda "T" Mustang
10. Rick Barnhart"T" Fairlane
11. Ryan Griffins "T" Mustang
12. Trevor Willms "T" Corvette
13. Chad Abougoush "AM" Cuda
14. Wade Bulych "P" C5 Corvette
15 Jay Syvertsen 67 Canso "N"


Here are the entries for Outlaw 275

1. Steve Skokin 81 mustang 400 sbf
2. Scott Schulhauser Mustang Turbo
3. Chris McGraa Mustang sbf
4. Greg Henschell Mustang sbf
5. Alex Dewolf mustang sbf
6. Justin Gallant mustang sbf
7. Jason Berkenbos 79 Camaro 468 bbc
8. Rob Fischer 2003 mustang 4.6 mod
9. Kevin Ness 89 Mustang sbf
10. Daniel Rodrigue 81 malibu 421 sbc
11. Darren Derocher 79 Mustang 429 BBF
12. Jay Graw 81 Camaro 383 sbc
13. Jeff Peters Malibu 548 bbc
14. Neil Richards Ford Zephyr turbo
15. Nick Richards 81 Camaro sbf
16. Vanessa Richards Mustang sbf
17. Terry Ryan Mustang sbf turbo
18. Mikel Bader Ford Mustang (Nitrous)
19. Ron Pease (Nova Twin TT)
20. Jason Field Nova (nitrous)



Here is a shot of Ryan Griffin's 10.5 Mustang.

Congratuations to local 275 competitor Daniel Rodrigue for his runner-up at the Seattle 275 event. Also congrat's to Terry Ryan (Tom Marshall driver) for his win there. Both will be attending Doorwarz. Rodrigue has really stepped up his program with a reworked chassis and a much lighter overall race car. His should be right in the thick of it.

June 19, 2016

Here is the shirt design and this year we have a hat

June 15, 2016


Ryan Griffin has confirmed his entry to Doorwarz in the Outlaw 10.5 class. He will have a photo and profile added soon.

We need the 275 class and Outlaw 8.5 class to send in your entries as soon as possible. A lot of local racers in each class are lagging in confirming their entry. You can email us here at speedzone1@shaw.ca to confirm entry and try and include a photo and profile of the car and driver.

June 11, 2016

Mike Dowling has confirm his entry to Doorwarz IV in Outlaw 10.5. I understand Trevor Willms is also going to attend in the 10.5 class. That makes around a dozen. There is a possibility of a couple more as well.

They held two small tire races this weekend. Woodburn held an 1/8th 10.5 race We are trying to get all the info. I do know that Eric Halverson was the #1 qualifier and Nick Duda was #2. Seattle hosted both 10.5 (1/4 mile) and 275 (1/8th mile. Eric Peterson won 10.5 from the #5 spot in the field. Three Canadian's were #1,2 and 3 in qualifying. Ken Sihota was #1 with a 6.24/223. Roy Moznik was #2 with a 6.35/212 and Steve Nicholson was #3 with a 6.433/202. Ken broke a transmission and could not make elimination's, Roy Moznik lost in round two and Steve Nicholson went to the semi finals.

In 275, it was a couple BC boys in the final round. Daniel Rodrigue and Greg Henschell. Henschell was the #1 qualifier and Daniel was #6.

We will post more info on the two races when we get them.


May 25, 2016

Here is the new look logo that will be part of the merchendise available for the event this year. Wait till you see the shirts and hoodies.

With the switch to 1/8 mile Nick Duda has entered the Outlaw 10.5 class. Go to the 10.5 contenders page for his profile.

Here are a couple outlaw 275 entries for Doorwarz IV

You might think these two shots are of the same car, as the look is identical except for the roof color. Ron Pease's 275 Nova (above) is twin turbo charged and is brand new with this combo. It will likely debut in two weeks at Seattle. Below is Jason Field's Nova. He has competed the last couple years and has run with the doorslammers. He will do double duty this year racing both 275 and doorslammer. He has run in the mid 8's at 155+ mph. We are still com;iling the 275 list for the contenders page. It should be ready for uploading by the end of the weekend.

Below is Bob Heans in his Snakebite racing Malibu, Bob is Dave Heans' brother and is coming out all the way from Ontario to race Doorwarz. Thanks for making the effort Bob.


May 24, 2016

For immediate release:

The Outlaw 10.5 class is now going to be 1/8 mile. Rules will follow SCSN rules for 10.5 1/8 mile.

This change was made based on comments and consultation with the NW based teams. While a few teams still prefer 1/4 mile, with 95% of the races going 1/8 mile and a number of tire issues on the top end with tires, the writing was on the wall.

If you need a 1/4 mile fix you can head to Seattle June 11-12 for what will be the last 1/4 mile race in the NW for the 10.5 class. We apologize for the late announcement but most teams in the NW are used to SCSN rules and have run 1/8 mile already.

The SCSN rules page for 10.5 on their website is here.


Two more entries for Outlaw 275 in the past week include Ron Pease in his twin turbo Nova and Jason Field

May 22, 2016

To all 8.5 competitors and Outlaw 275 competitors send in photos of your car as well as profile. send info to speedzone1@shaw.ca

I am compiling the contenders list this week. I have very little current info on the teams in those classes.


May 18, 2016


The Contenders list for Outlaw 10.5 is posted.


More contender lists will be posted over the next day or so.


Scroll down this page for complete entry lists and possible entries.


May 13, 2016


Doorwarz is just eight weeks away. A few more entries have confirmed over the last month but the 10.5 class and the Radial small tire classes have only a few entries confirmed. GOS Motorsports is putting together the new T-Shirt design. A BAD Ass screw blown car is featured along with a new Corvette and the guy that would have been rookie of the year in the class if there was such an award is also in the design. There is testing on the Thursday and the Friday for all Doorwarz competitors.

Wade Sjostrom and Brian Macy have stated they are coming up race in the Pro Mod class. Mikel Bader has entered, out first entry from Ontario has come in. Bob Heans is making the 5000 km trek to race. He is the brother of Dave Heans (Dooslammer competitor).


April 2, 2016

Here is the first video promoting Doorwarz IV. Thanks to Robert Fedyk






March 18, 2016

After a productive meeting held a month ago for the 275 and 8.5 classes, it is evident that the 275 class will be strong in 2016. Greater than a 16 car field is is the potential, which will show huge growth in the class. Last year we had hoped for numbers similar based on the talk from many out there, but when it came time for the race, only 10 showed. To ensure strong numbers Mission Raceway will require pre-entry for the class. The fee this year is the same as last year 175.00. That includes car and driver. You don't have to pay for crew as a pre entry unless you wish to, once processed you will receive a receipt via email that you will have to produce coming through the gate. There are few different ways to pre enter.

A number of 275 racers were concerned that the 8.5 will take away from the 275 class. That is why pre entry is important. We also have no problem if guys want to double up, and time will be given (meaning you won't run back to back) to run both classes.

More info on all the classes will be posted on an almost daily basis. Let's make this year's event the biggest and best yet.


Go to the rules page for all the updates for all the classes. The rules for 8.5 will be posted there. The main change or addition for Outlaw 275 is the rules will be based on SCSN. The additions to the 275 rules or exceptions are: A back half car is allowed along with ladder suspension and 4-link. If you have those modifications (or that type of chassis work) you will have a 75 lb weight penalty. After a lot of debate and consultation, full tube chassis' will not be allowed in 275. That type of chassis can compete in Open Comp, Top Sportsman, Doorslammers, Outlaw 10.5 and Pro Mod.



January 31, 2016

TO ALL DOORWARZ SMALL TIRE COMPETITORS. THE 275 CLASS AND 8.5 CLASS. We will be having a meeting February 25th at Jimy Macs Pub in Langley (Port Kells) 200th exit, 96th ave, at 7:00pm. We invite all racers interested in those two classes.. All others are welcome but this gathering is to welcome all racers in those two classes to Doorwarz (and possibly other events). As stated on the top of the Doorwarz web site both classes will be 1/8 mile and SCSN rules (Possibly a few mods to accommodate local racers). Everything will be discussed. The main thing is to get commitments for both classes and to go over Small tire classes and their future in the NW. We need strong car counts to make it happen. Please email me at speedzone1@shaw.ca to confirm your attendance at the meeting. The pub would like to know a rough head count. Please reply back to the email. speedzone1@shaw.ca or missionraceway@telus.net.
Thanks and see you there.




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