Pro Mod Results

July 4, 2016


Round one would see #1 Mike Gondziola have the 17 car bye run, #2 Craig Cawte take on #17 Tom Reithmeyer (Reithmeyer broke so Craig gets a single), #3 Garrett Richards would face #16 Keith Korecki, #4 Glen Kerunsky would face Aaron Linder (Linder broke in qualifying), #5 Paul Glandon would do battle against Terry Spargo, #6 Yvonne Lucas vs #13 Dan Vogt, #7 Jeff Doyle vs #12 Wade Sjostrom (Sjostrom Broke in qualifying), #8 Gary Urlacher vs #11 Kerry Stone (Stone broke in qualifying) and #9 Dale Pedersen vs #10 Joe Delehay. With the breakage in qualifying four teams had singles so those teams paired up to give side by side racing.

Mike Gondziola's bye run ended early as he rattled the tires. He was off the gas with a backfire at 120 feet.

(A great capture by Shelby)

Paul Glandon Ran Terry Spargo and this one was over at the starting line. Spargo's naturally aspirated Cavalier had staging issues and his cavalier tickled the beams on a couple occasion, he rolled the lights before the tree came down and Glandon got a freebie. He was lucky as he had a troubled run, and Spargo ran relatively trouble free (except for the start)

Garrett Richard's was solid in round one when he ran a weekend best and low et in elimination's 5.89. Korecki ran his best, a 6.56 but was well back.

Cawte and Kerunsky paired up on their singles go give the fans a side by side as did Urlacher and Doyle.

Glen Kerunsky went 6.10/239 and Cawte ripped off a great 5.90/246

Urlacher ran a 6.33/228 and Doyle went 6.18/246.

Yvonne Lucas made her second solid pass, with a 6.13/227. Dan Vogt rolled the tree.

Joe Delehay got his traction and tune-up issues sorted out and defeated Dale Pedersen 6.04 to a 6.24

Round two:


Round two pairings: Craig Cawte bye run, Garrett Richards vs Gary Urlacher, Mike Gondziola vs Joe Delehay, Glen Kerunsky vs Jeff Doyle, Paul Glandon vs Yvonne Lucas.

Richard's continued his five second tear with a 5.97 to easily get by a troubled Gary Urlacher.

Mike Gondziola got half way from A to B but it was enough to defeated a tire shaking Joe Delehay. "Gonzi's" 6.65 advanced him to the 1/4 finals.

Glen Kerunsky defeated Jeff Doyle with another teen, a 6.13/236. Doyle was off the gas early and coasted to a 8.09


Craig Cawte had the bye and rattled the tires to a 7. second time slip.

Paul Glandon was to race Yvonne Lucas but the Lucas Camaro dropped a valve. Glandon singled and ran an early shut off tire shaking 10 second run.

1/4 finals

Mike Gondziola got the turbo Camaro driven by Paul Glandon. Both cars made a to b runs and "Gonzi" won with a 5.966/230.

Glandon ran a game 6.10/244.76.

Glen Kerunsky defeated Craig Cawte 6.22/236 to a 7.22 176. Cawte got the starting line advantage but was troubled by the time he got to the 100 foot marker.

Richards had the third round bye and ran his second 5.8 pass, a 5.894/247.


Semi finals

Gonziola got the bye run in the semis and he went 250 feet before he was off the gas. Garrett Richard's stayed strong and went 5.934/236. His opponent Glen Kerunsky rattled the tires hard and was done by 250 feet. He was coasting through the finish line with a 10 second time slip.

The final would be Richard's vs Gondziola. Richard's and the TPR team ran flawless all day while the Extreme Transmission team only made one solid run in elimination's and on paper 'Gonzi' was done.

Final round

Well as you know they don't race on paper. Richard's has a slight starting line advantage and was slightly ahead at 100 feet

By 200 feet Richard's had expented his lead and GOnzi was in the precess of pedaling the car. He got back on the loud pedal and Richrd's was getting into the marbles. Just past the 330 blocks Richard's was completely out of the groove and was struggling to get his Mustang back towrds the groove.

At 594 feet the mph block was sent sailing by Richards back end, ending his chance to the win.


He did get the car back into his lane pulled the chutes and coasted through the finish line. Gondziola was off the gas before the stripe and won with a 6.38/199 to a coasting 7.20 127 for Garrett.



It was a wild finish to a pretty crazy day in the Pro Mod class. While there were a number of aborted runs as the Pro Mod teams struggled to manage the track, there was some great overall performances. Richards' made six five second passes, including the top MPH bonus, courtesy Albion Tireland. Gondziola only made two five second passes, but his first one counted as low et for the weekend 5.858/245, and the JBS Canada #1 qualifying bonus. Craig Cawte ran a best of 5.86 and had a number of 5 second passes. A pretty good showing for the first weekend out with a brand new combination. Most of the kudos for that team go to tuner Al Billes. Glen Kerunsky reached a pretty lofty milestone as well as he made a couple five second runs, the first of his racing career. He did it with a NHRA legal 14/71 blower (run at 29% though). Paul Glandon is close to being back to his 6.0 and five second performance level. That team was struggling with chassis set up. Yvonne Lucas, after struggling all weekend made a solid 6.11/234 run and then backed up that with a 6.13 in round one. Hopefully their valve train issue is not serious. The teams will be back here is August for the Smoke Fire and Thunder event presented by SMS/Komatsu-Rents.


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July 3, 2016

The final round of Pro Mod qualifying was run well into the darkness Saturday. Heading into the final day of qualifying a couple PM teams were thrashing to make their first run. Both Jeff Doyle and Yvonne Lucas were struggling. Doyle more so, as he had his engine completely apart after making a short test hit on Thursday. Jay Syvertsen and his JS Powersports team had to jig up equipment to take out some of the internals in the rotating assembly and then totally revamp the lifter geometry and install a new cam. They got it done and he ripped off a 6.20 to solidly put him in the #7 spot.

Yvonne Lucas and her team had ignition/electrical issues that were causing backfires on almost every run. They changed boxes and wiring and almost everything under the sun, and final got the results they wanted in round three with a solid 6.11/234.

That was good enough for #6. Paul Glandon did everything to try and get the car to run more than 200 feet before getting loose and after some major chassis adjustments (thanks to Jay again), the car responded with a solid 6.07/247.

Mike Gondziola, had a very busy Friday night and Saturday morning as well, as he and his team worked through the early hours and make all the necessary fixes after his near catastrophic incident on his record breaking run Friday afternoon. When the chutes failed he had to do everything in his power to keep the car off the wall and stopped before he went to far into the sand trap. He almost succeeded, just putting the front 1/3 of the car into the beach.

The front tires took a beating, the rims were okay, and there was a fair bit of sand and pebbles in the front section of the chassis and engine compartment. The front clip of the car had to be doctored and he and his team along with help from a couple other people, managed to get the car ready for Saturday's first session. He pulled to the line and the car moved a bit in the burnout and Mike must have hit the chute button, so they shot out. His hope was to make a 1000 foot run and then hit the chutes to make sure they deployed. He now would have to wait till the final session under the lights. Glen Kerunsky make the best move in that third session when he ran a career best 5.95/240 run. His career best and that put him solidly into the #4 spot. In that final session under the lights, Craig Cawte made a huge move with a 5.867/246, but it was .008 of taking the JBS Canada $500.00 #1 qualifying bonus.

Garrett Richards was on a strong pass but was slowing creeping toward the centre line and he had to abort at 1100 feet (6.11) Glandon looked to be right in the high five zone after a great first 700 feet, but the auto shifter did not hit 3rd gear and he was on the rev limiter for a bit of time. There was a bit of internal problems that they had to work on. Lucas was also on a good lap but moved too close tot he centre line and was forced to get off the loud pedal. Doyle improved to a 6.16 and Gary Urlacher also improve from his earlier 6.52.

He had struggled a bunch all weekend with tire shake and traction issues. The header flames were strong on the run and his scoreboard lit up to a 6.20 good enough for #8. Gondziola made a good run for 400 feet and his early incremental's showed an even quicker run than his record setting one, but he had to lift as his car moved a bunch and he had to lift early as well. He gets a first round bye, so he still has a good test shot to make sure all the repairs did what they were supposed to do.








July 2, 2016

Doorwarz coverage sponsored by JBS Canada


5.85/245 then a short stop in the sand trap when the chutes decided they did not want to stop Canada's quickest and fastest Nitrous Pro Mod. Abit of damage but by 11:00pm they were working in Jay Syvertsen's shop to try and get it ready for today.

It was not the day the Lucas team was hoping for Friday as they has this big boomer, and then a couple other ignition failures.







June 30, 2016

11:50 pm

Mike Gondziola's new Corvette looks unreal. He ripped off a .866 60 ftt. The track was a bit soft at the 1-2 shift.


In the pits we sighted a car from the past. One of the original street cars in Western Canada. New driver, new power, new tires, way cool!

Craig Cawte and his kids Curtis and Kendall are excited to be at Mission

JBS has jumped on board as the low qualifier sponsor bonus for Pro Mod. $500.00 to the #1 qualifier.

Dobbers Choppers will sponsor the #1 qualifier in Outlaw 10.5 $250.00 for the #1 qualifier.

A bit of a scheduling error was pointed out to me by a number of people today and that is the Bracket classes are a double header this year, not a single race like in the past. The entire schedule will be posted on Thursday late afternoon. I not this is late but with the car counts and extra classes there will be big changes. So many racers are double classing as well, so extra time has to be made between classes with racer cross over. What we do know is this event will be the biggest yet.



Doyle Motorsports



June 19, 2016

Here is the shirt design and this year we have hats


May 25, 2016

Here is the new look logo that will be part of the merchendise available for the event this year. Wait till you see the shirts and hoodies.

With the switch to 1/8 mile Nick Duda has entered the Outlaw 10.5 class. Go to the 10.5 contenders page for his profile.



May 18, 2016

The Contenders list for Nitrous Pro Mods is posted.

The Contenders list for Turbo Pro Mods is posted.

The Contenders list for Blown Pro Mods is posted.

Scroll down this page for complete entry lists and possible entries.


May 13, 2016


Doorwarz is just eight weeks away. A few more entries have confirmed over the last month but the 10.5 class and the Radial small tire classes have only a few entries confirmed. GOS Motorsports is putting together the new T-Shirt design. A BAD Ass screw blown car is featured along with a new Corvette and the guy that would have been rookie of the year in the class if there was such an award is also in the design. There is testing on the Thursday and the Friday for all Doorwarz competitors.

Wade Sjostrom and Brian Macy have stated they are coming up race in the Pro Mod class. Mikel Bader has entered, out first entry from Ontario has come in. Bob Heans is making the 5000 km trek to race. He is the brother of Dave Heans (Dooslammer competitor).


April 2, 2016

Here is the first video promoting Doorwarz IV. Thanks to Robert Fedyk

Pro Mod

Below is the list of Pro Mods confirmed and potential entries.


1. Jay Syvertsen: 57 Chevy
2. Steve Horne 33 Willys
3. Joe Delehay 68 Camaro
4. Dale Pedersen 99 Monte Carlo
5. Jeff Doyle 69 Firebird
6. Dal Sangha 10 Mustang
7. Gary Urlacher 63 Corvette
8. Dan Vogt 63 Corvette
9. Mike Gondziola 16 Corvette
10. Kerry Stone 68 Camaro
11. Darryl Stone 67 Chevy II
12. Paul Glandon 69 Camaro
13. Tom Meheden 97 Beretta
14. Keith Korecki 69 Shelby
15. Yvonne Lucas 69 Camaro
16. Garrett Richards 12 Mustang
17. Terry Spargo 04 Cavalier
18. Jeff Hill 55 Chevy
19. Johnny West 57 Chevy
20. Craig Cawte 39 Camaro
21. Tom Reithmeyer 75 Mustang
22. Aaron Linder 63 Corvette
23. Brian Macy 41 Willys
24. Wade Sjostrom 57 Chevy
25. Rick DiStefano 70 Camaro..... 26. Glen Kerunsky 53 Corvette
27. Glen May 94 Thunderbird

95% confirmed

Dean Bettenson 57 Chevy

Possible entrants (need to confirm).

Ray Leyton 57 Chevy
Garry Weslosky 68 Camaro
Steve Goddard 06 GPX
Scott Blake 69 Camaro
Toni Moretto 55 Chevy
Lee Smith 53 Corvette
Perry Thyr 88 Camaro

As you can see by the list, this could be the biggest field ever in Canada for a Pro Mod event.








January 31, 2016

TO ALL DOORWARZ SMALL TIRE COMPETITORS. THE 275 CLASS AND 8.5 CLASS. We will be having a meeting February 25th at Jimy Macs Pub in Langley (Port Kells) 200th exit, 96th ave, at 7:00pm. We invite all racers interested in those two classes.. All others are welcome but this gathering is to welcome all racers in those two classes to Doorwarz (and possibly other events). As stated on the top of the Doorwarz web site both classes will be 1/8 mile and SCSN rules (Possibly a few mods to accommodate local racers). Everything will be discussed. The main thing is to get commitments for both classes and to go over Small tire classes and their future in the NW. We need strong car counts to make it happen. Please email me at to confirm your attendance at the meeting. The pub would like to know a rough head count. Please reply back to the email. or
Thanks and see you there.

January 19, 2016

Doorwarz IV is on!

2016 will be the best year yet! Pro Mod is continuing to grow in the NW and this year the car count should be the biggest ever. Pro Mod has a number of new cars being built as well as some old veterans returning to the fold. Outlaw 275 will undergo a major change. To keep up with the growth of the class and to get us in line with all the other 275 events we will make the move to 1/8th mile and will run under the SCSN rules (with a few possible additions to accomodate all the local cars). Outlaw 8.5 is the newest class and it too will be 1/8 mile, and run under SCSN rules (with a few possible modifications). We will link to those rules in the coming days. Outlaw 10.5 will remain 1/4 mile for the 2016 event. Will it change down the road, we will see but for this year 1/4 mile is decision. Rules for 10.5 likely will not change.

Keep an Eye out for more news over the coming weeks.




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