Top Sportsman and Doorslammers


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Top Sportsman Sunday



Final qualifying Sunday race #2


Round one Elimination's

Dave Kowalski was the #1 qualifier in both races this weekend, but it did not help him in race #2 as he was defeated by James Rutherford.

Dave went .016 red giving the automatic win to Rutherford. Justin Bond had a .030 light compared to a .010 for Forest Fincher, but he still got the win when Fincher took way to much stripe going 8.095 on his 8.11 dial.

Darren Williams defeated Rob Ashbury when Ashbury went too quick. Dale Phillips got a freebie against Ross Faure when Faure went red.

Joe Loch got a break against Dan Provost despite Loch coasting on the top end. Provost scrubbed 5 mph, but his S-10 still went .05 quicker than it had ever gone.

Zak Clarke had the best run in all the Top Sportsman and Doorslammer elimination's throughout the weekend when he was .003 and ran a 7.474 on his 7.470 dial.

Mike Lucas got a single when Todd Reilly could not stage his car.

Round two.

Clarke won his round two match-up with Joe Loch despite going too fast.

He dialed a 7.45 and went 7.449. Loch was further under his dial going 6.713 on his 6.75 dial. Mike Lucas had a .012 package and defeated Darren Williams.

Dale Phillips defeated Justin Bond when Bond's car fell off .18 on his 7.05 dial. Phillips had .07 on the tree and was .012 off his 7.49 dial.

James Rutherford got the round two bye and had a .045 package.

Semi finals


Dale Phillips is likely still kicking himself as he was .001 red and ran a 7.529 on his 7.52 dial.

Rutherford was .040 on the tree and was .029 off his 7.56 dial. Mike Lucas may be doing the same in his semi final loss to Zak Clarke. Lucas had .017 on the tree but took .004 too much stripe breaking out with a 7.466 on his 7.47 dial.

Clarke and Saturday finalist James Rutherford would meet up in the final.

The final was not one of those classic double "oh" lights and within a hun. Both drivers had the sun in their eyes just as it was setting.

Rutherford went .037 and Clarke was .048, putting .011 between them. Rutherford with a tenth handicap held onto a lead right through the finish line as Clarke got near the centre of the track with the right tires straddling the edge of the groove.

He had his steering wheel turned 90 degrees trying to steer it back into the groove. He came up .036 short at the finish line.


Saturday Race 1


In Saturday's race they had a five round race with 24 car,s but little delays all day long including a major fluid leak right at the curfew when local driver Kirk Lanz was set to race Rutherford in the final round kept the race from Finishing. Neither driver was too happy, but with the late start Sunday and racing going to 9:00pm it was decided for the drivers to split the winner and runner-up purses. SpeedZone Magazine will buy a second trophy so each driver gets one.

Saturday round one



Saturday semi finals


Canada West Doorslammers




Joe Loch made a rare appearance at Mission and was #1 after round one of TS Friday.

Dave Kowalski took the #1 spot away from Loch with a solid 6.54/210. He was .01 off his career best 6.53 set earlier in testing Friday.

Justin Bond is getting the new Camaro sorted out. He likely will be a six second player today



Go to SpeedZone Magazine for the first reports from Friday.


Craig Cawte and his kids Curtis and Kendall are excited to be at Mission

JBS has jumped on board as the low qualifier sponsor bonus for Pro Mod. $500.00 to the #1 qualifier.

Dobbers Choppers will sponsor the #1 qualifier in Outlaw 10.5 $250.00 for the #1 qualifier.

A bit of a scheduling error was pointed out to me by a number of people today and that is the Bracket classes are a double header this year, not a single race like in the past. The entire schedule will be posted on Thursday late afternoon. I not this is late but with the car counts and extra classes there will be big changes. So many racers are double classing as well, so extra time has to be made between classes with racer cross over. What we do know is this event will be the biggest yet.



Here are the entries for Fortin's Engine's CWDS presented by Lance Family Racing and RH Race Cars

1. Paul Stretch 67 Nova
2. Kevin Lance 57 Chevy
3. Henry Zacharias 55 Chevy
4. Rick Limb 67 Nova
5. Dale Grasdal 68 Chevelle
6. Tyson Wells 65 VW
7. David Heans 68 Camaro
8. Brian Ritchie 68 Chevelle
9. Terry Langdon-Davies 41 Willys
10. John DeJonge 68 Camaro
11. Mike Bedsworth 97 Cutlass
12. Wayne Thomson 47 Ford
13. Joe Mellof 97 Camaro
14. Darryl Stone 67 Nova
15. Tim Vogt 94 Corvette
16. Kirk Lanz 69 Camaro
17. Otto Schulte 04 Cavalier
18. Rod LeClaire 68 Camaro
19. Phil Davis 41 Willys
20. Scott Robinson 94 Beretta
21. Greg Feal 68 Opel
23. Grant Howell 37 Chevy
24. Ken Christensen 72 Chevy P/U
25. Corey Stewart Camaro
26. Dallas Wagner 2000 Dodge
27. Steve Thorne Plymouth
28. Thomas Gronmyr 66 Chevy II
29. Larry Morris 63 Corvette
30. Gene Fluery
Grand National
31. Marko Stilinovic Mazda

Here are the entries for RAD Torque Systems Top Sportsman

1. Zak Clarke 67 Nova
2. Kirk Lanz 69 Camaro
3. Mike Lucas 98 Camaro
4. Justin Bond 68 Camaro
5. Dan Provost 2000 S-10
6. Dave Kowalski 2016 Corvette
7. James Rutherford Probe
8. Dale Phillips 67 Mustang
9. Scott Robinson 94 Beretta
10. Tony Driessen 51 Chevy p/u
11. Rod Boivin Firebird
12. Brian Ritchie Chevelle
13. Rob Asbury Cavalier
14. John DeJonge Camaro
15. Todd Reilly Camaro
16. Forrest Fincher Stratus
17. Otto Schulte Cavalier
18. Grant Howell 37 Chevy
19. Rhys Ingham Nova
20. Tyson Wells VW
21. Rod LeClaire Camaro
22. Chad Barclay Grand Am
23. Joe Loch Cavalier
24. Dale Grasdal Chevelle


June 22, 2016

Dean Bettenson and Belair Power is the latest sponsor to come on board.



Go here for the Canada West Doorslammers page. It is still a work in progress.


To the winners of Open Comp, Outlaw 275 and Outlaw 10.5 in 2015. The trophys that you should have recieved last year, you will recieve at this year's event. We are sorry for the screw up. Ken Sihota, Steve Skokin and Glenn Fillingham we will have your 2015 winner's trophys.

June 21, 2016

We are adding sponsors every week, here is a list of sponsors for this year's Doorwarz.

If you are intersted in sponsoring Doorwarz IV contact us at


June 20, 2016

A couple more pictures and cars are added to the entry list.

Ross Faure and his Procharged Willys will attend/ and here is a shot of Ryan Griffin's 10.5 Mustang.


June 19, 2016

Here is the shirt design and this year we have a hat




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