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July 12, 2013

A Robert Hunter gallery is posted.

July 10, 2013

Gallery 1 is posted.

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Photos are on the way over the next two days.


Mandi Brookes Racing Open Comp



Open Comp was easily the largest most fun class at Doorwarz because of the diversity in both race cars and competitors.

72 cars made the elimination's ladder come Saturday evening. The class qualified based on reaction times and on a Sportsman ladder. With the pro tree format many teams took all four runs to try and get a handle on whether or not to deep stage whether or not to light both bulbs, courtesy stage etc. The decision was made to not have to courtesy stage since many drivers would go in deep. There were a number of guys who entered the class from the Pro Bracket class, Super Pro and Super Shifter and quite a few were peacocking on how it would be easy pickens with the pro light. well a number of those racers did pretty well but in a seven round race anything can happen. There was bonus money put up in the class as well by Tri City Cutting and Coring:
200.00 best RT
150.00 low et
150.00 best 60 foot.

In qualifying just over half the field was slower than a .100 light, but it was better than I thought it would be. Most of the regular Open Comp racers were .070 or better. The #1 qualifier was Jason Field from Courtney with a .002 light and Rick Willson who does not race a ton anymore was .006. Chris Bilodeau was #3 with a.007 light. One of the favorites (just ask him...jk) was Stefan Kondolay and he was .013 qualifying #4. Allison Gibson a multi-time winner in Open Comp was #5 with a .015 rt in time trials. The race sponsor Mandi Brookes was near the top with a .030 light. Ryan Johnson, Kevin McNicol, John Tabak and Justin Gallant were all in the top ten on the ladder.

Top 40 qualifiers in Open Comp


Round one

let's see how many hitters were gone early. Right at the top Kevin McNicols and many time winner in Open Comp went red giving the win to Jessica Wind. Damien Gidden and Justin Bond two of the best bracket racers at MRP duked it out and both had great lights and both broke out trying to get the stripe. Giddens got the win with a .009 light to Bonds .021. Giddens went 8.931 on his 8.95 dial and Bond went 10.617 on his 10.65 dial.
Dave Leib defeated Keith Vahle another regular when Keith was late. Announcer John Tabak had a .047 light and defeated Les Baranuik. Stefan Kondolay got a break against Chris Sharpe after Sharpe went .009 at the tree. Kondolay was .037 back but Sharpe could not run his number and Kondolay took a .03 stripe. Ray Bollinger lost to Joel Da Silva . Both Drivers were late on the tree. Jason Graw lost to Justin Gallant, Mike Stewart defeated Dan Gray. Wayne Darby was real late but ran right on his number to defeat Darren Dilley in the 10 second bug. Dan Brookes another regular defeated Darrick Tiechroeb. Mandi Brookes went .054 on the tree and got by Warren Render. Hot Rod racer Larry Rhodenizer defeated Russ Jeffery. Dyan Lover defeated Lorne Mackie.

Round Two

Jas Kooner a regular Pro Bracket racer advance with a win over Ken Funk. Giddens was off to round three with his win or Street legal racer Steve Erickson. Gallant defeated Steve MacKenzie, Rick Willson defeated a red light Da Silva, Gibson got by Stewart in a battle of Open Comp hitters. Kash Sandhu defeated Walter Johnson and Hot Rod, Sportsman competitor Randy Hermsen defeat Ryan Johnson. Dan Brookes was off to round three with his win over David Watson Mandi was solid on the tree again as she took out Rhodenizer. It was only the second race in the round where both drivers were better than .1 on the tree. Fillingham and Darby were the other two drivers who had sub .1 lights in their race.
Others advancing included Tabak, Kondolay, Elford, Pister, Wind, Derochers and Pente.

Round Three

Willson went .007 in round three against Derocher and won the $200.00 bonus from Tri City Cutting and Coring for best RT in elimination's (actually Gallant also went .0067 but Willson was the first). Pente got a freebie when Dan Brookes left to early, Gallant got the win over Giddens by .001 on a double break out. Fillingham defeated Tabak, Gibson ran right on her 10.27 dial but was .077 later on the tree than her opponent Ron Pister. Sandhu defeated Wind. Kooner got by Hermsen despite being .068 back at the tree, Elford was right on his 10.33 dial but Kondolay was a tenth better on the tree. Dyan Lover defeated Mandi Brookes in the battle of two prominent lady drivers at MRP. Mandi had a great light but took too much stripe and broke out by .008.

Round Four

From this round to the final there would be a bye run in every round.

Lover got a bye run Willson ran right on his 11.44 dial and defeated Fillingham. Gallant was dead late, but so was his opponent Ron Pister and he was off to the 1/4 finals. Kooner got the win over Pente when Pente left to early and Kondolay was heading to the 1/4 finals with a .014 stripe. It was close I was at the finish line for the round.
Would one of the guys who thought it would be easy money actually back up his words.

1/4 Finals

Rick Willson got the single in the round had a .010 light and run within .007 of his 11.44 number. Remember in elimination's your dial can not change.
Gallant had his best light .007 in his win over Kooner. He had a .024 package in the round. Kooner was dead with a .188 light. In the biggest upset in the class, Lover had great strategy and went in real quick forcing Kondolay (who goes in deep) to go in too deep and he went .015 red. Sending the Alberni girl to the semi finals.

Semi Finals

Gallant had the bye run and he took and easy run down the 1320. Rick Willson left way to early against Lover (who also left early but after Willson) and the girl was off to the final round.

Final round

Who would take home the $2,000.00 for the win. A stick Mustang or a 9 second Camaro.

It was the Mustang as Justin Gallant had the better light going .049 and running a 10.29 on his 10.23 dial. Dyan spun the tires on the line and could not recover to catch the Super Shifter driver.

What a fun race and a great turnout for the class. I am guessing next year will be even better.

Elimination's sheet from the 1/8's to the final















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