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July 12, 2013

A Robert Hunter gallery is posted.

A evening qualifying and elimination's gallery is posted

July 10, 2013

The first gallery is posted.

Open coverage is here.

10.5, 275, Doorslammer and Top Sportsman coverage is here.


Outlaw Pro Mod

Friday round one qualifying

Outlaw Pro Mod
After two eight hour testing session leading up to qualifying attrition hit the class as Kerry Stone in the Cutting Edge twin turbo Camaro had their oil pump go bad causing some internal issues and they were done before the race even got started. They were disappointed for sure as they made a number of changes to their engine program to improve performance from the 6.30 power they ran last year. Steve Goddard struggled in testing his nitrous S-10 and he never staged the car on Friday either but he did get in the field Saturday. Friday's first session was run at 6:30pm and Rod Burbage did what was expected and lay down the number to beat with a 6.006/246.03.

Garrett Richards in the TPR Racing 2013 Mustang made a couple solid test laps, their first full pulls on the new WAR Ford Hemi.

They improved on their testing numbers with a 6.043/238.28 with their headers folded down dragging on the top end. A number of testing runs in the last three days by Joe Delehay paid off with his best lap in a couple years, a 6.135/238.41.

Local Jay Syvertsen was also strong in their first "a to b" lap, as he went 6.159/239 with a pedal job at 100 feet (SEE THE BUTTERFLIES ALMOST CLOSED).

Dale Pedersen made his best Canadian lap at MRP with a 6.206/231. John Scialpi went 6.392 @ only 207. Dal Sangha was a bit loose but he still managed a 6.409/230 and rounding out the top eight was Scott Blake who went 6.418/216.

In all 23 cars took the green in the first session but Roy Lazic never made it 20 feet. His lifted the blower right at the hit and had to make repairs which would be made in time for Saturday qualifying. all of the remaining 14 cars in the first session had either soft or aborted runs.

Friday final qualifying (round two)

Friday second session

Round two, run under the lights was expected to be the round for big big numbers, but whether or not guys tried to rotate the earth or guys actually did not put enough power down on the track there was lots of tire shaking and aborted runs by the top contenders. Burbage slowed down to a 6.05 simply because he under estimated the track. He told me if he had more power in the middle of the run he would have run a 'five' for sure. Garret Richards shook a bit as well and slowed to a 6.07. Delehay lifted early as well. Dale Pedersen moved up in performance running his best ever lap in Canada, a strong 6.150/233.02.

He was one of the last cars to make a run and it was awesome for sure. Syverten did not get to make a hit as he lost oil pressure in the '57 and had to abort the run. Toni Moretto ripped off a career best run, a 6.325/221.34.

Scott Blake improved by .02 to a 6.39 and Dan Vogt ran 6.407/230.94. Gary Urlacher who did not run in the first round went 6.65/210. Simon Kinglsey moved up the ladder (#16) with a 6.932/206. Dale Bristow went to 3/4 track and went 7.76/194.

Yvonne Lucas who showed a lot of Promise in testing was on a ripper, but at the top of 1st gear the car missed the shift and the nitrous Camaro did a bit of a backfire and she coasted the rest of the way. Jeremy Hanger had his second boomer of the weekend, the first one coming in the test session. On this one he made it to 800 feet before the blower sneezed and the burst panels let go. He was in the field with a 7.21 but they had a bunch of repairs to do before eliminations.
In the second session 24 of the 27 cars entered were on the ladder

Round three (first Saturday session)

Saturday third round qualifying
Garrett Richards did not run in the two qualifiers Saturday, as the TPR team was making header repairs. In the dozen test runs they have made in the new Mustang, they had had to make repairs on almost every run, due mostly to the oval shape of the exhaust ports. They switched materials and put strengthening gussets on the headers, which they hope will alleviate the problems. John Scialpi made a big move on the ladder (#3) with a 6.120/231.42 lap.

Mike Gondziola also jumped up big time (#7) making the quickest nitrous lap at Mission Raceway. He went 6.194/236.53.

Gary Urlacher went 6.463/214 to move into the top half of the field (#12).

Terry Spargo found a few issues with his Fuel Injection system and finally ran on 8 cylinders going 6.634/209.64. He was the quickest naturally aspirated car. Simon Kingsley ran his career best, a great 6.728/209.69.

Roy Lazic got on the ladder with a 9.27 run.

Steve Horne hoped to be part of the field but crew chief Kirk Kuhns shut the blown 41 Willys off after the burnout (dropped a valve).

In all 26 cars of the 28 entered were in the field. The Stone Camaro would not get a qualifying hit in either due to their oiling issues.

Final qualifying

The big question in the final session was would the big guns let er rip or save themselves for the first round of elimination's Saturday night. Jeremy Hanger was the first one to answer the question as he moved all the way up to the #6 spot with a 6.151/236.66.

With all the work they had done over the weekend they got the perseverance award for sure. Toni Moretto improved again on his career best going 6.304/230.82.

He dropped down to the #9 spot after Hanger moved in front of him. Gary Urlacher ran his first sub 6.50, as he turned in a 6.463/214.74. Terry Spargo improved on every lap but did move down the ladder as a couple others did jump up. His 6.601/210 would have him in the #15 spot heading into eliminations.

Wade Sjostrom finally made a decent lap in the final round, going 6.618/210 mph.

Perry Thyr went 6.836/202 and Steve Goddard finally got in a six second lap, running 6.854/205.


Darren Wolfram broke the ProCharger on his car and was not able to make repairs. Rod Burbage won the Mayzes Excavating #1 qualifying $500.00 bonus with his 6.006 et in round one.


Round one pairings: Burbage vs Lucas, Richards vs Lazic, Sciapli vs Bristow, Delehay vs Vogt, Pedersen vs Wolfram, Hanger vs Anderson, Syvertsen vs Glandon, Gondziola vs Goddard, Moretto vs Thyr, Blake vs Kingsley, Vogt vs Sjostrom, Sangha vs Spargo, Urlacher vs Meheden

Round one:

Rob Burbage had a single as the Yvonne Lucas team was not able to get their transmission issues sorted out. Burbage did the burnout but the car did not want to back up. he worked on getting the car moved backwards and a number of crew guys and track workers were going to try and get him pushed back. They were not able to get the car to move backward, forcing him to drive down the track and forfeit the round. A tough break for the #1 qualifier, as all he needed to do was stage the car. But when you have a freebie and great air you really want a big number.

Jay Syvertsen and Paul Glandon were next. On paper, Syvertsen had a half second on the Alberta driver and the result held to form as Syvertsen ran his best lap of the weekend, a 6.140/239.42 to defeat a 6.847/204.91 by Glandon.

Tim Vogt got the biggest break with an actually pairing as he defeated a coasting Joe Delehay. Joe was second off the line but by the time they were at 80 feet Delehay's Camaro had moved ahead and was steadily extending the lead. Just past the half track markers, the car went bang then silent.

Vogt managed to reel him in at 1200 feet and got the upset win 7.64 to 7.99.

Mike Gondziola made the run of the round when he went 6.100/239 to defeat Steve Goddard's 6.92/200.

Jeremy Hanger got through his second run in a row without too much carnage as he defeated Greg Anderson with an early shut off 6.43/204 to Anderson's 6.926/203.

John Scialpi got a single in the round when Dale Bristow could not make the call. Good thing to, as he shook big time and lifted early.

Dal Sangha also got a break in his battle with Terry Spargo. Spargo had his all motor Cavalier hopped up but he could not hold it at the line waiting for the turbo car, and left before the tree was activated.

Dale Pederson did like Scialpi and took advantage of his single. His opponent Darren Wolfram could not make the call and Pedersen shook and was close to the center line so he lifted.

The fourth pair in a row saw a driver benefit from a single run. Scott Blake hurt his turbo car and Simon Kingsley soloed to a 6.80/206.

Next pair same story, Another single as Gary Urlacher could not make round one, and his opponent Tom Meheden ran a 6.59/208.

The pattern (of a guy either getting a single or a free run when his opponent red lit) continued when Wade Sjostrom got the win light when Dan Vogt left too early (.068 red) Sjostrom has only made it down the track under power once so far and this round one lap was an real soft 7.616 (almost like the burnout throttle stop was on the car, but I don't think he uses one.

Garrett Richards defeated Roy Lazic 6.28 to a slowing 8.0.


In the final pairing, Toni Moretto was the 7th driver out of the 12 pairs to get a free ride.

Perry Thyr broke after the burnout and Moretto was solid getting his fourth or fifth career best run, a real strong 6.26/230 in his Nitrous assisted 55 Chevy.

Round two:

Dale Pedersen had Simon Kingsley and Petersen was out first by just a hundredth but he had Simon Kingsley right from the hit.

That being said Kingsley was just happy to be in the field as he had already surpassed his goals for the weekend. Both drivers were decent on the tree but from 300 feet it was all Pedersen as he went 6.22/232. Kingsley improved for the fourth time on his career best, running a 6.665/211.36 mph in the losing effort.

Jay Syvertsen had his second solid run in a row against one of the pre race favorites Mike Gondziola. 'Gonzi' was first off the line but he got real loose at 80 feet and was forced to pull the plug early.

He coasted down track with an 8 second et while Syvertsen ran a 6.20/239.

John Scialpi had Dal Sangha and Sangha gave it everything he has and drove the hell out of his Mustang.

The two cars were real close at half track but then Sangha's Mustang started to drift from one side of his lane to the other (tracks below). He kept his foot in it but Scialpi got the win running a 6.22/228 while Dal ran a 6.80/211.

Wade Sjostrom defeated Tim Vogt with another soft run, this time a 7.049/199 to Vogt's 7.51/195.

Jeremy Hanger made the best run of the round ripping off a 6.12/225, to easily take care of Toni Moretto's late leaving 6.32/220.

It was the quickest side by side of elimination's but the .3 advantage at the starting line made the win look worse.

Garrett Richards had Tom Meheden in the final pairing but Meheden broke in his round 1 win and could not make the call.

Richards got the win despite the early shut off.


There was supposed to be one bye run in the round but with the #1 qualifier Rod Burbage / Yvonne Lucas pairing in round one ending with no winner the top spot in the elims ladder was empty in round two.

Round three:
Jay Syvertsen was the beneficiary of Burbage's bad luck two runs ago.

He got a single and shook hard and lifted early. Wade Sjostrom took on Dale Pedersen and this was a close race.

Sjostrom made his best run of the weekend going 6.57 with a .14 rt. Pedersen was slightly quicker on the tree and ran .07 quicker running a 6.50/226 giving him the win.

John Scialpi was set to face Jeremy Hanger in the other 1/4 final side by side.

Hanger did his burnout but the track officials spotted a fluid leak and the car was shut off (you can see Hanger's car in the right lane being pushed back as Scialpi launches). Scialpi shook on the single and coasted down for the win. Garrett Richards had the real bye run in the round but he too shook early and coasted down track.


Semi Finals:

The two pairings were Dale Pedersen and Jay Syvertsen in an all Canadian semi and John Scialpi and Garrett Richards in an all American semi. Guess what, that means a Canada vs USA final round.
Jay and Dale have battled a few times over the last couple years and Jay has gotten the best of him.

This battle was the same results as the two previous I remember. Both cars got staged and Dale jumped the gun leaving to early handing the automatic win to Jay. He did not know he had the freebie (very low visibility in the 57) and ran it out the back door, pedaling it on the top end.

During the pedal job, the car sneezed the blower or burst panel and he had work to do. The other Semi was almost exactly the same.

Both Scialpi and Richards were pre-staged, Richards went in (he has a two step), Scialpi brought his revs up and was rolling forward, and I think Richards must have heard the revs and got on his two step (before Scialpi was staged.

It took a couple more second for Scialpi to get lit and just as he lit both bulbs Richards left the starting line (before the tree was activated).

The win light was on John's lane and he would likely be saying a thank you to the racing gods and he shook again and lifted by 300 feet.

Final round.

The damage was enough for Syvertsen to swap out the motor (even though he was out of bullets). He got the re and re engine pieced together from Jeremy Hanger and both teams and a cast of others stepped in to get the job done.
Scialpi was patient and allowed the team to get the job done. It was not without trials and tribulation though, as the two motors did not have all the same parts and layout, they were different enough that the car builder Ryan Hinrichsen had to do some extensive front clip work with a trusty Zip cutter and grinder.

They got the work completed but the only way they could get it to the starting line was to fire the car and then put the nose on it.

They did that and Jay did his burnout followed closely by John. When the cars was backing up the starting line officials saw a bit of oil on the track in Jay's lane and when they looked closely to see the exact source they were forced to shut the car off.

Scialpi soloed for the win, and ran it out and went 6.24/227 for the big $20.000 win.

What a day it was! While there were a few disappointments, a few cars not making the trek to fill the field was the biggest open, it was still a pretty cool event. We had 28 cars enter the race, just short of the 32 car field, and it was the largest field ever in Canada. No doubt if the MRP executive decide to do it again next year (it is a very large financial commitment) we will fill the field and more.

The Mayzes Excavating $250.00 Top Speed bonus money for the event went to Rod Burbage and the Low et of Eliminations Bonus from Mayzes Excavating went to Jeremy Hanger (6.12). Burbage won the Mayzes Excavating #1 qualifier bonus of $500.00.


Saturday final qualifying



This is yesterday's sheet from round two 10.5 . In the final session today, Steve Nicholson stepped up to a 6.60 to take the #1 spot away from Halverson, Ken Sihota went 6.70 and is #3 and Roy Moznik went 6.89/199 to sit #4.





Thursday test n tune

...........Warm weather and a bunch of fast doorslammers opened this weekend's Doorwarz event at Mission Raceway. Thursday was the official day one of testing for what will be a historic event at BC's most exciting racing facility.

All day long cars were entering the pits to get their spot and then hitting the track looking for the right tune-up. A number of notable test hits were witnessed including Dal Sangha in his newly painted twin turbo Small Block Mustang. Del had a 1.01 60 foot time and a 2.70 330ft incremental, before the planned early shutoff check out pass. He was very pleased and if that carried through the 1/4 mile he will be well into the 6.0 range. Dale Pedersen hot lapped his Monte Carlo as he wants to improve on his 6.10 career best. Early number for him looked promising.

John Scialpi making his first trek to Mission in a decade went 4.03 to half track and then lifted just before the finish line running 6.22 on his second run.

Jay Syvertsen ran three early shut off runs and carded a .934 60 foot best.

The car everyone on the West Coast was watching was the brand new Mustang and one off Ford Hemi power plant of Garrett Richards. This car has been in development for three years and his first shot down the track was eye popping. Firstly it sounds different. The Ford Hemi originally developed by WAR (Walt Austin Racing and Kyboshed by the NHRA) is really loud. The sleek body is something Garrett and his team aren't used to as they have always campaigned a truck. It ripped off a .979 60 foot and a 2.62 330. At half track, the car went 3.93 and Garrett was already off the gas at 3.70 seconds. He coasted through the 1/4 mile with the brakes on and the chutes out going 6.95 at 112 mph. To say this is a five second ride is an understatement for sure.

Toni Moretto from Edmonton debuted his new 55 Chevy and he went .979 on one system of Nitrous and went through the 1320 with a 6.61/210 scoreboard. Not bad for what originally was a planned 1/2 test run.

Tom Meheden made his first two hits of the year and his early numbers were also stout. Simon Kingsley will make his first real foray in the world of Pro Mod racing and he ran his best early numbers with his new Blown combo.

Yvonne Lucas went 1.01 with her new power and reworked chassis. Joe Delehay ran real well to 660 feet as well going a low 4.0 at almost 190 mph. Steve Goddard is working on his new Nitrous tune-up and he went 7 flat on a real soft tune in his S-10 pick-up.
Four 10.5 cars made runs and in Ken Sihota's first full lap he went 6.74/204. Dean Branham went 6.9 at 209 in his turbo Cuda. Roy Moznik went 6.9 at 200 finally getting off the starting line. Steve Nicholson pedaled his 63 Corvette and clicked it off at half track and 800 feet on his two runs.

In Outlaw 275 saw Brent Van Vliet and Nick Richards make multiple hits and both cars ran better that they had planned. A number of Top Sportsman cars and Open Comp drivers also made test hits. In the Doorslammer class, Rhys Ingham launched into a huge wheelstand and came down hard in his Nova. The team made repairs and will be ready for qualifying.
For Friday testing continues until 3 'clock and then the track personnel will get the surface ready for qualifying beginning at 5:00pm.










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