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July 10, 2013

A Robert Hunter gallery is posted.


Outlaw Pro Mod coverage is here

Open Comp coverage is here.

The first gallery is posted.

Coverage on this page is for 10.5, 275, Top Sportsman and Doorslammers.

Outlaw 10.5

There was big anticipation for this class but the bickering from 1/8 mile proponents and the fact that a number of cars were still in the shop kept the car count down to only 7 cars. Six of the seven were 'six' second performers with five of them in the 6.70's or better on numerous occasions.

In the first round of qualifying, Centralia Washington's Eric Halverson laid down one of the most impressive laps I have seen. It was not the quickest in memory (6.616) but the speed was 222.66 mph. The car just hauled ass on the back half. Steve Nicholson from Aldergrove went 6.82/204 to sit #2 and Edmonton's Dean Branham in the turbo Cuda went 6.89 209.39. Calgary's Mike Walterson was #4 with a soft 7.286/189. Those four were the only ones to get in a full pull in the round. Ken Sihota and Roy Moznik both smoked the tires and Troy Pike did not get to the staging lanes.

In round two, Nicholson and Halverson both got 100 feet then backed out of the throttle. Ken Sihota jumped up big time with a 6.74/201.92 to move into the #2 spot. Moznik smoked the tires and Mike Walterson launched hard witht he wheels way up but did not improve from his earlier run.

Saturday qualifying run #3.
This was the session with the most moves and improvement by teams.
Sihota moved up in performance again running a 6.717/206.51 alongside Halverson who was off the throttle early again. Nicholson was beside Walterson and both improved. Nicholson went 6.724/210.03 and Walterson went 7.154/189.79. Dean Branham and Roy Moznik both made great laps also. Moznik finally made a full pass under power going 6.891/199 and Branham went 6.782/at 213.62 mph. Troy Pike went 8.051 in his N/A Chevy II

Final qualifying.
The big question Saturday evening was would the #1 number stay or would someone else or Halverson improve. Troy Pike broke in the prior run so he was out of competition. Walterson ran Sihota and neither of those guys stepped up any more. Sihota smoked the tires and Walterson slowed to a 7.2. Steve Nicholson made the run he was looking for throughout the weekend. He went 6.60/210.08 to take the #1 spot away from Halverson. The big question though was could Eric take it back as he was the final car down the track. He launched real hard but at the top of first gear the car backfired and he was forced to lift early. Local Steve Nicholson was the #1 qualifier by .01.
Final qualifying


1. Steve Nicholson
2. Eric Halverson
3. Ken Sihota
4. Dean Branham
5. Roy Moznik
6. Mike Walterson
7. Tory Pike
Aldergrove, BC
Centralia, Wash
Langley, BC
Ardrossan, AB
Langley, BC
Calgary, AB
Langley, BC
63 Corvette
70.5 Camaro
2000 Firebird
69 Cuda
69 El Camino
69 Nova
66 Chevy II

Nicholson won the Diversified Metal Works "#1 qualifier" bonus. He also won the Johnston Meier "Quickest Nitrous" car. Ken Sihota won the Ken's Specialty Automotive "Best 60ft" bonus. Dean Branham won the Johnston Meier Insurance "Quickest Turbo car" bonus money and Eric Halverson won the Diversified Metal Works "Fastest run of the weekend" bonus.

Round one pairings
Steve Nicholson Bye run
Mike Walterson vs Ken Sihota
Dean Branham vs Roy Moznik
Eric Halverson vs Tory Pike

Due to unfortunate breakage in qualifying there was only one pair that raced in round one. Mike Walterson got the upset win over Ken Sihota running his career best 6.860 at 202 mph. Sihota smoked the tires on the run. Dean Branham got a single when Moznik could not make the call, he launched his car and lifted early. Eric Halverson got the same break when Troy Pike could not make round one. Steve Nicholson bye run the reward for being #1 in an odd car field also ended early when he blew the tires off.

Semi Finals

Steve Nicholson got a huge holeshot win over Dean Branham. Something must have distracted Branham because he was .54 at the tree. Nicholson was.07 at the tree but smoked the tires early and had to pedal the car. He managed to get it to hook up and past Branham right near the lights for a 7.82/204.63 to 7.358/159 victory. The margin with the holeshot was .007 at the finish line. Eric Halverson easy got the best of Walterson when he made his second best run of the weekend, a 6.72/212 to Walterson's tire smoking 14 second time slip.

Final round

The top two cars all weekend would battle it out. Bu traction would be the issues. I predicted at least one f the cars would find traction issues and I was right as Nicholson smoked em early. He had .01 at the tree but could not recover even though his Corvette did hook up and run 8.02 at 193 mph. Halverson had the right tune-up in the car as he went straight down the track, running a 6.749/212.

The anticipation of the outlaw 10.5 class was very positive, but there are many in the class that feel the class is much better suited to 1/8. The ones who think it should be an 1/8 mile class only and are not willing to run both lengths and will do much more damage to the growth overall than the guys who just want to race. The 1/8 mile only format will hurt the turbo combinations way more than a 10.5 Nitrous car or big inch N/A. Guys should be willing to run either length especially if a track is putting up quaranteed money. and the 12,000 overall purse is only bettered by one race on the West Coast and that is SCSN.
Get together guys and make it happen!

Special thanks got out to the sponsors of this class including Paja Agatonovic Trucking, MHL Trucking, Diversified Metal Works, Ken's Specialty Automotive and Johnston Meier Insurance.

Elimination's sheet


Outlaw 275

Lordco Parts Outlaw 275

Like 10.5 a number of teams expected did not compete. The final tally was 9 cars. Ken Bruce, Sherry Rohr, Bryan Barlow and Marco Stilonovic did not make the event.

Neil Richards one of the expected top players in the class was debuting an entirely new combination this year and his first hit was an 8.50@168 mph. Scott Schulhauser the other expected top gun went 8.840 @ 181 mph. Brent Van Vlient who has run Doorslammer locally in the past finally found a class that fits his car. He was sluggish off the line and went 9.137/154. Nick Richards, the first nitrous competitor went 9.40/147, Sheldon Weibelzahl ran a 9.551/142 Parm Jawanda ran a 9.965/159 and Steve Skokins ran a troubled 13.8 @ 127 mph.
In round two every car except Nick Richards picked up. Schulhauser really stepped up to a 7.777/185.41, Neil Richards went 8.087/174.35 Skokin's ran 8.451/163 Van Vliet went 8.823/171 Weibelzahl ran 9.410/143 and Jawanda improved to a 9.588/159.43

Saturday saw Alex Dewolf make his first hit as he needed to do repairs after testing mechanical issues on Thursday. He went 8.665/142 to move into the top half of the field. Neil Richards did not improve et but went 175 on the third qualifier, Schulhauser did not improve, Skokin's went 8.251/166, Van Vliet improved to a 8.670/171.29 Nick Richards went 9.306/146 and Jawanda went 9.427/161.03. Chad Abougush brought out his street legal Cuda and ran a 12.19.
Saturday final qualifying
Schulhauser failed to find improvement in any run on Saturday but his Friday best of 7.777was good enough to keep the #1 spot. Neil Richards remained #2 with his 8.064. Brent Van Vliet improved big time going 8.147/172.97. For the fourth pass in a row Steve Skokin improved, his final number was an 8.216/167.25. Alex Dewolf's earlier 8.66 was his best (he ran an 8.20 or 8.30 in testing). Nick Richards also improve in the final session with a 9.296/150.07 Sheldon Weibelzahl's first run, a 9.410 was his best. Parm Jawanda's 9.427 kept him in the #8 spot and Chad Abougaush did not make the final round so he had to stick with his earlier 12 second time slip.

Scott Schulhauser
Neil Richards
Brent Van Vliet
Steve Skokins
Alex Dewolf
Nick Richards
Sheldon Weibelzahl
Parm Jawanda
Chad Abougaush

Calgary, Ab
Edmonton, AB
Port Alberni, BC
Surrey BC
Surrey, BC
Kelowna, BC
Quensel, BC
Surrey, BC
Kelowna, BC
94 Mustang
79 Zephyr
69 Camaro
81 Mustang
88 Mustang
80 Camaro
82 Cutlass
91 Mustang
70 Cuda



Round one pairings
#1 Schulhauser Bye run
#2 Neil Richards vs #9 Chad Abougaush
#3Van Vliet vs #8 Jawanda
#4 Skokin vs #7 Weibelzahl
#5 Dewolf vs #6 Richards

Round one. Schulhauser's bye run was not a softy as he went 7.830/185. Alex Dewolf ran like he did in testing ripping off an 8.242/173 to defeat Nick Richards off the throttle 9.879/120 mph run. Neil Richards singled when Abougaush could not make the call. Richards went 8.837/172
Van Vliet slowed a bunch from qualifying but still managed to get the job done against Parm Jawanda. He went 8.963/169 to Jawanda's hard charging 9.211/163 mph pass. Steve Skokins made his best run of the day going 8.198/167. It was more than enough to defeat Weibelzahl's best of the weekend 9.391/ 143 effort.

Round two.
Schulhauser defeated Dewolf with an 8.440/187 to a losing 8.778/174. Neil Richards got the single and he went 8.641/176.Van Vliet took on Skokin and this one was all Skokin's as he improved again, this time to an 8.173/169.

Semi Finals
Skokins got the bye run and we launched hard but lifted early and went 8.529/130 mph. Neil Richards was a bit late against Schulhauser, But he also spun on the starting line wile Scott was strong, running a 7.855/186. Richards ran 8.690/178 to finish third.

Final round

Both cars had good leaves but Schulhauser hooked up a little harder and took the win with a 7.827/187. Skokin was right there if there was any trouble in the other lane as he went 8.179/169.
Hopefully when the race is put together for next year there will be 16 cars in the field. It is a great class, we just need a few more participants. To all the teams that competed, send me an email at to see what your thoughts are to improve on the event.


Canada West Doorslammers Race #5 presented by RH Race Cars and Rutland Auto Repair


The biggest weekend of Door car racing in the NW produced the largest car count for the doorslammers this season. 34 cars were signed up for the event but by the first qualifier, only 32 would make runs. Nick Duda and Bill Boult broke in the optional test session Friday. Rhys Ingham was out for the first time with the doorslammers and he launched into a huge wheelstand Friday afternoon. He made the repairs he needed to and would try and qualify Saturday afternoon.
In Saturday's first session, 30 cars got a time slip but only 22 were quicker than 8.710. Darren Wolfram lead the day with a 7.249/185. That team was also working on a six second time slip and came close with the pro mods running a 7.03. Grant Klohn was #2Saturday with a 7.34 in his C/A legal Probe. Rod LeClaire was running juice in his Camaro for the first time this weekend and he went7.37/186. Mike Bedsworth went 7.392Terry Shuflita went 7.46 in his five speed and then it was Phil Davis, Kevin Lance and Rick Limb rounding out the top eight. Grant Howell was out for the first time this year in his awesome 37 Chevy and his first run netted him a 7.736. Another long time (old time racer) Ds competitor was out for the first time in five years, and that was Ray Kirton. His first lap was on Friday and he had the biggest eye on his launch. It was just like old times though as he ran a 7.748 in his Black Pick-up. The final guy on the ladder in the first session was Henry Zacharias. His et was a 8.557. Thanks Henry for all your help on the weekend as well.

Round two:

Zak Clarke got in the seat of Kirk Lanz's Camaro and he went to the top of the ladder with a 7.20. Bedsworth went a couple ticks quicker and Darren Williams from Calgary went 7.48. Dave Richardson went from outside the field to the middle of the pack with an 8.03. 32 drivers made attempt in the session and a couple more were inside the 8.79 window. LeClaire did not improve his earlier et but he went a whopping 194 mph.

The third session Saturday was the one most were anticipating as it was run at dusk in optimum conditions.
Zak Clarke improved and ran one of the best laps in the Lanz's Camaro, a 7.156/190.79mph. Rod LeClaire ran a career best 7.259/189mph, Grant Klohn dipped into the 7.20's with a 7.270/186 shot. Bedsworth went 7.33 and Doug Steele was loose in his runs but improved to a 7.69/183. 28 of the 32 cars were inside the bump spot with one main notable outside, and that was Tyson Wells. The VW has been a wild beast so far and this run was no exception and he was still well outside the field with a 9.03 best. There was one more shot on Sunday morning for the four outside the field to bump in.
Saturday pit note: Mike Ackerman broke in the first session and would not make it into elimination's

Sunday final qualifying

Just how big would the field be was going to be answered real soon,
LeClaire improved by .01 to a 7.242/188. Grant Klohn went 7.246/187, Gene Fluery ran a career best 7.627/178 mph. Dale Grasdal dipped into the 7.6's with a 7.69 178.00mph David Heans was now a 7 second performer as well going 7.939/171 blast, and Johnny West got his first Doorslammer 7 second time slip. 19 cars were in the seven second zone, a record for the doorslammers. Out of the guys outside the field only Tyson Wells managed to get a valid time slip. He moved all the way up to the # 26 spot (he was # 31 heading into the session). Paul Soares fell just shy with a 8.752, and Ingham ran the same et, but he was done for the weekend before the round.

Final qualifying


The ladder looked like this:

#1 Zak Clarke (bye)
#2 Rod LeClaire vs #16 Dave Warren
#3 Grant Klohn vs #17 Rob Charlton
#4 Darren Wolfram vs #18 David Heans
#5 Mike Bedswoth vs #19 Johnny West
#6 Kevin Lance vs #20 Dave Richardson
#7 Terry Shuflita vs #21 Mark Schuppener
#8 Darren Williams vs #22 Brian RItchie
#9 Phil Davis vs #23 Terry Langdon Daives
#10 Gene Fluery vs #24 Gord Bush
#11 Rick Limb vs #25 Paul Stretch
#12 Doug Steele vs #26 Tyson Wells
#13 Dale Grasdal vs #27 Henry Zacharias
#14 Grant Howell vs #28 Otto Schulte
#15 Ray Kirton vs #29 Joe Mayzes


In round one, The Mayzes vs Kirton pairing was not run as both drivers had issues and could not make the round, so their opponent in round two would get a freebie.

Gord Bush defeated Gene Fluery in a double breakout run. Fluery was way under his 7.80 dial but he went away very happy as he ran his first ever 180 mph run in the small block turbo. Mark Schuppener defeated Terry Shuflita with an .018 light and an 8.174 on his 8.16 dial. Otto Schulte had a 17 thou package against Grant Howell. Howell would have one all but three other races in the round with his .030 package. Dave Richardson was dialed 8 flat and went 8.012. Add in a .16 light and his opponent Kevin Lance was .019 short at the finish line. Rob Charlton was perfect at the tree .000 and ran a 7.909 on his 7.88 dial for a .019 package. Dave Warrren got a freebie when Rod Leclaire broke in qualifying. Johnny West Broke out against Mike Bedsworth. Both drivers had even starts but the quicker car forced West to take the stripe too quickly. He took a .04 stripe in the break out loss. Darren Williams tightened up his race against Brian Ritchie to a .009 stripe. His .062 package was two feet better than Ritchie's .071. Rick Limb got the win against Paul Stretch when Stretch left too early. Tyson Wells was dialed in round one with a .006 light and an 8.371 on an 8.36 dial . Four races in the round with packages better than .020. Terry Langdon Davies defeated Phil Davis with a .010 light and a .040 finish line stripe. Dale Grasdal got the break of the round in a race to the finish line against Henry Zacharias. Henry was .020 at the tree but broke out by .002. Grasdal was late but when the other driver does not see where his opponent is you risk breaking out. A tough loss for the old timer. Zak Clarke had the bye in the round and he went a 7.204 on his 7.21 dial in. Dave Heans got a single in the round when Darren Wolfram could not make the call.

Round two.
Williams benefited with the double breakage with Kirton and Mayzes and he got a single. He launched and strolled down track. Warren got the bye run (second in a row) launched and coasted for the win. Clarke had a .016 package against TLD. Terry was solid with a .042 but this weekend is proving to be very competitive. Bedsworth went .006 on the tree against Well's .012 But Wells could not get off the starting line clean and Bedsworth got an easy stripe just staying ahead of the VW driver. Charlton had a perfect light in round one and his opponent (Gord Bush) went triple'0' in round two. Rob Dumped on the top end but had not chance against bush with a .060 light. Leaving second is tough on a pro tree. A double red light with Schuppener and Schulte gave the win to the Kelowna driver as Schulte went red first. Dave Richardson gave the win to Dale Grasdal when he went .001 red. Grasdal saw the red and eased down track. David Heans was off to round three for the first time in a number of races. His opponent in round two, Rick Limb was way late.

1/4 finals
Dave Warren was .018 off his 7.85 dial and had a better light than his opponent Dale Grasdal and was off tot hew semi finals. Mike Bedsworth won the battle of top qualifiers as he defeated Zak Clarke . Clarke was .048 back at the tree and broke out trying to catch the Washington driver. Gord Bush won a double breakout race with Mark Schuppener. Bush had the starting line advantage and went under by .012 less advancing to the semi finals. Darren Williams went .007 at the tree and defeated David Heans who was a bit loose on the starting line. Heans fell off by .09 on his 7.95 dial. Williams tightened the stripe to a car length

Semi finals
Both semi finals were won on the starting line, as Warren went in deep (a no no in DS racing) against Williams and Mike Bedsworth got a .028 starting line advantage against Gord Bush and extended the margin to a .032 victory.

In the third Doorwarz final round of the weekend it was USA vs Canada. The other four were all team Canada battles.

Marysville Washington took on Calgary Alberta.

This one was really over on the starting line as Bedsworth went .006 to Williams' late .167 rt. You can see by the picture that despite the .13 difference in the dial in that they were almost even when they went past the tree. Bedsworth extended his advantage and scrubbed six mph at the finish line for a .05 margin of victory.
What a great weekend for the Doorslammers and all the classes at Doorwarz. Let's hope this event is back next year and gets even bigger.



RAD Eliminator Top Sportsman Presented by Atrysten Plumbing and Heating and JBS Canada.

A real disappointing field of cars competed in Top Sportsman in Doorwarz. After talking to two dozen teams over the last month and a half, 16-18 cars were expected to compete, but only 11 made runs over the two days .

It was a double header event with elimination's on Saturday and then a second race Sunday. The #1 qualifier for race #1 was Garry Weslosky from Sherwood Park Alberta. He ran a 7.206/190.23. The next spot on the ladder was Mission's Kirk Lanz who was just .02 back with a 7.226/189.63.
Darren Williams from Calgary arrived Saturday morning but got in the two qualifiers Saturday and his best was a 7.476/182. Justin Bond was #4 with a 7.496/182. Dan Provost's was the #5 qualifier with a 7.511/183. Zak Clarke was #6 with a 7.544/179. Casey Chrusciel was #6 with a 7.558/180 and George Lachanas was #8 with a 8.311/164.11. Unfortunately George broke and could not make round one. Rounding out the field was Jeff Addison who struggled with the new combination. He could only muster up an 8.523/158.92


Garry Weslosky
Kirk Lanz
Darren Williams
Justin Bond
Dan Provost
Zak Clarke
Casey Chrusciel
George Lachanas
Jeff Addison

Sherwood Park Ab
Mission BC
Calgary AB
Mission BC
Abbotsford BC
Mission BC
Calgary AB
Coquitlam BC
Naniamo BC

66 Chevy II
69 Camaro
2006 Dodge Stratus
2003 Cavalier
67 Chevy II
63 Corvette
94 Beretta
98 Beretta




Round one
Weslosky had the bye in round one and he went 7.25, Bond also got a single when Lachanas could not make the call. Lanz went under his dial and was defeated by Clarke, Chrusciel defeated Williams as he had .014 at the tree, and Provost defeated Addison who still struggled to run the 7.99 number.
In Round two, Weslosky went .006 red and handed the win to Bond, Clarke got the single in the round We was .006 and ran 7.59 on his 7.56. Provost defeated Chrusciel when Casey had to lift early. Both drivers were .009 at the tree. Provost had the bye run to the final and he went 7.515 on his 7.52. Bond got the break in the other semi final when Clarke's car lurched on the starting line (delay box issue). He ran is out going 7.501 on his 7.51 dial.

Final round
In an all local final round Justin Bond got a slight .007 rt advantage and both drivers ran it hard to the finish line. They both went under their dial, but Bond got the win run 7.494 on his 7.50 dial. Provost went 7.461 on his 7.49 dial in

Race #2

Eight cars were entered for this race. Williams Lanz and Lachanas did not enter but Steve Goddard and Paul Glandon did compete. Glandon got the #1 spot with a 6.906/202.20. Steve Goddard was #2 with a 7.089/184 blast. Weslosky was #3 (7.232/189.63), Dan Provost was #4 (7.461/182.88), Justin Bond was #5 (7.483/182.85), Zak Clarke was #6 (7.534/180.28) Casey Chrusciel was #7 (7.568/179.10) and Jeff Addison was #8 with a 9.229 @ 147.01


Paul Glandon
Steve Goddard
Garry Weslosky
Justin Bond
Dan Provost
Zak Clarke
Casey Chrusciel
Jeff Addison
Stoney Plain Ab
Red Deer, Ab
Sherwood Park Ab
Mission BC
Abbotsford BC
Mission BC
Calgary AB
Naniamo BC

2009 Cobalt
1998 S 10
66 Chevy II
2006 Stratus
2003 Cavalier
67 Chevy II
63 Corvette
98 Beretta




Round one

Zak Clarke defeated Steve Goddard on a double breakout run, Clarke going 7.534 on his 7.54 dial and Goddard going further under with a 6.908 on his 6.93 dial in. Clarke was .014 on the tree compared to a .043 for Goddard. Paul Glandon defeated a red lighting Justin Bond. Bond went .005 red. Glandon went .036 to the good and ran a 6.985 on his 6.90 dial. Bond went 7.501 on his 7.49 dial in. Dan Provost defeated Jeff Addison for the second day in a row. He ran a slowing 7.565 on his 7.45. Addison could not run a 8.55 on the 7.99 minimum. Garry Weslosky defeated Casey Chrusciel when Chrusciel could not make the call.

Semi Finals
Double red lights took place in the first pairing but it was Weslosky who went red first. Glandon was off to the final round. Zak Clarke and Dan Provost had a great semi race but Provost took too much stripe handing the win over to Clarke. Clarke was 7.545 on his 7.54 dial and Provost went 7.521 on his 7.53 dial.

Final round.
Glandon vs Clarke. Glandon was in the money in two classes like Clarke. Clarke was running Doorslammer in the 69 Camaro owned by Kirk Lanz and he also went to the semis on Saturday in TS. He would collect three pay cheques. Glandon lost in round one of Pro Mod and dropped into this class
for the Sunday race. It paid off for him as he reached the final round. It was Clarke who got the win though, going .004 at the tree and running 7.550 on his 7.53 dial. Glandon was .030 at the tree and ran 7.027 on his 6.95 dial in.


Zak Clarke won half the best package bonus money ($250.00 total) put up by Auto Extreme Racecars. The other half goes to Casey Chrusciel.








Thursday test n tune

...........Warm weather and a bunch of fast doorslammers opened this weekend's Doorwarz event at Mission Raceway. Thursday was the official day one of testing for what will be a historic event at BC's most exciting racing facility.

All day long cars were entering the pits to get their spot and then hitting the track looking for the right tune-up. A number of notable test hits were witnessed including Dal Sangha in his newly painted twin turbo Small Block Mustang. Del had a 1.01 60 foot time and a 2.70 330ft incremental, before the planned early shutoff check out pass. He was very pleased and if that carried through the 1/4 mile he will be well into the 6.0 range. Dale Pedersen hot lapped his Monte Carlo as he wants to improve on his 6.10 career best. Early number for him looked promising.

John Scialpi making his first trek to Mission in a decade went 4.03 to half track and then lifted just before the finish line running 6.22 on his second run.

Jay Syvertsen ran three early shut off runs and carded a .934 60 foot best.

The car everyone on the West Coast was watching was the brand new Mustang and one off Ford Hemi power plant of Garrett Richards. This car has been in development for three years and his first shot down the track was eye popping. Firstly it sounds different. The Ford Hemi originally developed by WAR (Walt Austin Racing and Kyboshed by the NHRA) is really loud. The sleek body is something Garrett and his team aren't used to as they have always campaigned a truck. It ripped off a .979 60 foot and a 2.62 330. At half track, the car went 3.93 and Garrett was already off the gas at 3.70 seconds. He coasted through the 1/4 mile with the brakes on and the chutes out going 6.95 at 112 mph. To say this is a five second ride is an understatement for sure.

Toni Moretto from Edmonton debuted his new 55 Chevy and he went .979 on one system of Nitrous and went through the 1320 with a 6.61/210 scoreboard. Not bad for what originally was a planned 1/2 test run.

Tom Meheden made his first two hits of the year and his early numbers were also stout. Simon Kingsley will make his first real foray in the world of Pro Mod racing and he ran his best early numbers with his new Blown combo.

Yvonne Lucas went 1.01 with her new power and reworked chassis. Joe Delehay ran real well to 660 feet as well going a low 4.0 at almost 190 mph. Steve Goddard is working on his new Nitrous tune-up and he went 7 flat on a real soft tune in his S-10 pick-up.
Four 10.5 cars made runs and in Ken Sihota's first full lap he went 6.74/204. Dean Branham went 6.9 at 209 in his turbo Cuda. Roy Moznik went 6.9 at 200 finally getting off the starting line. Steve Nicholson pedaled his 63 Corvette and clicked it off at half track and 800 feet on his two runs.

In Outlaw 275 saw Brent Van Vliet and Nick Richards make multiple hits and both cars ran better that they had planned. A number of Top Sportsman cars and Open Comp drivers also made test hits. In the Doorslammer class, Rhys Ingham launched into a huge wheelstand and came down hard in his Nova. The team made repairs and will be ready for qualifying.
For Friday testing continues until 3 'clock and then the track personnel will get the surface ready for qualifying beginning at 5:00pm.










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