2019 rules

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Heads up Classes

Pro Mod

Outlaw 10.5, X275, Limited 275

Handicap classes

Doorslammer, Top Sportsman, Electronics and Non Electronics

Email here to pre enter. Pre-entering gives you a dedicated pit stall for every doorwarz class.

If you have any concerns regarding rules please contact us as the email above or call 604 826 5775, if we don't hear your concern we can't make potential adjustments place your questions to the right source.


This class will be run as an all Run Field regardless of entries.


Based on WDRL Rules.

WDRL PRO MOD 2019 Rules

WDRL Pro Mod is designed for production vehicles and is the quickest and fastest door class . Entries have the option to run either a small block or big block engine combination. Twin turbochargers have a maximum size of 88mm on Alcohol and 94mm on Gasoline with unlimited boost. All entries are permitted the use of dual power adders. All engine combinations are allowed to use gasoline or methanol fuel. These Rules have been set to be liberal intentionally to allow all Pro Mod race cars to participate at Scheduled events in 2019. After season end, weight breaks will be discussed to determine suitability for Members parity.
Note: This set of class rules is presented to all competitors under the assumption that any modifications not specifically written within these rules shall be deemed illegal, unless the competitor has the expressed written consent from the WDRL Director.


Small Block – Nitrous Unlimited N/A Unlimited lbs
Small Block*- 14-71 Hi-helix/Roots Unlimited Unlimited 2200lbs
Small Block* – Centrifugal Unlimited N/A 2250lbs
Small Block* – Screw-Type C-Rotor 485 cu.in. 105% 2250lbs
Small Block* – Screw-Type D-Rotor 485cu.in. 126% 2250lbs
Small Block* – Twin Turbo (see note below) 485 cu.in. N/A 2400lbs
Big Block/Hemi – Nitrous Unlimited N/A 2300lbs
Big Block/Hemi – Centrifugal 750 cu.in. N/A 2450lbs
Big Block/Hemi – Hi-Helix/Roots 526 cu.in. 50% 2550lbs
Big Block/Hemi – Screw-Type D-Rotor 526 cu.in. 108% 2600lbs
Big Block/Hemi – Screw-Type C-Rotor 526 cu.in. 92% 2600lbs
Big Block/Hemi – Screw-Type C-Rotor 526 cu.in. 110% 2750lbs
Big Block/Hemi – Twin Turbo 88mm N/A Alcohol 2600lbs
Big Block/Hemi – Twin Turbo 94mm N/A Gasoline 2700lbs

Centrifugal Supercharger: Any impeller inducer diameter permitted.

Twin Turbo: 88mm turbochargers are the maximum size on Alcohol fuel, 94mm on Gasoline fuel permitted for all combinations with no boost limitations.

*All boosted entries are permitted the use of dual power adders and must add 50lbs to their original base weight. Nitrous will always be considered the second power adder on boosted entries.

All big block entries 460 cu.in and smaller may deduct 50lbs from their original base weight.

Hi-helix/Roots and Screw-Type Supercharger entries using big block Chevy heads may deduct 50lbs from their original base weight.

1962 and older bodied entries may deduct 25lbs from their original base weight.

365c.i. and smaller, small block entries may deduct 100lbs from their original base weight.

Single turbocharged combinations may deduct 200 lbs. from twin turbocharged base weights.

All entries will be deemed to be following the rules listed for Engine/power adder weight breaks. All cars must have weight posted on an area of the car that is visible to the scale Official. At the discretion of the WDRL Director, any car at any time can be called to the scales. During eliminations, all round winners will be scaled. Number 1 Qualifier will be scaled.


All classes will utilize 7 second autostart except Open Comp

......and courtesy staging (at the starters discretion).

The race director has the final decision.