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Fees per class



Thursday: $60.00 per car (Crew: The event crew pass includes Thursday)

Friday: $60.00 per car. (Crew included with weekend crew pass)


Outlaw PM/PS: $325.00 car and driver. Four qualifiers, race Sunday.

Outlaw 10.5: $250.00 car and driver. Four qualifiers, race Sunday

Top Sportsman: $150.00 per race / double header. Four qualifiers in single race, and race Sunday. If it is a double header, three qualifiers for race one and one qualifier for race two.

CWDoorslammer: $110.00 Gate fee for the weekend (Competitors pay the racer fee directly to the Doorslammer association), four qualifiers.

Outlaw XDR 275: $175.00 car and driver. Four qualifiers and race on Sunday.

Hot Street: $175.00 car and driver. Four qualifiers and race on Sunday.

Open Comp: $175.00 car and driver. Four qualifiers and race on Sunday.

Racer camping fee: $20.00 for event.

Extra Motorhome: $50.00. If a race team brings an extra motorhome and want it in the Racer pits (not guaranteed to be in the same pit spot)

Spectators & crew

Crew: Full Event Credentials $60.00.

Spectators: Full Event $60.00 Fri $25.00 Sat/Sun $25.00. Kids 12 and under free with a paying adult.


Doorwarz classes total purse over $85,000 (not including bonus money)

Outlaw ProMod (based on 32 car field)

Win: $20,000, Runner-up: $5,000.00,
Semi finals: $1,500.00 x 2, 1/4's: $1250.00 x 4, 1/8's $1000.00 x 8, 1st round: $500.00 x 16
= $50,000.00

If 38 or over cars compete in this class we will run a second chance race for non qualifiers with a bonus purse (no extra entry fee)

If less than five cars are non qualifiers (33-37 in the field), they can drop into Top Sportsman (no charge) or Doorslammer ( must pay assoc. race fee). The difference between the two classes is Top Sportsman is a 5/10ths tree and DS is a pro tree.

Sponsors include

'Dale Moznik' Outlaw 10.5

(guaranteed minimum purse)

4,000.00 to win, $1,500.00 r/u, $500.00 semi finals, $250.00 1/4 finals ---------- $7,500.00 total for 8 cars.

We are looking for sponsors for this class.

Sponsors so far: Paja Trucking, Diversified Metal Works.

Top Sportsman

(Purse based on 16 cars). If under 13 cars single header.

Single race purse (less than 13 cars): Win $3,500.00, r/u $800.00, semis $400.00 x2, 1/4's $250.00 x4 = 8,000 for event ($200.00 entry)


Double header purse for 16 + cars $3,000.00 , r/u $1,000.00, semis $500.00 x 2, 1/4's $250.00 x4 = 6,000 per race. If 13-15 cars are entered then the payout is as follows $2,200.00 win (both days), 800.00 r/u, semis 400.00, 1/4's 250.00

We are looking for sponsors for this class.

Fortin's Auto Canada West Doorslammers

Min payout (likely higher when sponsor confirmed) Winner: $1,000.00, 600.00 r/u $300.00 semis, $200.00 1/4's: $100.00 1/8's

Sponsored by RH Race cars / Automotive

Lordco Parts 'Outlaw 275'

Winner $2,000, Runner-up: $800.00, Semi finals: $250.00 (minimum payout) 12 car field minimum

Class sponsored by Lordco Parts.

Hot Street

(12 cars for full purse) Will run with 8 cars prorated purse.

500.00 to win , 200.00 for runner-up and 100.00 for semis. Under eight cars and it is cancelled, and cars have to drop into Doorslammer or Open Comp.

Open Comp

(32 cars minimum for posted payout)

Win: 2,000. Runner-up: $1,000.00, Semi finals: $500.00 1/4's $250.00


Race Schedule


July 3rd is available for event testing. July 2nd for private rental (up to 20 cars can book a private rental) or call 604 826 6315 to pre book for testing and private rental.


This was the way the 2013 schedule went below, the event went very smooth so this years will be based on the 2013 schedule

All below is tentative and could change hourly once the event gets underway.

Date 2014
Classes (order subject to change)
Sept 17th
Parking and credentials and Private rental
track time 12:00am - 4:00pm Gate opens 12:00am for parking credentials. Rentals enter early.
Early arrivals for parking and set up for Thursday park in spectator parking until credential sales at Noon Wednesday.
Sept 18th
Parking and credentials and Open Test n tune
8:00am-10:00pm 11:00am - 4:00pm
credentials parking and t n t for weekend competitors only
Sept 19th
Parking and credentials
8:00am - 10:00pm
all credentials and parking completed
Sept 19th
Test n Tune (for competitors running Doorwarz only)
9:30am to 2:30pm
all Doorwarz competitors until 2:00 tentative based on total entries
Sept 19th
Qualifying #1
OC, Outlaw 10.5, TS, XDR, Pro Mod
Sept 19th
Qualifying #2
6:00pm - 9:00 pm
DS (test), Open Comp, Hot Street, TS, XDR, Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw PS/PM(not in order)
Sept 20th
Qualifying and time trials
8:00 am - 10:30am
All bracket classes including SSH and NW Outlaws
Sept 20th
10:30 am - 10:45 am
Top Sportsman final "Q" if double header
Sept 20th
Gold Card Race Rd 1
10:45 -11:00am
2014 Gold Card
Sept 20th
qualifying and time trials
11:00pm - 12:00pm
All bracket classes including SSH and NW Outlaws
Sept 20th
Top Sportsman rd 1/Gold card
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm
TS round one / Gold Card
Sept 20th
All brackets including Combo, SSH,
12:30pm - 2:00pm
All SPortsman/Bracket time trials SS 1st and 2nd rd elims NW Outlaws 'Q'
Sept 20th
TS elim's and Gold Card Elim's
Sept 20th
Track prep
Possible round one elims for large classes or final qualifying.
Sept 20
Third qualifier Doorwarz
3:00 - 5:00pm
Open Comp, OL 275, Hot Street Doorslammers, TS, OL 10.5
Sept 20
Pro Mod
5:00pm - 6:00pm
Pro Mod 'Q' 3
Sept 20
Doorwarz Fourth qualifier
6:00 - 8:00pm
Final qualifier OC, OL 275, Hot Street, DS, TS, OL 10.5
Sept 20
Pro Mod
Pro Mod fnl 'Q'
Sept 21
9:00 am
Al Brackets rd 1
Sept 21
10:00 am
Open Comp
Sept 21
10:30 am
TS lone qualifier
Sept 21
Opening ceremonies
11:00 am
Sept 21
RD one elimination's
11:00 am
RD 1 Pro Street and all Doorwarz classes
Sept 21
Continue Eliminations
1:00 pm - 5:00pm
eliminations Doorwarz classes and Brackets
Sept 21
Final rounds Eliminations
Final rounds
Sept 21
closing ceremonies
Approx 6:00 pm
Secure event

All times ( qualifying and eliminations) are subject to change






Another video from MRP (This one highlights not just wild doorcars, but Jets Floppers and Top Alcohol as well)
















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