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Doorwarz 7

Tentative schedule

Classes (order subject to change)
June 26
Parking and credentials
9:00 - 10:00pm
Early arrivals park in spectator parking until credential sales at Noon Wednesday. Main pit will allow paking for classes in that pit areaPit 2 and Tech Pit will open for parking at 3:00pm Thursday
June 27

Parking and credentials

Open Test n tune


11:00pm - 5:00pm

credentials parking and t n t for weekend competitors only. Parking in main pit are will allowed Wed
June 28

Parking and credentials

Open Test n Tune

9:00 am - 10:00pm

9:00am - 2:00:pm

Parking and credentials

Open Test n Tune

Race Schedule (Subject to change)

Friday June 28
Saturday June 29
Sunday June 30


604 Top Street Q1
Big Tire N/T Q1
*Radial Track Prep*
X275 Q1
Limited 275 Q1
Top Sportsman Q1


Doorslammer Q1
*Track Prep*
Outlaw 10.5 Q1
Pro Mod Q1
*Radial Track Prep*
X275 Q2
Limited 275 Q2
Big Tire N/T Q2
Top Fuel Harleys Q1
604 Top Street Q2
Top Sportsman Q2


Doorslammer Q2
*Track Prep*
Outlaw 10.5 Q2
Pro Mod Q2
*Radial Track Prep*
X275 Q3
Limited 275 Q3
Big Tire N/T Q3
Top Fuel Harleys Q2
604 Top Street Q3
Top Sportsman Q3


Electronics Q1
Non Electronics Q1
604 Top Streetl Q4
Top Sportsman Q4
Electronics Q2
Non Electronics Q2
604 Street Legal Q5


DoorSlammer Q2
*Radial Track Prep*
X275 Q4
Limited 275 Q4
Big Tire N/T Q4
604 Top Street E1
Top Sportsman E1


Non Electronics E1
Electronics E1
DoorSlammer Q3
*Track Prep*
Outlaw 10.5 Q3
Pro Mod Q3
*Radial Track Prep*
X275 E1
Limited 275 E1
Big Tire N/T E1
Top Fuel Harleys Q3
604 Top Street E2
Top Sportsman E2


Non Electronics E2
Electronics E2
DoorSlammer Q4
*Track Prep*
Outlaw 10.5 Q4
Pro Mod Q4
Top Fuel Harleys Q4
*Radial Track Prep*
X275 E2
Limited 275 E2
Big Tire N/T E2
Top Fuel Harleys Q4
Electronics E3
Non Electronics E3
604 Top Street E3
Top Sportsman Rnd E3


Non Electronics E4
Electronics E4
Big Tire N/T E3
*Radial Track Prep*
X275 E3
Limited 275 E3
604 Top Street E4
Top Sportsman E4


Non Electronics E5
Electronics E5
*Track Prep*
Outlaw 10.5 E1
Pro Mod Rnd E1
Top Fuel Harleys Q5
*Radial Track Prep*
X275 E4
Limited 275 E4
Big Tire N/T E4


Non Electronics Q1
Electronics Q1
DoorSlammer Q5
Non Electronics Q2
Electronics Q2

*Track Prep*
Outlaw 10.5 E2
Pro Mod E2
Top Fuel Harleys E1
Doorslammer E1

Non Electronics E1
Electronics E1
Top Fuel Harleys E2
*Track Prep*
Outlaw 10.5 E3
Pro Mod E3
Doorslammer E2

Non Electronics E2
Electronics E2
Top Fuel Harleys E3
*Track Prep*
Outlaw 10.5 E4
Pro Mod E4
Doorslammer E3

Non Electronics E3
Electronics E3
DoorSlammer E4
*Track Prep*
Outlaw 10.5 E5
Pro Mod E5
Non Electronics E4
Electronics E4
DoorSlammer E5
Non Electronics E5
Electronics E5


2019 Fees per class schedule and payouts


Outlaw PM/PS: $325.00 car and driver.

Outlaw 10.5: $250.00 car and driver.

Top Sportsman: $200.00 car and driver.

CWDoorslammer: $130.00 Gate fee for the weekend (Competitors pay the racer fee directly to the Doorslammer association) One race.

Outlaw X 275: $200.00. Four qualifiers and race on Sunday.

Limited 275: $200.00. Four qualifiers and race on Sunday.

Electronics and non Electronics (Double header) $125.00 each race. Two time runs Saturday and race one. One, possibly two time trials Sunday race two.

Test N Tune Thursday ad Friday: 60.00 each day. Hours: 4:00pm - 8:00pm Thursday, and 10:00am to 2:00pm Friday

Racer camping fee: $30.00 for event.

Extra Motorhome: If a race team brings a motorhome and wants it in the Racer Pit area, it has to fit in the team pit area. If it does not fit, it can be parked on spectator side and pay camping fee. (no exceptions)

Spectators & crew

Crew: Full Event Credentials $50.00.

Spectators: Full Event $50.00 (4 days). Thursday: 10.00, Weekend (fri-sun) per day 20.00, If you buy a Friday or Saturday ticket, keep your ticket and buy a Sunday pass for 5.00 if you show your Friday or Saturday reciept.

Kids 12 and under free with a paying adult.



Over $51,000.00 in prize money for the four heads up classes, $70,000.00 in total.


ProMod (All run)

Win: $10,000.00

Runner-up: $4,000.00

Semi finals: $1,000.00 x 2

1/4's: $750.00 x 4

1/8's $500.00 x 8 (first round)

1st round: $300.00 x 16 (if over 16 cars)

Low qualifier bonus 500.00

Top MPH 500.00


Outlaw 10.5 (based on 16 cars )

Win $6,000.00

R/U $2000.00

Semi $750.00 x 2

1/4's $300.00 x 4

Low qualifier 500.00

Top Mph 500.00


BDL Automotive X 275 (Maskalls associate sponsor)

Win: $5,000.00

Runner-up: $1,500.00

Semi finals: $500.00 x2

500.00 Top qualifier, 250.00 Top mph


Jack Springer




Don Beck Collison Limited 275

Win: 2,000.00

R/U 500.00

Semis 200.00 x2

Low qualifier 100.00

Top mph 100.00


JS Powersports Big Tire/No Time

Payout based on 8 cars.

Winner $3000.00, runner-up $1000.00

Payout based on 12 cars.

Winner, $4000.00, runner up $1000.00, best reaction time $100.00 bonus

Payout based on 16 cars

Winner $4500.00, runner-up $1200.00, semis $ 300.00 x 2





Doorslammer (purse to be confirmed, Presented by RH Race Cars)

Winner: $1,500.00

800.00 r/u

$400.00 semis

$200.00 1/4's

$100.00 1/8's


Top Sportsman

Winner $2,800.00

Runner-up, $1,000.00

semi finals $400.00 x 2

(if there are over 16 cars the semis will recieve 500 each)


Electronics and Non Electronics Big Buck (payouts each day)

Winner: $1,500.00

400.00 r/u

$150.00 semis

$75.00 1/4's



Race Schedule

June 26- June 30

Contact the track for pricing (click to email) or call 604 826 6315

Possible event schedule. (Subject to change)

All times ( qualifying and eliminations) are subject to change






Another video from MRP (This one highlights not just wild doorcars, but Jets Floppers and Top Alcohol as well)
















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