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Four army's with many soldiers..........But all combatants are in it to win it!


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You will get a reserved pit spot with your name on it.

2014 entry list

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2014 far

Mike Gondziola

Dan Vogt

Gary Urlacher

Keith Korecki

Tom Meheden

Perry Thyr

Ross Hogenson

Garry Weslosky

Tim Vogt


Brett Williamson (Langley BC)

Wayne Hofer


2014 far

Dale Pedersen

Dal Sangha

Kerry Stone

Aaron Linder (Pro Charger)

Paul Glandon

Shane Molinari

Darryl Stone


Rick Di Stefano

Scott Oksas

Andrew Berry

Greg Seth Hunter





2014 Entries

Terry Spargo




2014 far

Jay Syvertsen

Garrett Richards

Simon Kingsley

Glen May

Rod Burbage

Jeremy Hanger

Wade Sjostrom

Mike Maggio

Glen Kerunsky

Joe Delehay

Roy Lazic

Tom Reithmayer

Lee Smith

Craig Cawte

..... Possibles .....

Tommy Johanns

Mike Weiss

Mike Maggio

Mark Meadors



Other possibles










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