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The combatants

There are two different blower styles in this army, the ever popular Roots style, and the new to doorclasses, Screw (or PSI) type. THe roots blower has been around the sport of dragracing since the 60's, and doorcars have run it since the 60's. It provides consistent boost, but it robs HP through its design. Still more Roots blown door cars have been in the winners circle world wide than any other type of power adder. The top speed achieved for a roots blown car is 249-251 mph. The quickest et is a right around 5.79. The screw style taken for the Top Alcohol classes have only beren a part of doorcar racing for just over a half decade. NHRA have only aloud them for a couple years. Their design allows the boost to be applieds without robbing too much horsepower and the boost is very smooth and instetanious. The top speed for a screw blown doorcar is just over 260 mph (set right here at Mission Raceway). The quickest et (no rules) is a 5.71.


Full profiles will be posted when the info from each team comes in.

2014 entries

Craig Cawte

Cranbrook BC

68 Camaro

Tim McAmis Chassis

526 BAE Hemi

Billes power

Roots Blower

Best et mph 5.92 249mph

Crew Chief: Al Billes

Andy Cawte



Glen Kerunsky

Calgary AB

53 Corvette

Tim McAmis Race Cars

BAE hemi

Roots blower




Joe Delehay

Calgary AB

526 BAE Hemi

Roots 18-71 Super charger




Jay Syvertsen, Mission BC

460 cu in BAE hemi

Screw Supercharger



Tom Reithmayer

Edmonton Ab

Ford Hemi

Roots supercharger



Rod Burbage

68 Camaro

Bunker Car cars

BAE hemi

Screw Blower


Crew: Melynda Burbage,



Wade Sjostrom

Edmonton Ab

526 Wedge

Roots supercharger




Simon Kingsley

526 CU in Wedge

PSI Screw supercharger

6.60 but new combo for 2014


Roy Lazic

Kelowna BC

51 Studebaker

451 KB Sonnys

Roots blower


Crew: Jordie Lazic, Nick Buehler, Joe Tuterov, Neil Richards

Special thanks to Jay Syvertsen


Jeremy Hanger.

1953 Studebaker

451ci bae screw.

Best et 5,76 best mph 252.95

sponsors. Jerrys transmission.

M M cutomatic.



Joe Mayzes

Victoria BC

53 Corvette

6526 CU BB Chevy

New car first runs in 2014



Driver: Lee Smith
Owners: Lee & Debby Smith
Car: 1967 Ford Mustang GT 500
Chassis: Jeffers chassis updated by G-Force Race Cars
Engine: 525 AJ 481X, Roots blower
Crew: Crew chief Sarah Stoken, Crew, Debby Smith, Jon Smith,
Sometimes Cory Stoken
ET and Speed: 6.23, 221



Garrett Richards

Tacoma Wa

2013 Mustang

524 Cu in Ford Hemi (WAR design)

PSI "C" blower




Glen May

Richmond BC

94 Thunderbird

Ford Powered hemi

PSI screw blower









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